Steve Coops



Group Identities:

  • Christopher Stewart – Road Rage
  • Tori Mihara – Breakdown
  • Delroy Grant – Goliath
  • Rosalind Cornell – Outrun

CLEA Classification:

  • Vehicular Lifeform (Group)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • The entire team was created by hitting “Spirit” with an EM pulse and merging the human “test subjects” with vehicles specially chosen. Unlike Spirit and Spectre who are “bonded” to civilian cars the members of Carnage are bonded to experimental military vehicles. This makes them powerful even before the added properties below.
  • All members of the team are classed as vehicular lifeforms (the classification was originally created to describe Spectre). Since they combine elements of “human” within the systems of a car they have a capacity to heal wounds by absorbing power from nearby sources (via EM fields). They can also hack into communication systems the same way. Since the team are actual vehicles and not people every part component that is connected to them they can control (in much the same way a human can control their arms and legs etc.) They can thus drive anywhere and frequently do so at the alarm of people who do not know what the are and see driverless vehicles cars. For this reason they will often generate a hologram of themselves in the drivers seat (see below).
  • Each member of the team can also emit a fully formed hologram of themselves (but must be within twenty feet of the vehicle). When using internal power the “hologram” has no substance and appears ghost like. However if they can feed off a power source, the boosted power allows them to become “solid” but though they look like “humans” they do not feel human to third parties who describe being close to either one being similar to standing next to a CR tube.


  • Though the team  can repair a lot of damage by absorbing power they cannot repair everything which included natural wear and tear. They therefore rely on a mechanic to fix any of the systems they cannot.
  • As soon as any member of the team take on their hologram form outside the confines of their vehicles they cannot self repair until they return to inside of the their vehicles and abandon using their alternate form.
  • All members are vulnerable to EM based weapons.
  • Enemies of the Road Warriors
  • Enemies of the Renaissance Mob

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Muscle for hire
  • Terrorism
  • Industrial sabotage
  • Wilful destruction of property
  • Attempted homicide
  • Aggravated assault


Carnage was originally created by Ronald Brooks of the Renaissance Mob as means to eliminate his hated enemies, the group known as The Road Warriors. Though the team of heroes had not stopped his crime empire they had freed the small outback town from his control. To anyone else the small community of farmers would be considered insignificant but to Renaissance Ron, losing control of ever a small group of people would be seen by rival crime families as weakness.

The Road Warriors had made him lose face and he found that unacceptable. The embarrassment constantly nagged at the back of his mind so a year after his people had been ejected from Irwin’s Crossing he sent them back in to take control, but first he needed to eliminate the strongest member of the Road Warriors, Spectre.
To do this he “obtained” an experimental EM cannon and mounted it inside the back of a van, figuring that the discharge of energy would eliminate Spectre’s essence from the vehicle. His people then drove the van through the town in an attempt to provoke the Road Warriors into action.

The ploy worked and once Spectre was in range, the rear doors of the van were opened. The mob then fired the cannon and scored a direct hit before making a run for escaping as Spectre ground to a halt. Back at the safety of the mob’s HQ, Ron waited to hear evidence that Spectre was gone from his sources within the town. He was therefore disappointed to learn days later that whilst the weapon seemed to have “killed” Spectre the discharge had somehow created a second entity with the personalities of both Spectre and Jenny MacClare. This essence had then been put in another vehicle and had been given the name Spirit. That meant instead of destroying Spectre he’d created a new one.

Annoyed at his failure he abandoned the people of Irwin’s Crossing for a year and half before deciding on another attempt to seize control. This time he figured that since he had “created” Spirit then perhaps he could “create” an enemy to deal with the Road Warriors by the same means. Ron therefore decided he was going to create his own team of vehicular life forms and after they had dealt with the Road Warriors they would serve as his unstoppable enforcers.

Since none of his people wanted to volunteer to become trapped inside a vehicle, Ron had his sources find someone that would. Eventually they found a team of mercenaries called “New Dawn” who were being held in a prison that was conveniently located in Australia.

Though it took a lot of resources and calling in every favour owed, Ron managed to spring all four members of New Dawn. They were then offered the chance to help the mob or be sent back. Giving up their human bodies looked to be the sticking point so Ron lied and explained that the process would be reversible. Never one to bow down to another Christopher Stewart and his team agreed to the experiment but at the same time plotted to extricate themselves from the deal.

Ideally Ron wanted to use military vehicles for his “team” but obtaining them was both expensive and attracted the wrong sort of attention so he instead obtained a number of second hand vehicles that had then been extensively modified.

With the four volunteers in place the plan was put into operation and Spirit was tricked into going to a warehouse facility without Tinker or any of the other Road Warriors for support. Once there she realised the trap but it was too late and she was secured. A beam splitter was set up behind her and the same EM cannon that had “created” her was put in front.

When fired the beam passed through her vehicle and then entered four other vehicles after passing through the beam splitter. The only thing in the beams path after it had been split and before the vehicles was a member of New Dawn.

In an blinding flash of light their human bodies disintegrated and they merged with their respective vehicles. Though Ron had no idea the plan would ever work he was pleasantly surprised. Just as he had theorised Spirit was the key to making it all work for part of her essence that had been carried over from Spectre and part of her had now seen to the creation of four new lifeforms.

In the new forms New Dawn became Carnage and to test whether the experiment was successful Spirit was released so that the four new vehicular life forms could hunt her down. Though Carnage had greater numbers they were not used to their new forms and Spirit was able to evade her intended fate and make it back to Tinker’s garage where she able to warn them on the new group.

Knowing Carnage would come for them sooner rather than later, Mackie made contact with the ex team members now operating as Wheels of Fury and the pair of biker assassins made it back to Irwin’s Crossing in time to meet the new threat.

Having learned how to get to grips with their new forms the Carnage team were practically unstoppable and the Road Warriors had no option but to flee in the end. Ron had retaken the town and Carnage wanted to be released from their current “situation” and be restored to ordinary people. The Renaissance Mob leader was successful in dodging the issue for nearly a month. Stewart, never one to be taken for a fool eventually guessed the truth and had a show down with his employer whereupon Ron confessed that was there was no going back to their old lives.

With nothing to lose Carnage turned on their “master” and Big Ron was lucky to escape. Many mob members were not so fortunate in the ensuing firefight. Carnage then fled Irwin’s Crossing to contemplate their options which in turn allowed the Road Warriors to take back the town. Though they no longer had a human physical body they found their new forms gave them unprecedented power which they chose to use that power to settle a few old scores and after they were done with revenge they returned to being mercenaries albeit in a new guise.
From the employers they choose to work for CLEA has identified, Carnage is making alliances with anyone they believe can get them that bit closer to reversing what has happened to them and thus enable them to return to being “ordinary” people.