Steve Coops

Hybrid Tribes

Whilst scientists have known for quite some time that on Terror Island many hybrids live in groups of singular types and have established complex social structures, it has only recently been learned that other such groups exist outside of the confines of the Island and its surrounding areas.

Even in the era of advanced technology that can survey remote locations, the fact that some groups have been able to remain hidden goes some way to explaining why normal human society has never happened across them. It is thought that like a lot of Species Beta that can appear to take on a human form, individuals from such groups have used such abilities to “disguise” themselves. This may have enabled them to actually trade with people without those people ever being aware that the people they were trading with are not technically human. Its is further believed that any sightings of lone individuals would be identified as an individual rather than being a member of a larger group. The one common element that links all of them is that the Hybrid tribes originated following either the first comet strike in China a millenia ago or the bigger strike of ’72.

Lir was the first such member of a Hybrid Tribe to reveal the existence of such groups when he joined the Menagerie team. His “race” a Species Beta hybrid had no transformation abilities but could survive on the ocean floor which is how they had never been “seen”. On encountering the Hammerhead team, he recognised “Shanice” and “Tara” as being member of the Meramid people. They like his race were aquatic in nature but could take on a human appearance when needed. This revelation meant that the pair were not an experiment by Chimera as first assumed although Chimera was probably responsible for their memory loss. Though the truth was now known without any recollection of their old lives the pair chose to remain with Hammerhead and the new lives they had created for themselves.