Steve Coops

Northern Lights



Team Identities:

  • Arctic Fox – Uki Arlooktu
  • Snowy Owl – Kirima Maksagak
  • White Wolf – Colton Levesque
  • Great Bear – Tulok Keeyutak

CLEA Classification:

  • Totem Bearers

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Uki’s Totem allows her to change into an Arctic Fox
  • Kirima’s Totem allows her to change into a Snowy Owl
  • Colton’s Totem allows him to change into an Arctic Wolf
  • Tulok’s Totem allows him to change into a Polar Bear


  • Their animal forms are no stronger than a real creature of the same type.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


In the Canadian wilds the Inuit people have to deal with a great many hardships but there are a couple that most are unaware of. Legends among the people have warned them about the blue “sky” people and the “Ice” people. Though most peoples have such legends the references to these strange beings are not simply fables but actually refer to the Quarrud-Xaiqrons and the Icen.

Both races had visited the Inuit and taken their people for a number of centuries. Trying to fight them on equal terms was impossible for the Quarrud-Xaiqrons had advanced magic (technology) and the Icen always ensured they had strength in numbers by building an army. Eventually the leaders met from many tribes and they decided something had to be done. Their people could not sustain being taken in such numbers.

The task lay with the great Inuit mages to solve and they did this by creating four magical Totems. Each one represented an animal found within their lands and when used a Totem had the means to transform its owner into an animal. Having seen how both “Sky” people and “Ice” people acted the mages were aware that they were only interested in capturing people and ignored everything else. With the four Totems at the disposal of the greatest tribal warriors the Inuit gained an element of surprise. Whilst they could fight as powerful animals the Totems could also allow them to use stealth and get behind “enemy lines” without being noticed which allowed them to take back their own people.

The mages only problem was the amount of magic needed to create the Totems meant they were limited to creation of four since the actual procedure killed them. For the protection of their people this was a sacrifice they were prepared to make.

With the Totems created, they would only respond to a person that was deemed suitable to use them. The chosen ones they were called and whenever someone who was eligible to be a Totem bearer was brought near one it would glow. The way the Totem “chose” who should use was not down to whomever was the strongest but was more to how its magic would flow through his or her body and more importantly if that person was virtuous. This sometimes caused a problem when strong warriors felt they should be given the Totems but such a person was often prideful which is why it would not accept them.

As the centuries past the Totems would tend to more around the various Inuit peoples, finding new Totem bearers as an when necessary. Though those chosen could perhaps never win outright against either the Icen or the Quarrud-Xaiqrons, the mystical warriors did create havoc and did cost both invaders valuable time which limited the damage they could cause.

Of the current Totem bearers, one is not actually Inuit which is the first time an outsider has been chosen since they were created. Colton Levesque gained the White Wolf Totem when he was driving his snowplough out of the small town of Duke. In the winter Colton and other snowplough drivers had to keep clearing the snow in order for supplies via trucks to reach Duke and from here they could be dispatched by smaller snow vehicles to the various small holdings and Inuit settlements that could be reached from the town.

When he set off early evening a blizzard was coming in so when ten miles out of Duke he came across an Inuit heading away from the area, Colton thought it was odd. He stopped and asked if her wanted a lift. The man, Nootaikok thanks him but said he was heading to meet with his people and pointed in the direction of an intense display of aurora borealis. Colton though that Nootaikok was meeting up with a hunting party and though it meant he would have to  take a detour, he knew the terrain and  knew his tracked plough could handle it. He therefore volunteered to take the  man.

At that moment the man protested and said it was best if he went alone but Colton insisted. Heading in the direction of the display of colours, Nootaikok seemed rather quiet. Eventually they reached the edge of a frozen lake and in the distance Colton though he could see people approaching. He told Nootaikok what he saw and the man did not look pleased. Before Colton could say or do anything the Inuit jumped out of his vehicle. By the time he got out of his door and ran around the man was nowhere to be seen and Colton became aware that he was being watched by a wolf so he moved slowly back and got into the snowplough.

The wolf then strangely headed off in the direction of the approaching people. As wolf and people closed into each other, Colton though he had been drinking for the wolf attacked the people and they shattered. Then he realised that the people were made of ice. To add to his hallucination a bear joined the fight and then an Arctic Fox and a Snowy Owl.

Colton soon lost track of who or what was fighting each other and failed to see the wolf return. A second later it crashed through the passenger door. Colton panicked but the wolf now changed and became Nootaikok, only he was covered in blood. The inuit held out a necklace and told him to keep it safe and handed it to Colton. The instant he touched it, the object glowed. Nootaikok looked surprised and simply said “Its chosen you”.

He then told Colton to put it around his neck and think of a wolf. Though the whole situation was nuts after what he had just seen nuts seemed the least of his worries. The instant he thought of a wolf he suddenly found himself kneeling on all fours. Then Colton realised he was not on all fours but on four legs. He was the wolf.

Before he could even collect his sences the ice people arrived at the snowplough and started to break in. Heightened senses, instinct and adrenalin all kicked in. Though he was not sure what he was doing or even what exactly had happened, somehow it just felt natural and he lashed out to protect himself.

Claws slashed ice and the invaders disintegrated. As more and more of these strange ice people tried getting him he fought back. Eventually the three other animals arrived and the ice people retreated. With them gone, each of them was surrounded by a glowing light which transformed them into two Inuit women and one man. They called the name Nootaikok at him and Colton realised they thought he was their friend.

Logic dictated to Colton that if thinking of a wolf turned him into one then thinking of being a human would revert the process so he tried that and to his surprise, it worked. The other three were astounded and asked him where Nootaikok was. Colton showed them that the man was lying on the floor of the snowplough but it was not good news for he had died from his injuries.

After the night’s strange events, Colton said he would never tell anyone what he had seen. Then thinking that the necklace belonged to them he handed it over. The man, Tulok though said they could not accept it for the Totem had chosen him to be the new bearer although they did not understand why it had chosen an outsider.

From that moment in time, Colton was one of them whether he liked it or not. This meant he had a great deal to learn and whilst he never considered himself special he had to accept the fact that fate thought otherwise.

In time he became good friends with the other three despite the difference in culture. Naturally some of the Inuit people were not happy that an outsider had been chosen to protect them but it was the Totem that had decided and they had to accept that and him. Whilst he was invited to live with them, Colton chose to stay in Duke as he wanted some normality in between clearing roads and fighting magical creatures and aliens.

Whilst the group does not have an official name, after CLEA heard about them quartet they gave them the code name of Northern Lights for record keeping purposes.