Steve Coops

The Leviathans


Team Identities:

  • Krate – Female – Tentacled beast thought to have inspired the legend of the Kraken. Longest and oldest of the Leviathans.
  • Melador – Male, resembles Giant Great White/Megalodon.Strongest of the Leviathans.
  • Ivoria – Female , resembles a giant Orca but with a grey as opposed to black colouration. Youngest and heaviest Leviathan.
  • Crellus – Female, Resembles a massive crocodile
  • Tregon – Male – Resembles a giant catfish. Smallest member of the group.

CLEA Classification:

  • Great Beast (Legendary Beasts)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • (All) Extremely strong
  • (All) Able to sense magic
  • (All) Can project their thoughts into others to communicate
  • (All) Immune to magic mind control
  • Tregon – has the means to generate a massive electrical shock. Fastest Leviathan
  • Crellus – has an impenetrable hide. Only Leviathan that can take to dry land. Tail strike can generate seismic waves. Also capable of camouflaging itself when immobile.
  • Melador – Dorsal fin is so tough it can smash through steel. Strongest of the Leviathans.
  • Ivoria – Despite having a whale form can survive for centuries without surfacing. Capable of emitting a massive sonic pulse.
  • Krate – can generate underwater vortices. Can accelerate at incredible speed but cannot maintain the speed, hence Tregon has the fastest average speed. She also has the ability to “fold” underwater space enabling her to teleport vast distances.


  • Unprotected against both dark and light magic
  • Easily provoked
  • Being “wild” creatures they do not “follow” orders.
  • Krat’es teleportation ability greatly weakens her and takes time to recover. This time is extended if she jumps with other mass(es).

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Leviathans are the only known aquatic Great Beasts. Despite the fact they evidence suggests in the past they might have been responsible to several disasters at sea including sinking of ships they are regarded as Legendary Beasts since in most stories they were attacked first. Unlike many other Great Beasts the Leviathans resemble “normal” ocean creatures but what sets them apart is their giant size, age, power and awareness of magic. Some of them also have unusual colouration. This has perhaps allowed them to have gone unnoticed for at a distance they are not easily separated from their regular counterparts.

Like all Great Beasts, the Leviathans went into hiding after the conflicts between the Darklings resulted in mankind starting to hunt them down. Despite their size and power even the greatest of them could be overwhelmed by humans and their technology. Going to war with mankind was not seen as a solution so the Great Beast chose to “sleep” until humans no longer were a direct threat to them.

Over the centuries, Great Beasts that lacked the means to shift form and hide in plain sight, were often “disturbed” in their hiding places and awakened temporarily in order to feed and find new sanctuary, but it was not humans which awakened the Leviathans but the alien Merlateenan race.

When the aliens arrived on the ocean floor and set about trying to build a base to serve as a stepping stone to conquer other worlds their technology inadvertently disturbed the Leviathans the nearest of which was over five hundred miles from the location of the alien force. Once awakened the Leviathans, individually decided to seek out what had roused them, to discover if it was a threat or not. However instead of looking for aliens the first thing they noticed in the waters was the presence of magic. This they thought might be the source of their disturbance. As each of the Leviathans were aware of their own magic which had a unique energy they knew the magical presence was not one of their own.

The magic belonged to the marine vigilante group the Taniwha who all shared a piece of the “ocean” avatar, which gave them the means to control the seas. Like a signal the Leviathans homed in on the Taniwha. Had the Leviathans acted as a group rather than individuals then the team could have been in great danger. As it happened though the Leviathans arrived in the area separately.

As five of the Taniwha team had the means to “command” different forms of sea life, when the first  Leviathan, Melador, arrived, Chelsea Lim aka “White Tip” decided to go an meet the creature. Since she could control sharks and rays she figured she was confident that she could deal with the Leviathan. Confusing him with an ordinary shark despite his huge size was a mistake for he was immune to her ability to control. Melador was angry at what she attempted and could have killed her, but as he wanted answers he spared her life. The strong magical link she had with him also made him curious.

After conversing with Chelsea, Melador was satisfied that Chelsea and her friends were not responsible for disturbing him and was prepared to retreat back to the depths to return to sleep. Chelsea though suggested that if there was a threat in the ocean then perhaps they could deal with it together. Melador distrusted humans and ignored her suggestion. Heading out he intercepted the other approaching Leviathans.

With no help the Taniwha decided to investigate the potential threat on their own and located a Merlateenan scouting party. All the while Melador, still curious, shadowed the team from long range to see what would happen. He confused the alien invaders with humans despite the fact they smelled differently.

As soon as the Merlateenan saw the Taniwha divers they attacked. Outmatched and outgunned, the Taniwha were in trouble. Trying to call in support by controlling sea creatures did not help as the Merlateenan weapons took care of their allies as well. The result was carnage and rather than endanger any more creatures the Taniwha “ordered” them out of danger and then tried retreating themselves but the Merlateenan wanted no witnesses.

Melador had not been impressed at the Taniwha’s idea of using innocent creatures as cannon fodder. It had fitted in with his beleif that humans were agressive violent selfish creatures. However when he observed the Taniwha sending the other creatures away to prevent needless waste of life and the team being prepared to sacrifice themselves his opionion.

It was now that Melador realised that the threat in the seas not human but aggressive interlopers that did not belong. Though he had a choice of letting the Taniwha perish at the hands of the aliens he figured that ignorance would make him no better than the humans he had learned to distrust. He therefore headed towards the trouble but not before reaching out to the other Leviathans. Together with the Taniwha they repelled the Merlateenan.

After the skirmish was over, the other Leviathans could now “examine” the humans that Melador had been curious about. Since each of the women could control a different form of aquatic life their magic aligned themselves with different Leviathans albeit like Chelsea had discovered they could not control them.

The Taniwha therefore provided a direct bridge between humans and Great Beasts. Rather than returning to sleep they chose to observe the humans for a while longer. At first both groups found it difficult to trust each other but in time they developed a strange kinship. The avatar magic of the women of the Taniwha actually formed a strong bond between them and individual Leviathans and once established, even if they did not possess their Avatar Totems, the Leviathans could still feel their presence.

Both groups eventually formed a pact and decided to work together to deal with threats that affected both Great Beasts and humans alike. For the first time in their history this would be a true alliance between the two “races”.

Over time the Leviathans have “assisted” the Taniwha on numerous occasions and in return the Taniwha have repaid the favour. Though other people have asked the Taniwha to give them direct “access” to the Leviathans, the hero team have refused  as they are aware that the Legendary Beasts will only trust them and bringing in third parties without consultation first would break that trust.

Though utlimately both groups have benefitted from the pact, the Leviathans going active had one down side, it inadevertantly started a chain reaction, their magical “presence” triggering other awakenings on land of both Legendary Beasts and Darklings.