Steve Coops




  • Stacey Foster

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – can generate a sphere of energy and anything within it apart from her starts to age. (Since her clothing is in direct contact with her it seems immune to the effect). The longer an object remains inside the sphere the faster is ages and deteriorates.
  • Alpha ability – Directly touch also allows her to age a person/object with the advantage of requiring physical energy


  • Arrogance in regards to her family ties makes her over confident.
  • Ranged weapons can negate her Alpha abilities effect.
  • Poor fighter in close combat.
  • Excessive use of her “sphere” can lead to her passing out.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Muscle for hire.
  • Foster Crime Family enforcer
  • Extortion
  • Related to Foster crime family – well protected.
  • Has little regard to the lives of others (Sociopath?)


Born into an organised crime family, Stacey like many women was kept in the background. However when Stacey’s Alpha Superior abilities became active she rose rapidly up the ranks of the enforcers. Able to age anything within a forcefield she is seen as a threat by anyone that knows of her “gift”. Therefore when she want something they rarely refuse unless they want years adding to their lives.

Her gift also allows her to sabotage rival family schemes and whilst such immense power might have allowed her to take charge and become a crime boss Stacey considers the managing of an organisation to be deeply boring and therefore a task best left to others. Consequently she maintains her “position” as an enforcer and when the moods takes her she will take take side “jobs” depending of the money is worth the effort. She remains deeply loyal to her “family” so if anyone threatens it then she will deal with them as she would any other problem and that includes law enforcement or other vigilantes.