Steve Coops

Alley Cats

Left to Right: Lynx, Caracal and Puma

Left to Right: Lynx, Caracal and Puma

Like the animals they are named after this trio like to hunt using stealth and guile before ambushing their quarry.


Team Identities:

  • Hailey Dixon – Caracal
  • Amaya Murakami – Lynx
  • Jasmine Barnes – Puma

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior (Dixon)
  • Alpha Superior (Murakami)
  • Alpha Superior (Barnes)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha Ability – Dixon has an unusual Alpha ability that prevents the human eyes from focusing properly on her. Not quite invisibility but at night the effect is most pronounced and most of her victims only “see” her for the first time when she is up close.
  • Alpha Ability – Murakami has the ability to perform sonic echo location (like a bat) which enables her to create a 3D image of her environment.
  • Alpha Ability – Barnes has the means to use shadows like portals. Unlike teleportation she can only “travel” to areas that are linked by constant shadow. Unlike teleporters though who have to “appear” in an open area, Jasmine can seemingly “bleed” out of a solid object. Her ability also allows her to move other people that she is touching.


  • Dixon’s means to “hide” does not function properly in brightly lit places. She is vulnerable is she by chance enters such an area at night and she cannot use it at all during the daytime for much the same reason.
  • Strong sound sources, particularly high frequency noise can effectively “jam” Murakami’s ability.
  • Barnes needs to use shadow to “move”. She cannot use her ability in bright lit places and if a shadow is suddenly “lit” in an area she is travelling she will immediately “pop” into view.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Since bottom feeding criminals prefer to ply their trade away from the main streets which gives them a psychological advantage over their victims, the trio are able to flip this and make it work for them instead.
Liking themselves to apex predators and their target as prey, the girls gave themselves codename’s base on small cats and since most of their “hunting” occurs in alleyways and backstreets Alley Cats seemed a logical name for the group!