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Aurora is one of the most powerful humans alive and what makes her so special is that she is not an Alpha Superior but a Bacteria Z hybrid.



  • Jeanne Haskell

CLEA Classification:

  • Species Beta  Hybrid

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Has developed Alpha like abilities by having complete mastery over magnetic fields.
  • Can “see” the world around her by reading magnetic fields with her mind.
  • Has the ability to fly/levitate.
  • Channelling magnetic fields increases her physical strength and this she can obtain by drawing energy from electrical cables.


  • Her immense power means she cannot stay hidden from her enemies who can find her by tracing the energy spikes she produces.
  • Can be effectively trapped in a Faraday cage.
  • Channelling massive amounts of power takes a massive toll on her body.
  • Unable to use her eyes in daylight due to light sensitivity.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


A one time leading primatologist, Jeanne Haskell was given the opportunity of a life time when she was contacted by the international security committee that maintained the security and controls around the Terror Islands, the remains of old Japan.

Jeanne had heard rumours that the islands were filled with mutated creatures that had been affected by Bacteria Z and as a scientist was fascinated by the idea. Recognised for her scientific endeavour Dr Haskell was offered a job by the ISC as part of science team to study some of the mutated wildlife in order to understand the effects of Bacteria Z but before any details were given she had to sign a ream of legal paperwork. With a practical dream job handed to her on a silver platter, Jeanne did not need to think twice before filling in the papers and then several weeks later she was on a plane and heading through the quarantine zone.

Upon arrival at the islands Jeanne were taken to a coastal facility where they received orientation training by various security experts. Until that moment in time she had no idea just how dangerous the creatures she was going to study could be but the seriousness of the lecturers made her begin to reconsider if she had been too keen in signing the paperwork and not ignoring the stated warnings in bold print.
The training last nearly a month after which she and the other scientists in her group were airlifted to a new research facility located in the heart of a forest. From the inside it looked like any other scientific research facility but from the outside it was a veritable fortress and with good reason.

It was explained to her the creatures she was going to be studying seemed to be a cross between a reptile and a primate. There was also a suspicion that the Bacteria Z had also incorporated a little bit of human DNA in the mix. As species beta they were codenamed “Grunts” and the initial studies had shown they lived in large social groups and were extremely intelligent. Unlike other species beta which sometimes gained animal equivalents of Alpha abilities the only thing the Grunts possessed was an extremely tough hide and incredible strength. They seemed to object human “invasions” of their territory hence the need for the security measures.

For several months Jeanne studied their behaviour with the use of external surveillance aids. Meeting them directly was out of the question since they would have attacked her or a security escort on sight. The more she studied them the more unnerved she became for it appeared they knew they were being watched. This was the complete opposite of “normal” wild creatures who only reacted if they detected something odd on their territory and were oblivious to technological aids. However the Grunts seemed to be aware of the fixed cameras and knew how to evade them and if she sent a drone camera they tended to scatter, almost like they were trying to hide something.

After a few months the group suddenly decided to attack the facility. Though this turn of events made her and a few other scientists nervous, the defences held and on each occasion several creatures were killed by the sentry weapons platforms.

The attacks continued until a security detail got ambushed outside the perimeter and “vanished” without a trace. For several weeks Jeanne sent drones to search for the missing men but it was to no avail. She was convinced that the Grunts were far more intelligent than anyone was prepared to believe. Though the footage of the attacks on the facility seemed to show the group was simply testing for weak points on the outer walls Jeanne was caught a few seconds of footage showing the Alpha male was directing members of his group to attack highly defended areas, making it seem that they were not all that clever when in fact they seemed to be putting on a show. Jeanne took her concerns to her department head but they were dismissed as “speculation based on unsubstantiated evidence”. This was despite her experience in studying the intelligence of higher primates. Convinced she was right Jeanne went higher up and was then told in no uncertain terms that her actions were breaking the harmony of the work group and if she continued she would be sent home.

Less than a week after her report had been ignored Jeanne was flying a drone and for the first time sighted a group of Grunts heading towards the facility and for a few seconds thought she saw a human in the lead before the tree cover blocked the view. As it had been suggested her imagination was out of control she was hesitant of informing her superiors of what she had seen, especially as she had not recorded the footage. Unable to locate the group again on the second pass she elected to keep quiet rather than risk losing her job. This would be her downfall for two hours later the Grunts attacked.

Within minutes the group had bypassed the outer defences and were making their way into the facility. The security teams regrouped and called for helicopter to evacuate the scientists. Jeanne was on the way to the rooftop helipad when there was an explosion and her world turned black. When she next opened her eyes she found herself on a bed surrounded by people wearing hazmat suits. Despite trying to ask them what was going on it was some time before she got any answers.

Jeanne was told that after the request was sent for a helicopter one was duly dispatched and then contact was lost. A full military team was then dispatched a few hours later and found the facility had been totally destroyed. Everyone they found was dead apart from her but it was assumed that since she had been buried under rubble the Grunts had ignored her. The team had noticed that she had been covered in cuts and since the area was “red” for Bacteria Z they had flown her to a specialist medical facility in New Tokyo. Jeanne then found out that she had been out cold now four days and during that time tests confirmed she had Bacteria Z in her system. Her cells were mutating and there was nothing the doctors could do about it other than hope her immune system could fight it off.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Jeanne learned of the investigation into the lab “incident”. It soon became apparent that one of the security men that had disappeared a month before the disaster had received a series of large payments from offshore accounts. The only conclusion was that he had been paid to “obtain” samples of Species Beta or even one of the Grunts. This was not a particular surprise to the ISC as there were plenty of unscrupulous arms sellers that wanted to obtain Species Beta to use as potential weapons. This was why the quarantine zone and islands were defended so heavily. Incursions were frequent but aircraft and surface craft were either turned back or “neutralised”. Using an employee of the ISC was an entirely new tactic.

None of that news though helped Jeanne although for quite some time she felt completely normal. Then came the days she awoke and felt intense pain in her head. Doctors rushed to her bedside (after donning protective gear) and it took them a few minutes to realise the Jeanne’s eyes had become intensely sensitive to light. This effect had only ever been seen with Alpha Inferiors not cases involving Bacteria Z. However since Bacteria Z was responsible in the past for creating Alpha humans the doctors concluded she as heading towards a final mutation.

As they had no idea if she would become dangerous the doctors sedated her and made plans to take her to a very secure bunker. Jeanne said she was still in control of her wits but it was evident that nobody was going to take her word.

She never remembered the helicopter ride and for the second time in a period of few months found herself waking up in another strange location. Unlike the hospital where she had been taken looked more of a prison. This was confirmed when a scientist met with her and explained that he and his team was going to perform tests on her to see the effects of the changes Bacteria Z had on her system.

At first she believed they were helping her as they kept promising that once they had finished their tests she would be free to leave. However they refused to tell her where exactly she had been taken and with the passage of time Jeanne started to realise they were never going to free her. Finally she lost her patience so after being taken to the main lab for yet more tests she refused to co-operate until the scientists agreed to honour their original “arrangement.” Their response was quick and painful for they turned on all the lights in the laboratory.

Jeanne’s eyes were still sensitive to light and the effect of the bright flash was like stabbing a knife through her head. She reeled around the floor holding onto her heard as if to prevent it exploding. Finally the light levels were reduced and she was told over the PA system that lack of co-operation would be met with the same. Jeanne cursed and shouted “screw you” and the lights came back on.

The pain was nearly unbearable but as she dug deep down inside to fight it her adrenalin began to flow. A “power” surge like a wave engulfed her body and suddenly she began to “feel” things around her like she was touching them only she was not. She tried opening her eyes despite the pain and looked for what she was feeling and the instant she did this the metal door that blocked her exit began to buckle and bend. Other loose metal objects began to move towards her but they did not hit but stopped short and sort of “floated.” Jeanne guessed that she was somehow manipulating magnetic fields. Remembering her high school physics she concentrated on the lights. As they were powered by electricity she thought that if she could remove the magnetic component from the EM field she could shut them down.

Her hunch worked and whether or not the Bacteria Z in her system had given her some sort of “instinct” with her new ability, she was rapidly beginning to master it. With the lights now out of action, she could now see the world around her in her mind as a series of magnetic fields. Aware that the security guards might use bright lights to try and stop her she used her new gift to rip the metal door to shreds and from the metal she shaped and formed it into a mask that covered her eyes.

Jeanne now made her escape. She knew the people viewed her as a danger and though they would kill her at first opportunity part of her knew it was wrong to repay the favour so as she made her way out, she disabled the opposition. Bullets were useless against her since she could deflect their flight and any barriers were easily taken care off if they had any ferrous metal in them. Finally she made it to the surface and discovered she had never left New Tokyo but she chose not to stick around and sight see because half the base was still chasing her.
For a while she chose to simply disappear. She figured that now only was her gift a liability but also if she seen the people that had “experimented” on her might come after her again and she did not want to be forced into a situation where she could hurt someone. However in having to keep her eyes covered there were not that many places she could go without raising suspicion other than to retreat to the Australian wilderness.

Then an incident happened which made her change her mind and return to civilisation. She heard (second hand via people talking) a news report that described an attack on a factory and the description of the assailants resembled Grunts. Having discovered she could fly by inverting magnetic fields and having mastered her specials gift as a means of self-defence in case anyone came looking for her, she decided it was time to come out of exile. This was not an easy choice to make but she figured that perhaps she was the only one who knew how the Grunts thought and acted as a group. If they had indeed found a way off the Terror Islands then she felt it was her duty to stop them.

Trying to find information on the Grunts meant she had to go to non-standard sources and that meant “questioning” criminals. Many mistook her for an Alpha Hero so she decided to use that in her favour an adopted the alias Aurora. She did end up crossing paths were her targets a few times but never managed to stop the Grunts who seemed to have found “work” as mercenaries. In time she found herself concentrating less on them and dealing with other criminals that she encountered and that in turn gave her allies in the “hero community”.

Though she had on occasion “teamed” up with various hero groups and even assisted CLEA, Jeanne prefers to work alone. Able to control and manipulate magnetic fields she can reshape ferrous metal, fly and can increase her strength by absorbing magnetic energy from electrical cables. If she was a true “Alpha” then she would be one of the most powerful on Earth but from a technical point of view she is not actually an Alpha.