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Category: Species Beta Hybrid Vigilantes

Beach Patrol

  CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Cuda – Bahri “Barrie” Snallfree Shark Guy – Fergal Hagan Gator – Alan Gupton Flying Fish – Tallea “Talia” Mackelar Lookout – Seassan “Susan” Divlar Wahoo – Malynn “Marlin” Befrishu Group Association: Harmony Island Beach Resort CLEA Classification: Species Beta/Hybrids Special Skills and/or Abilities: Cuda, Wahoo, Flying Fish and …

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The Menagerie is secret CLEA team under the exclusive control of Chief Mia Rojas. Unlike other CLEA teams knowledge of it existence has been withheld from the UN. CLEA DATA FILE Primary Role: Apprehend and neutralise alien and hybrid threats Mission Types: Intelligence gathering. Extracting  CLEA operatives under attack from alien/hybrid forces. Capturing alien/hybrid threats …

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CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Ramus – Dr Justin Nieves Plantman – Floratum Hydrausis Squash – Felix Lapointe Chinsoute – Chinsoute Boggun Barry – Baryolax Xigon Listener – Roxanne Coile Springer – Kemtiana Toda Evergreen – Wisterian Tricus CLEA Classification: Species Beta (Barry) Species Beta Hybrid (All except Barry) Magical Avatar (Evergreen) Special Skills and/or …

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Aurora is one of the most powerful humans alive and what makes her so special is that she is not an Alpha Superior but a Bacteria Z hybrid. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Jeanne Haskell CLEA Classification: Species Beta  Hybrid Special Skills and/or Abilities: Has developed Alpha like abilities by having complete mastery over magnetic fields. …

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