Steve Coops

Category: Vampire Vigilantes


  CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Kirkwood CLEA Classification: Vampire Special Skills and/or Abilities: All enhanced traits associated with Vampires Master swords man Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): All negative traits associated with Vampires Loner – No support Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits: Murder Assault Notes/History Now classed as a rogue, Kirkwood was head of security for the Vampire House of Forstner …

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O’ Connor’s Children

CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: (Main Household) Father Samuel O’Connor Sin Breaker-Sister Wendy McKnabb Giganticus – Clark Duffy Current “Children” Hinata Ikeda April Bentley Toby Rogers Estiene Fabron Ysabel Fabron Known Allies Bernice – Angel from the Light Realm Pure Blade Huntsman Helsing Penetance Helios Twilight CLEA Classification: Magic Wielder – O’Connor/Bentley/Sin Breaker Skilled Fighter …

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L-R Reyansh, Stella, Joshua, Bethany, Tamsin and Tobias Fight the Supernatural with the supernatural! CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Bethany Woods (Vampire) Reza Seyyedi (Totem Bearer) Stella Hamon (Shaman/White Witch) Tamsin de Boer (Witch) Additionally the team has these “members” that by human standards do no exist Joshua – Angel Tobias Kastner – Revenant Maitland …

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