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The Confused Alien

Holo Video Clip 001The screen shifted from black to colour and the confused image of a human face, Ross Devane appeared.“Hey is this thing working. I did as you asked but it does not seem to be doing anything.”Another face, light grey, belonging to Ix, an member of the Acen race approached from behind and …

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Coming of the Storm

The Past Always Catches Up In a rundown diner on the east side of Europa, instead of staying at the seats the usual customers are gathered around a TV set watching a news flash, all except, Enrico Hernandez an police officer with the EPD. His lack of interest is confusing to the others since the …

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Like a lot of people, there were aspects of her job that Bethany did not really like. She worked for an international freight shipping company and had recently been sent on a company assignment in Germany. The firm had just set up new offices in Hamburg and needed to bring in a team to get …

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A2200 Beginnings – Ozzy and the Leveller

Since deciding to focus his life on being a vigilante, Nathan had rarely returned to the life of a mercenary. His war zones were now the cities and his enemies were not soldiers but drug dealers and the other gutter scum that destroyed lives like a cancer on society. However when a third party made …

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From Ashes to Alphas

Towards the end of 1970 astronomers detected a rouge comet named Lee-Kosolov entering out solar system. Early predictions established that once it swung around the sun, on its return journey it would pass close to Earth’s orbit resulting in a near miss. However as is passed around the opposite side of the sun at its …

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