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Cyborgs are a blending of human and machine. Under the CLEA designation for an individual to be regarded as a cyborg they need to have substantial replacement of organic matter with machine and/or inorganic components. Usually replacing a single limb would not qualify for the designation under CLEA guide lines since the person remains largely human.

Raiders are perhaps the exception to the rule, because they can appear to be human but since their blood stream is inhabited by microscopic nanobots which changes them radically from normal people. Move often than not though Raiders have limbs replaced as well or additional new appendages added, or even both.

Cyborg Types:-

  • Limb replacement – several human limbs changed/replaced with bio-mechanical equivalents
  • Body Augmentation –  Addition of  none human appendages, (such as  wings or weapon systems ).
  • Raiders – blood stream infused with nanobots.
  • Advance Raiders – Two examples of these are known. They are believed to have come from an alternate dimension where they were once used as weapons. Unlike Langham’s Raiders these are near human in appearance and could easily blend into a group of humans without being noticed. Seemingly one “unit” known as Omega can use her nanobots to heal humans that have suffered serious injuries.

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