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Gold Gladiator



  • Gold Gladiator – Kristin Sandberg

CLEA Classification:

  • Totem Bearer

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Has armour and weapons that once belonged to an Angel
  • Teleportation
  • Able to “detect” when evil is close by


  • Dark Magic

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Over the course of her early life, Kristin ended up facing several life changing moments all of which would see her transform into the hero we know today.

The first of these moments occurred when she was just 21 and was walking home whereupon she was attacked and raped. After being made to feel weak and helpless, for a long time she would not venture out, alone at any rate until one day she decided that she would no longer stay a victim. She would never be weak if she was strong and so in her spare time became something of a keep fit addict, logging in many hours in her local gym.

The fact that she as so fit and strong ended up putting her in a perfect position when a talent spotter started touring the gyms in the area. He was working for a TV company that was to produce a new game show called “Colosseum” whereby contestants would fight against “Centurions” sporting armour and weapons inspired by Romans but all very same and slightly futuristic. The talent scout figured that Kristin was just what the needed for one of the female Centurions.

Though she was nervous about going on TV the money she was offered was ridiculous so she agreed and became a Centurion known as the Gold Gladiator. At its peak the Colosseum became something of a phenomenon and Centurions became celebrities. Kristin found her face on posters and lunchboxes and whole lot of other merchandise. The dream though came to an end when the networks pulled the plug amid  falling ratings.

Though for a while she was still recognised eventually life returned to normal and she ended up becoming a personal fitness trainer. Three years of doing this and a third life changing event occurred. Every day she would jog to and from work. Her route took her through some parkland and down through part of an abandoned industrial estate. Though she was alone she had got past her fear from all those years ago until one night all those memories came flooding back.

Running through the industrial estate she spotted that one of the warehouses had an internal glow, like a light was turned on inside. This was odd but then she heard the sound of a woman scream. At first she hoped to ignore it but the noise shook her to the core. She wondered if she ought to help or simply carry on running. Then she remembered her rape and how nobody helped her and Kristin knew she could not let that happen to anybody else.

She therefore found a way inside and what she saw was not what she was expecting. She had been expecting a bunch of drunk trying to have their way with female victim. She did find a female victim only it was hanging from a cross and people in strange cloaks were hitting her and whipping her.

At the time Kristin had not realised that these were disciples of the Church of Tazael and they had wanted to do something “special” for their Demon Goddess. Consequently they had captured a Pure Blood and were torturing her in a bid to attract and Angel. The Disciples knew one of the few times an Angel would respond in the mortal realm was if a Pure Blood was in danger. When the Angel appeared the Disciples intended on killing it with Dark Magic in Tazael’s name.

Unsure what the hell was happening Kristin stayed in the shadows. Then as planned in a blaze of light an Angel, Deborah arrived and demanded the victim be set free of face her wrath. The Disciples though started chanting and the Angel found herself engulfed in flames. Though both shocked and frightened, Kristin knew what was happening was simply wrong and had to be stopped. Whether it was a moment of insanity or fate, she launched herself out of the shadows and headed for the Angel. The cloaked people ignored her attempts to free the Angel from her flaming binds.

Deborah looked at Kristin’s futility and simply told her “It is too late to save me but your heart if pure so take this gift and save the girl!”

In  a flash of light, Kristin found that the Angel had transferred her armour, sword and shield over to her and once complete the Angel burst into flames. Kristin now felt a power inside her like she had never felt before. Having handled weapons as a Centurion handling these weapons seemed natural. There was also something else though that she could not explain and that was she intuitively knew  what she needed to do.

Springing into action she cut down the girl and once in her arms. She did not really want to kill the people in cloaks despite what she had seen them do but was prepared to do it if she had to. Then in her head she heard Deborah say , “Hold the sword aloft”. Kristin did as told and in a flash she somehow teleported to her apartment. Whilst there she called for an ambulance and before they arrived Kristin and the girl came up with a cover story and agreed not to mention what had happened.

A couple of days after, Kristin would put the armour on for the first time since that evening and once more heard Deborah’s voice. Confused after seeing the Angel die, Deborah explained that the voice was a mere reflection, an image impregnated into the armour upon being vanquished and would only remain until Kristin had learned what she needed to learn.

Over the next few weeks the Kristin conversed with the spirit of Deborah and was taught everything she needed to know about using the Angel armour and identifying evil and fighting it. Then once training was done she heard Deborah no more.

A one time victim turned TV celebrity, Kristin has actually become her TV character, the Gold Gladiator.

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