Steve Coops

Human/Animal Hybrids

Human/Animal hybrids is the term given to a being  that comprises of combined DNA of human and animal origin. Many but not all have the means to transition from a wholly human form to one that comprises a mixture of human and animal features. Unlike Bacteria Z hybrids where the DNA combination has resulted from the presences of the alien bacteria,    these  hybrids  do not have the extraterrestrial factor. Generally animal hybrids are “created” by the genetic manipulations of scientists but can occur by other means

Examples of Human/Animal Hybrid designation:-

  • Gabby Moore and Dominic Bryant combined animal DNA with her own eggs resulting in humanoid type animals. The group  later became the Beast Warriors (ironically after Moore and Bryant were “altered” by Beastial).
  • Marvin Bryant, head of Chimera is well known to CLEA for his means to combine human and animal DNA.  He is so talented he is able to hire out his services to third parties.
  • The victims of  Beastial – aka Alexis Russell is an Alpha with the means to rewrite human DNA to incorporate animal traits and features. Normally the result on the victim is temporary but in some cases she has permanently transformed a person into a human/animal hybrid.
  • Recently CLEA has become aware of evidence of small “Colonies” or “Tribes” of singular types of animal hybrids hiding in remote regions around the world. Whilst the original transformation is believed to have been caused through Bacteria Z, future generations appear to have the mutation naturally occuring making them “true” hybrids.
    For many years tales of hybrids were considered folklore since no evidence of their existence could be found. In more recent times world renowned Swedish biologists, Alma and Ludvig Nilsson published a controversial paper supporting the claims. However after they disappeared during an expedition searching for an aquatic colony of hybrids their data was ignored.
    This all changed with the appearance of a winged female warrior that attacked Team Zodiac’s headquarters that was not a product of genetic manipulation or had any links to Terror Island.

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