Steve Coops




  •  Allison Hayes

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Allison has the means to emit a field which allows her to absorb the kinetic energy of moving objects. When doing this the respective object loses momentum and her body charges up with kinetic force she has “stolen”.
    She can then use this force by combining it with her own body movements allowing her to hit harder, jump higher etc.
    She can also discharge the momentum energy through her hands and feet allowing her to levitate and fly.
    Lastly, using physical touch she can transfer energy to a third party causing them to be catapulted into the air.


  • Once her energy is depleted she is no stronger than any other women of her height and build and she is prone to feeling fatigued making her highly vulnerable.
  • She absorbs the kinetic energy via her hand and feet. The process creates localised heating which if not kept in check can lead to injury and possible death. Her suit helps dissipate the heat build up but she still needs to be careful.
  • Unlike other Alphas who absorb kinetic energy such as Bulletproof and Impact, Allison does not have any form of invulnerability and can be physically injured as easily as an ordinary person.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Allison Hayes is yet another in a catalogue of cases where an Alpha has been experimented on against her will. All she can remember was on the night she was taken a group of heavily armed masked men stormed her Pacifica apartment threw something over her head and being carried to the roof of her building complex where she was bundled into a waiting helicopter whereupon she was injected with a drug that put her to sleep.
When she next awoke she found herself in a sparse room with no windows and a locked door. She never saw anyone and food was simply deposited through a hatch in the wall. On a regular basis the room would fill with gas and when she next awoke she would often find herself in a lot of pain. Though she did not know what had been done to her she presumed it was some sort of medical procedure for she would find various puncture wounds or fresh scars.
Having known from an early age she was an Alpha Inferior she could only guess that was the reason she was being held and experimented on. As a journalist she had heard rumours on the streets of illegal organisation’s abducting Alphas to use a text subjects and presumed that she was a victim of ARGO. (CLEA would later confirm that ARGO had not been involved, but her hypothesis for her being held captive was correct.)

How long she had been held captive she did not known but one day she awoke inside a large and generally featureless room except for one wall where there was an array of equipment. She could clearly feel something attached to the back of her neck but when she tried removing it all she felt was immense pain. A disembodied voice then warned her that she had been fitted with an implant to ensure compliance. She was then told to go to the other side of the room and perform a number of tests. At first she refused but was only met with pain so she did as she was told. The tests did not make much sense to her at first. Some were mental and others were physical. From the voice on the PA system it was obvious that things were not going to plan and so after the tests were completed she found the room filling with gas and she was going to sleep.

Over the course of the next few weeks the same routine happened several times until one days when she next came to instead of finding herself back in the small room she felt movement and realised she was in the back of a car. This surprised her as she had assumed the “large” and “small” rooms had been in the same facility but this did not seem to be the case. Having been effectively blind folded when she had been taken from her apartment she felt it was unusual that she had not been blindfolded now.

Not to arise any suspicion she carefully looked around, keeping her head low as if she was still unconscious. She was close to the door but guessed it would not open from the inside and on the other side of the back seat was a burly man, obviously a guard. Interestingly outside the scenery was that of crowded streets and she now understood why she had perhaps not been blindfolded. A person asleep in a car would not arouse suspicion but a blindfolded captive might.

Thoughts ran through her mind. She wondered if she could attract the attention of anyone but that seemed a long shot. Her mind though figured that this was still an ideal opportunity to escape. She considered hitting the guard and attacking the driver. The chances of success would be remote but the more she thought about escaping the more adrenalin flowed through her body.
Then a strange thing happened. As she thought of ways she might escape the car she concentrated on the cars movement. For a moment the car rapidly began to decelerate but the driver had not applied the brakes. At the same time as the car began to decelerate she felt a massive surge in her body and found herself being catapulted head first out the windshield. If that did not hurt then the impact certainly did and she was very lucky her captives did not run over her as the car caught up to her position.

With a crowd of onlookers gathering, instead of being grabbed the car immediately drove off and at that point she passed out due to her injuries. When she awoke again, for a change she did not find herself in a familiar small featureless room but instead a somewhat larger hospital room.
Having run her name through the database the Pacifica Police Department discovered she had been missing for nearly five months and they had a great many questions. However there was not a lot she could tell them because until she had woken up in the car her captors had been very careful never to allow themselves to be seen. One oddity though that she could not explain was why eye witnesses had seen her fly through the windscreen and lad over fifty feet away from the car. The vehicle had not been going at very high speed and the deceleration could not have been that violent to cause her to cover that distance.
The asked her if she was an Alpha Superior but she replied know. However CLEA took an interest in the PPD report and they were next to visit her in hospital. During his interviews the Agent managed to piece together what had happened to Allison. He reckoned she had been identified as an Alpha Inferior (that much she did know) and whomever had taken her had obviously been researching an experimenting on Alphas. Furthermore he guessed that whomever had been performing the research had tried to activate her Alpha abilities. The large room and the tests were a clue to that. Though the Agent reckoned they had managed to jump start her Alpha ability they were unable to trigger them for the first time which he guessed had actually happened in the car causing her to “fly” through the windscreen. Though this gave some sort of closure and now gave Allison more questions than answers the Agent warned her that since he Alpha abilities had been initiated artificially they might be unstable which would be dangerous to her. The Agent suggested perhaps when she recovered she might want to join CLEA’s White Guardian program and perhaps they could train her to use her gift. This was all too much in too short a time to comprehend so the Agent simply gave him his card and left.

By the time she was well enough to leave hospital CLEA had passed on its findings. Though they were sure she had been experimented on whomever had been behind her abduction was not known to them which was both unusual and disturbing since it meant that there was somebody new experimenting on Alphas. She was also given another offer to join CLEA’s White Guardian ranks but again declined. Allison simply wanted her old life back.
A few weeks later though she received an interesting invite all the way from Europe along with a paid air fare to visit the country home of Gary Wynter. Though very unusual the fact the ticket was genuine piqued her journalistic interest so she took the offer. Once there the truth was revealed when Gary revealed he was the costumed adventurer G-Wiz and she was in fact at the HQ of the Phoenix Alliance. Gary explained to Allison that when she turned down CLEA’s offer, Chief Naylor had got to hear of it and rather than see her talents wasted had figured the Phoenix Alliance could persuade her to use her gifts instead. Naylor of course wanted another White Guardian but figured if Allison became a costumed adventurer then at least she would be helping fight crime another way.
Allison was upset at the subterfuge in coming to the country home and wanted to leave but Gary put on the charm and persuaded her to stay long enough to meet the others and at least long enough to figure out if she had any long term problems with her artificially induced Alpha Abilities. Reluctantly she chose to stay. She really felt like a fish out of water when the other member of the Phoenix Alliance started talking about past exploits. They considered her one of them but all she ever had done was smashed through a car windscreen and that had hurt her. She was far from a crime fighter so she could not understand what they saw in her.
That was when Gary suggested that if she stayed a while longer they could get to the bottom of exactly what her Alpha abilities were. Part of Allison wanted to get the next plane home, tire of the charade but again the part of her that wanted answers took over.
It would take several weeks of work but eventually Allison discovered she could emit a field which absorbed kinetic energy of anything around her and gave that energy to her. The bigger the object and the faster it was moving the more energy she amassed. This was why the car had suddenly decelerated since she had bled its energy and also why she had accelerated through the windscreen.
With the mystery solved Gary and the others worked to fine tune her control of her Alpha ability and after a little bit of practice she found she could store that energy insider her body instead letting it loose immediately. Allison also learned she could transfer her energy to another person and literally cause them to get catapulted. When she first discovered that Long Fellow was not too happy as he became her first hapless victim. Upon further experimentation, Allison learned that with enough practice she could strike harder, jump further and if she absorbed enough energy she could fly by jettisoning energy from her hands and feet. However her gift was not without downsides for unlike other who could manipulate kinetic energy, she was not invulnerable so hitting someone with additional energy would succeed in not only injuring her target but herself. Gary also unearthed another problem down to the fact that her Alpha abilities had been activated artificially which always caused problems. In Allison’s case she had inadvertently been made more powerful but her body lacked and internal “safe guards”.
When she absorbed energy a side effect of the process was the generation of heat and since she absorbed it through her hands and feet rather than her whole body the localised heating was providentially dangerous to her if not lethal. With that in mind he suggested she start a strict training regime so she could learn to control the flow of energy she absorbed and thus prevent herself getting injured.

Before she knew it a month had passed and she felt the need to go home. Though not fully accepting of the idea of becoming crime fighter or even joining the Phoenix Alliance, Gary gave her a parting gift courtesy of the Knight’s Forge, a body suit and helmet which would give her some resistance to injury should she ever reconsider. The suit also had ceramic panels built in which were designed to channel heat away from her hands and feet. Gary reckoned that theoretically she should be able to absorb a lot more kinetic energy without concerns over the heat but since the suit had never been tested he could not be entirely sure.He also left her with a passing argument and that was whilst people like the Phoenix Alliance, Zodiac and all the other amateur heroes existed it made life harder for the types of people that had abducted her to operate.

Upon returning to Pacifica she settled back in her old life once more but what she had learned about the Phoenix Alliance stuck in her mind. Every time she reported on a crime she got to thinking what if she had been there. Then one day somebody in the office heard about a mugging and passed a comment “if only somebody got the balls to stop that then it would never have happened.” The words burned into her and she realised she had the means to do just that so from that moment in time she started to don the green suit at night and go hunting criminals. At first she considered using the code name “Newton” since Newton’s third law states ‘or every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. She figured since she bled of momentum and manipulated it to produce another momentum force that the code name worked.