Steve Coops

New Tokyo Misfits

Left-Right: Stinger, Cross-Bo, Warpath and Lone Wolf

Left-Right: Stunner, Cross-Bo, Warpath and Lone Wolf

The New Tokyo Misfits are a group of “ordinary” people who came together in a common cause to fight back against the criminal scum that made the lives of others a misery. In every sense of the word they are vigilantes and like nothing more than giving “bad” people the same feeling of powerless and pain they do to their victims.


Team Identities:

  • David Brown – Stunner
  • Patrick Anderson – Lone Wolf
  • Miyu Okamoto – Cross-Bo
  • Sienna White – Warpath

CLEA Classification:

  • Specialist Combatants (all team members)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Brown (Stunner), personal trainer and self taught in several disciplines of martial arts. Weapon of choice, nunchucks
  • Anderson (Lone Wolf), untrained fighter but highly effective brawler whose aggression intimidates his opponents especially when he brings his club into play.
  • Okamoto (Cross-Bo), Oracle trained martial arts fighter. Most competent of the group and is adept at using the bo staff.
  • White (Warpath), highly efficient fighter in mixed martial arts and is skilled in using a pair of Tonfa


  • Most of the team learned to fight following emotional events that changed their lives. Certain enemies aware of their background can exploit individual team member’s past “problems” to distract them.
  • The team tends to fight “emotionally” and so will often engage enemies when the odds are against them. This has backfired on a number of occasions.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Before meeting all had been affected by crime in New Tokyo.
David Brown (aka Stunner) had come with his family to New Tokyo after his parents emigrated from America due to his father’s work. At first the family lived in an affluent area of New Tokyo until the company his father worked for went bust forcing the family to relocate to one of the run down districts.
Here the family learned of the down sides of the city and with street crime and drugs being ever prevalent David watched as his brother became addicted to drugs and eventually succumbed to an overdose which tore the family apart.
Following the divorce David lived with his mother and despite the hardships managed to make a minor success out of his life. Having always had an interest in martial arts as a hobby his passion allowed him to make it in the world as a personal trainer before managing to buy the very same gym where he had trained as a youth. Though the business would never make him rich since it was located in a poor area of New Tokyo, money was not so much an issue as David wanted to show the local people that they could still live positive lives.

This is how he met Sienna White. She lived locally to the gym and had wanted to learn self-defence after being assaulted by a street gang. They wanted money and after the took that from her they left her with a parting gift, two large scars from a knife across her chest. Since the incident she had become a nervous individual and lacked confidence so a friend suggested she learn self defence. Under David’s tutelage she found hidden skills in martial arts and grew in confidence until she was no longer the shy woman she had once been. She pushed herself further vowing never again she would be a victim of crime.

Patrick Anderson was a one time family man that worked in the NTPD. His whole life turned upside down when his wife and child were killed after becoming collateral damage in a drive by shooting. For an ordinary person the news would have been devastating but the fact he was a police man and it had happened to him when he had been at work was more than he could bare. The incident added insult to injury and he took sick leave and saw a councillor but he quickly stopped seeing her and turned to drink. His mental health meant the NTPD could no longer use his services so he was retired on “medical” grounds. From then on he simply spent his days watching TV and looking for his next fix of booze.

Lastly Miyu Okamoto had been a fairly normal person but her life changed when she took a wrong turn and ended up in the wrong neighbourhood. Like Sienna she became a victim of crime only instead of being mugged she was raped by a vicious street gang. Like most victims of heinous crimes Miyu felt her attackers had stolen part of her soul and she ended up in a deep depression. Living away from her family meant she had nobody to help her out and because she felt “dirty” she did not want to talk to anyone about what had happened.

By chance her path crossed with Jianjun Yu. The pair accidentally touched in the street and the instant that happened her saw inside her. Such was her internal pain he could almost feel it himself. He also felt a strong desire for revenge but looking at her, Jianjun could tell she would be no match for the average street thug. Seeing a young life ruined at an early age seemed a terrible waste to him but the only way Miyu could live again was when she could face her attackers without fear (not unlike what had happened to Sienna). Of course he was aware he could simply have found her attackers and taught them a lesson but that was not wise since she needed to do the journey on her own. He therefore took pity on Miyu and offered her the means to retrieve that what had been taken from her, by training her in martial arts.
During training Jianjun noticed Miyu seemed a natural with the Bo staff so he set about helping her master that skill and once trained he sent her back out into the world to face down her demons. He told her to use his training to deal a blow to the evil that hid in the shadows. Having been given a purpose Miyu took the code name Cross-Bo and began patrolling the streets looking for trouble and when trouble found her she made sure it ran off with a tail between its legs. All the while she did not have the satisfaction of finding the gang that had raped her but that day would come.

Having become a one woman army against the street criminals in New Tokyo, Miyu certainly got noticed and after spending some time pressurising various criminals she eventually learned where she might find the gang that had taken so much from her. However when she tracked them down she would discover the “tip” given to her had been a trap. The gang were aware she was coming for them so had taken the opportunity to take her out before she could do the same.

Despite the fact she was heavily outnumbered twenty to one, Miyu did not shy away from the show down but training or not the numbers game quickly began working against her. This was when Sienna came across the fight in the street. She had left the gym just before it closed and her walk home took her into the alley where the confrontation was taking place. Though she wanted to simply ignore what was happening she felt compelled to intervene, especially when she saw the man that had scared her. Taking the pair of Tonfa out of her gym bag she threw the holdall away and waded into the fight. Though she was aware the numbers were against her, the idea of cracking a few heads seemed rather satisfying. Side by side she fought with Miyu. Though neither had met they both seemed aware they were fighting for the same thing.
Patrick lived in an apartment above the alleyway and heard all the commotion going on. He got used to hearing the sounds of criminal activities and usually chose to ignore them. Normally such events ended quickly but when he could hear voices of two women he was drawn to the window. Looking out he was the ongoing fight and when he realised it was a load of lads fighting a pair of girls it jarred his mind. All he could think about was his wife and daughter being victims and instead of turning away and going back to his seat, he found himself unable to do that due to an intense rage building up. Four years of grief burst forth and he needed somewhere to direct that rage so he headed for the door, grabbing a baseball bat on the way.
By the time he arrived at street level David Brown had also joined into the fray. He had locked up the gym and as he passed the end of the alleyway he spotted Sienna. Rather than let her fend for herself he chose to act.
With Patrick also involved in the battle, despite the numbers advantage the gang soon realised the trained fighters were way out of their league. Patrick though was not trained but perhaps the most brutal. Since he had long lost the desire to live he did really care about how much he got hurt but his victims certainly did not have the same lack of respect for their own well being.

In a matter of minutes the gang scattered and the four decided to go their separate ways. However Sienna, David and Patrick had been left with something to think about and that was they could make a difference to the lives of others by defying the criminal scum that preyed on the innocent people of the neighbourhood. Working together David and Sienna began patrolling the local area in disguise after the gym had closed and meting out street justice where they saw fit. Patrick too had found a way to deal with the grief that he had been carrying around and instead chose to carry a baseball bat late at night and turn the tables on a few criminals.
As time went by the four of them would invariable cross paths and after they established a dialogue between them the four decided to consolidate their efforts and thus the New Tokyo Misfits was born (although their reputation has led to some gangs calling them the Backstreet Bludgeoners).