Steve Coops



Agent’s Job Speciality:

  • Infiltration


  • Siamese – Iris Chong

CLEA Classification:

  • White Guardian

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Bacteria  Z  ability – Enhanced animal like agility and reflexes as well as acute eyesight and senses of hearing and smell.


  • Has to rely on speed to keep out of danger as she is vulnerable to most weapons.


Iris is another White Guardian that is not technically an Alpha Superior for she derived her super human abilities via an accidental means. Having worked in  science lab that had been given access to Bacteria Z, she was infected with it by an incorrectly disposed sample. Bacteria Z altered her physiology and gave her animal like reflexes and sensory enhancements. Knowing if she reported what had happened to her then she might be reduced to a lab rat, she chose to keep her “gift” a secret.

Having such a potential though was hard to resist and so she decided to become a costumed adventurer and fight crime. As a child she had always liked comic books so the chance to live like one of those characters appealed to her. Her life as a hero was brief for the lab discovered what had happened to her. Since they had obtained the sample of Bacteria Z by an illegal means, Iris had now become a significant security threat to their operations.

Though the people sent to kill her did not succeed, Iris figured she was on borrowed time and so decided to approach CLEA since she was aware that her bosses had filed a report with the police stating she had stolen from them and had fabricated video evidence.  At first she pretended to be interested in the White Guardian program but it soon became apparent that something was amiss for CLEA found the police report. Normally she would have been handed over to the police but the interviewing officer was suspicious of the evidence the police had. The Agent figured that no thief would ever had been that sloppy. Iris was therefore given the chance to tell her side of the story.

The Agent passed the information to his superior whereupon it was learned that CLEA was already investigating the lab but they had no key evidence to prosecute. Iris therefore offered to help CLEA get the evidence as she knew where the illegal samples were kept and her special abilities meant she could perhaps get past security.

No everything went to plan but Iris did manage to assist in getting the evidence that CLEA needed. With that done she was offered the chance to officially become a White Guardian. Whilst the idea of a costumed vigilante and fight crime in her spare time like a comic book here, she quite liked the idea of having a global organisation to provide back up and so took the offer.