Steve Coops



Team Identities:

  • Tanya Eltsina – Hornet (team leader)
  • Rachel Davis – Gecko
  • Yin Bao Chou – Hijack

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha human (Eltsina)
  • Alpha human (Davis)
  • Alpha human (Chou)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Tanya has the means to fly/levitate and she can also generate small bolts of electric “stings”.
  • Alpha ability – Rachel has the ability to crawl up walls due to a sticky substance excreted from her hands and feet. Her current outfit has gloves and boots made of a porous material that permits her adhesive secretions to still work unhindered.
  • Alpha abiltiy – Chou, has the ability to transfer her consciousness into other people and assume full control (putting the original host’s mind in a state of animated suspension).


  • In order to fly Tanya has to wear lightweight clothing so it susceptible to physical/weapon attack.
  • Rachel can be completely neutralised by covering her hands and feet in any non-porous material.
  • Whilst Chou’s mind occupies another body, her own body becomes catatonic and has to be kept alive artificiality by her suit. If her suit is damaged when she is away from her body she is at serious risk. In a worse case scenario her mind could return to her “dead” body and then she would be killed outright.
  • Strong willed people can prevent Chou taking control of their bodies.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Theft (Davis)
  • Robbery (Chou albeit indirectly using another person’s body)


Unaware of the fact she was an Alpha Inferior, Tanya (later creator of Trident) enjoyed a pretty ordinary childhood. Her Alpha abilities had not even activated by the time she left school and so like every other person she went out to find an “ordinary” job.

The problem for Tanya was that no matter what job she took, she found the work unsatisfying. Kind of heart and having a desire to help people less fortunate than herself, she was constantly dogged by a need to help her local community. Charity work was one outlet for her “passion” but she still wanted to do more. That became possible when she inherited a substantial sum of money.

Rather than wasting it frivolously she chose to use the money to set up a business that would achieve her goal to do good things for those around her. She set up her own detective agency. Unlike other companies that did the same, she did not charge exorbitant rates to those that were desperate and since she was not interested in getting involved in family politics her agency was not going to involve itself in following unfaithful spouses. Instead her agency specialised in locating missing persons.

With more money in the bank she needed, she, technically did not need to work as she could live of her personal wealth. For that reason she only charged a modest “token” fee, so that at least her clients felt as though they were paying her for something. Aware that most people, even those with little money could still be proud meant that her “fee” would prevent them feeling they were “charity cases.”

In one sense it was a good job she was not expecting to live on the agency fees because work was relatively slow but what little there was she found rewarding. Then when Tanya’s Alpha Abilities activated she realised there was a whole new opportunity to do more for her community so she decided to be a detective by day and a costumed “hero” by night. She took the alias “Hornet” as she could fly and discharge electrical stings. Never taking on more than she could handle meant she focused her activities on petty criminals. Though she had heard of other “groups” Tanya never dreamed that she would ever be more than a lone hero until Terence Davis arrived one day and asked her to find his daughter, Rachel. There was however a problem with the request for the Davis family ran a small crime empire stealing vehicles, the very same sort of scum who she tried to put a stop to as the “Hornet”.
Despite the fact she wanted to refuse to help, that was not who she was during the day. She therefore decided to listen to his story if only to gain intel she could use as the Hornet.

He explained that his “business” was initially a father and son set up but when Rachel discovered the she was an Alpha Superior she had followed their example and used her gifts for petty burglary. The problem for the family came when the Wolfgang Schmitt aka “The Baron” wanted the Davis’s out from his territory so had been putting pressure on them often by violent means. In order to protect her father, Rachel had gone to the Baron’s home to find some incriminating evidence. She had planned the family could use this to threaten the Baron by gaining leverage by hinting such info might accidentally find its way to law enforcement agencies. After leaving that night she had never returned and Terence presumed the crime boss had her.

What actually happened on that night was the plan had failed early on because Rachel was caught before finding anything useful. Luckily for Rachel the Baron did not recognise her and assumed she worked for one of his rivals and as she would not talk he had made plans to make his prisoner see sense.

Despite Terence’s heart felt plea and honesty about the family’s illegal activities, Tanya made it quite clear she was not going to find it “difficult” to work for someone that caused “trouble” for law abiding folks in her community. Such was Terence’s fear for Rachel that he offered a proposal and that was he and his son would turn themselves over to the police if she found Rachel. However as Terence believed Rachel had only gone into crime due to being set a bad example he wanted one other favour and that was for Tanya to keep Rachel out of any investigation and rehabilitate his daughter into the person he had wanted her to become and not the burglar that had tried to emulate her father and her brother. The one thing he left out of their conversation was that Rachel was only a good burglar because she was an Alpha Superior with the ability to cling to any surface. Terence considered it would be best not to cloud the waters with that fact.

It was a difficult compromise to accept but Tanya agreed on the grounds that if Rachel showed no signs of mending her ways then Terence would find his daughter serving time as well. Having an idea where Rachel was, as the Hornet she went to find Rachel and rescued just in the nick of time as the Baron had called in the Interrogator to extract information from the captive that had broken into his home. As per the agreement Terence and Rachel’s brother turned themselves in.

Though the police were surprised at the pair showing up and admitting their crimes, the files hinted that Rachel might be involved so during the follow up investigations they tracked her down and found her at Tanya’s apartment. Since Rachel was not in, Tanya decided she would talk to the detectives and was amazed to find herself giving the would-be burglar a second chance by honouring the deal she had made with Terence. Though not normally good at bluffing she was able to convince the detectives that Rachel was clean.

With no home to go to, Rachel had been staying at Tanya’s apartment, fulfilling the second part of Terence’s deal to look after his daughter. As part of the rehabilitation process she even gave Rachel a job in the detective agency but the female Davis harboured a grudge for the person that had made the rest of her family go to jail. She knew Tanya was trying to help her but could not shake the hostility until she visited her father in prison. He then explained it was his idea to turn himself in and he had chosen to do it to stop her getting dragged down into a life of crime as he had been. Terence also persuaded Rachel to show more respect for Tanya. After that, the relationship improved between the two women markedly but Tanya would not risk telling Rachel about her other identity as the Hornet. This was ironic as Rachel felt unable to trust Tanya with the fact she was an Alpha Superior.
It was some six months later that the truth came out. As the friendship between them had blossomed Rachel had started to notice certain oddities regarding Tanya’s movements. Having been a burglar it was very hard for her to ignore the fact that Tanya vanishing at all hours of the night and acting like nothing was happening upon return. Though she found it hard to believe Tanya was a burglar the suspicious activity was not helping her reach any other conclusion. Rachel therefore decided if she was not going to get any straight answers she would take matters into her own hands so one night she put on her old cat burgling gear and decided to covertly follow her friends.

Since the apartment was occupied Tanya had been forced to go to the office to change “identities”. Able to climb up wall with ease due to her Alpha abilities Tanya was unaware that as she was getting changed into her Hornet gear she was being observed from outside. Once she had changed into her alter ego, the Hornet opened the window and flew outside, nearly knocking Rachel off the side of the building. Realising she had bumped into something but was not sure what Tanya turned back and her eyes met with Rachel. Both their secrets were out and at long last Tanya understood why Rachel had been such a good burglar.

Since the Hornet’s activities for the night had come to an abrupt end the pair decided to return to the office and talk. After explaining her reasons for becoming the Hornet, Tanya just thought things would carry on as “normal”. Rachel though wanted in on the idea, suggesting that since she had reformed her unique abilities that made her a good burglar could be put to a better use. Despite Tanya’s best efforts to persuade Rachel otherwise it became obvious the ex-thief was not going to take no for an answer. From this conversation Rachel’s alter ego, the “Gecko” was born.

For two years they worked together until a friend of Yin Bao Chou asked the detective agency to find the missing woman. By the time Hornet and Gecko had tracked Yin down they had realised the person they had been working for had been an Independent Alpha (Merlin) and the person they had been asked to find was another Independent Alpha. Far from an average case, to add another spanner to the works the pair eventually discovered that Yin had been kidnapped. (Later revealed to be ARGO).

Following leads of where Yin had last been “active”, the pair was able to locate where Yin was being held but arrived to find Team Zodiac cleaning out the temporary ARGO lab. They had rescued Yin and since Tanya had no idea what the hell was going on she asked “Leo”, Zodiac’s leader. He recognised the Hornet by reputation, and he regarded her asa potential ally in the fight against crime he told her all about ARGO.

Tanya then went to talk to Yin and explain Merlin had sent her. During the conversation Yin divulged the nature of her Alpha abilities and her codename of Hijack. Yin admitted she had tried to work alone as a crime fighter and that had obviously made her an easy target for ARGO. This got Tanya to thinking that another addition to Gecko could prove most useful but not wishing to step on anyone’s toes felt obliged to ask Leo if Zodiac was hiring. He told her plainly they were not as any more people would affect the established group dynamics.

As Zodiac had been aware of the work of Hornet and Gecko he did not see a problem if Tanya asked to recruit Hijack a make the duo a trio. Though Yin has been though a lot and admitted she was now quite aware how dangerous solo work was, she was not quite sure about considering Hornet’s offer. In fact Yin was not sure is she should quit the crime fighting work altogether. Instead of forcing the issue Tanya told her to think about the offer and at the same time slipped one of her business cards into Yin’s outfit before leaving with Gecko.

Some days later when she got over the emotional overload from the shock of her ordeal, Yin decided she was not going to let ARGO beat her and decided she would continue to fight crime with her special gift. Checking over her outfit, she found the business card and it did not take a genius to work out where it had come from. Remembering the Hornet’s suggestion and considering mutual protection might be a good thing she decided to visit the address on the card and see if the offer still stood.

She noticed Rachel first and initial observations indicated the woman’s shape and build did not match the “Hornet” so she was not sure she had come to the right place. Never one to beat around the bush, Yin simply asked to speak to the name of the person printed on the card. Rachel pretended not to recognise Yin because experience as a costumed hero meant she had learned not to assume people knew was the Gecko. Since Yin had not met her as “Rachel Davis” it seemed a wise precaution especially if the woman in front of her was here about hiring the detective agency for work as opposed to Tanya’s “job offer”.

Rachel therefore responded as normally as possible and showed Yin into Tanya’s office. Almost as soon as Yin saw Tanya she knew she was in the right place because the “Hornet” never really wore a “proper” facial disguise so Yin recognised her straight away. It was now she had seconds thoughts so rather than wait until she had a chance to change her own mind, she got straight to the point and asked if the offer still stood. Tanya said yes and introduced her to “the Gecko”.

From that introduction the three of them decided to work together. Not long after they started this though Tanya found their nightly patrols were dogged by simple logistics. Yin lived somewhere different so had to cover a good distance across Atlantica before they could get started. Tanya therefore proposed giving Yin a job and selling her old apartment and getting a new larger apartment that they could all share but Yin felt she was inconveniencing the group. The team leader though made it clear that living and working together would solve most of the problems, including having to secure multiple locations from their “future” enemies.

It was only when they were living together did they start using the name Trident.