Steve Coops


Atlantica was one of the first megacities to be built. Like Europa and Pacifica (but not New Tokyo) the city was built on the remains of a previous city that had been destroyed in the comet impact of 1972. In Atlantica’s case it was built over the remains of New York and the surrounding area.

Being the first, the term Megacity was coined because unlike existing cities around the globe it is nearly 10 times bigger than average and had a population that reflect that. Modern construction techniques allowed for much of the inner to be built high-rise.


As well as catering for vehicles Atlantica has its own airport. It also has a raised railway system as well as an underground system for travel inside the city as well as normal rail links.

Home of the Heroes

The city picked up the name from the fact that Team Zodiac established themselves in Atlantica. After they took down Black Shadow, ending their purge on Alphas, the area saw the first appearances of new heroes.

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