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Left to Right: Iverson, Kagone, Roberts and Wagner

Left to Right: Iverson, Kagone, Roberts and Wagner

Orion is a code name given to the primary strike and recovery team of hunters who work for the Protectorate. Their targets victims are incarcerated at a private prison at the Protectorate’s Prime Site. Many captives here are guilty of no crimes but the “Protectorate” has decided they are to risky to live with “normal” people.

Since the Protectorate are extremely powerful business people with virtually unlimited resources means Orion had access to the technology needed to deal with almost any Alpha they come across.


Asset of:

Group Indentitites:

  • Stefan Iversen (Leader)
  • Max Wagner
  • Natsumi Kagome
  • Cameryn Roberts

CLEA Classification:

  • Specialist Combatants/Tech Augmented humans (entire team)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • The bodysuits worn by the team give them protection up to high calibre rounds.
  • Weapons used by the team are generally non-lethal and consist of specially modified guns to deliver drugs/shock charges etc on impact.
  • Wagner is the teams weapons expert and on missions makes the tactical choices in terms of ammo and weapons.
  • Kagome is specially trained as a scout and her job is to get in close to a target and report back. Frequently she engages the target first.
  • Roberts is trained in electronic countermeasures. She disables alarms and other tech “problems” so the team can have an easy run at the target. She is also responsible for “containing” captured prisoners, using her tech to prevent and Alpha using his or her abilities.


  • They have to retrieve the targets alive. This gives their enemies opportunities to use far greater force providing they can best Orion tactically.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment.


Orion was formed soon after the Prison facility at the Prime Site was opened. At that time the Protectorate began seeking out mercenaries that would be sympathetic to their cause and eventually research led to them finding the four people that would become Orion. Early “captures” by the team proved to have mixed results as some targets escaped but this was only a learning experience for the team and the Protectorate. By gathering data the Protectorate were able to develop technology specifically for capturing almost any Alpha and with their resources the time from idea to end product was greatly accelerated so within a couple of years, Orion was over ninety percent successful.

Law enforcement agencies soon learned of Orion and whilst they thought it convenient they were taking criminals off their hands it was equally convenient for them to ignore the innocent people being taken. CLEA and a few other agencies from America and Europa could not stand idly by but there was a problem, the Zeus facility was on a private island that no agency had any jurisdiction to operate. The only chance to put a stop to the Protectorate was by capturing Orion when it was on territory which was their jurisdiction. However Orion’s advanced tech has ensured that has not been the case. The only thing that could not be kept hidden for too long was the identities of each team member although knowing who they are has done little to help in their capture