Steve Coops

Rising Sun


Team Identities:

  • Aoto Hamasaki
  • Yuzuki Soto

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Augmented

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • The battlesuits provide excellent protection from energy, bladed and projectile weapons up to large calibre weapons
  • Cyber interface on the helmet actually correct wearers aim when using the energy based small arms.
  • Servos in suit boost wearers strength and agility


  • Magnetic fields can create problems
  • EM weapons can disrupt suit servos and cyber interface.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


CLEA’s “capture” of Aoto and Yazuki, is one of those events that could be considered a milestone because it allowed the agency to obtain valuable intelligence regarding Citadel.

After agents stumbled across a Citadel operation whilst on another investigation, CLEA chief Joshua Hunter decided to conduct a raid. Though many of Citadel’s people were able to slip, away, agents managed to take two teenagers into their custody along with their high tech battle suit.

At first when debriefed the pair would not explain themselves and answer to why they had fired at CLEA. They were overly loyal to Citadel and so a new approach was tried an a psychiatrist was brought in. By the time she had undone the “programming” Citadel had done on them, the true horror of Citadel’s operations were finally revealed.

According to the pair they had run away from home and ended up on the streets of New Tokyo. As some stage Citadel had then snatched them and over a period of time had bent them to their will. Once they had reached the stage where they believed all the lies their Citadel handlers told them they were put in a program to test some experimental alien tech.

Wanting to do anything for their masters, Aoto and Yazuki wanted nothing more than to do their part even after discovering others had died in the same experiment. They were simply told that the others had died as they did not want to please Citadel, and such was the brainwashing they accepted the explanation.

With Aoto and Yazuki the experiment was a success and the alien suits were successfully interfaced with their minds. They could now use the battlesuit as well as the previous aliens that it had once belonged to.The interface units though were very much a work in progress and before the scientist could reach the stage of totally reversed engineering the technology CLEA had performed the raid.

Since the suits bear a very strong resemblance to those worn by the teenagers with the Red Shift team, CLEA would later conclude that Citadel had obtained more than a pair of suits and that they had tried the experiments again elsewhere.

Freed of Citadel’s influence it took a lot of work from CLEA personnel to remove their programming. After the pair finally realised they had been used as little more than guinea pigs and were considered by Citadel as disposable, the pair wanted to use the battlesuits to have their revenge.

There were quite a few CLEA agents that thought the same, disgusted at the idea that Citadel was using children in its experiments. There seemed no end to how low they would stoop.

Being under-age though meant CLEA could not permit teenagers to become vigilantes. However simply being told they were not allowed would not stop them. Since the pair would never reveal their full names (only learned much later), CLEA had many problems in trying to trace their parents.

In truth neither one wanted to go back home, so they decided to try and delay the agency as much as possible, buying as much time as possible to come up with a plan to escape CLEA custody and steal their suits. To this day it is suspected that some CLEA agents sympathised with the teenagers and wanted to give them the opportunity to teach Citadel a lesson and so had assisted them. Proof though has never been found though.

By the time CLEA supervisors realised they had escaped it was too late. Whilst the agency considered trying to recapture them, provoking a pair of angry teenagers in mobile weapons systems might cause more problems than its worth. Intelligence now suggest that as well as pursuing Citadel the teens have chosen to deal with other criminals, despite their age and it would seem that the hero community has decided to watch over them.

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