Steve Coops

The Gatekeeper


  • Gatekeeper

CLEA Classification:

  • Half Angel/Half Demon

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Most powerful entity in the spirit realm


  • Cannot leave the Spirit Realm

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A

The Gatekeeper was originally an ancient Angel who became concerned about the wars between them and the Demons regarding mortal souls. To try and find a peaceful solution the Angel travelled to the Mortal Realm with one goal in mind, to try and understand the Demon’s point of view.

Whilst making his investigation the Angel came across his Demonic counterpart who by coincidence was also looking for the same answers. They quickly concluded that so long as both sides continued warring and mortals were killed by being caught up in collateral damage then, there would no longer be any souls to fight about. They would therefore doom themselves.

Creation of the Spirit Realm

The pair concluded that the only way to get their respective races to stop would be by removing the playing pieces from the board, the mortal souls. They did this by  creating a new realm to send all the mortal souls to where neither side could take them. Such a feat would took an incredible amount of powers so they merged their bodies. Now as one they created the Spirit realm whilst becoming the entity known as the Gatekeeper. Since he was neither Demon or Angel but both he could never return to either the Light or Dark Realms.

Now when a mortal died the  soul got pulled to the Gatekeeper’s domain rather than residing in the  mortal realm where they had previously been taken from. That stopped much of the fighting between Demons and Angels but both sides were furious with the Gatekeeper. However having the power of both races meant that whilst in the Spirit Realm he was extremely dangerous to challenge.

Both Demons and Angels demanded the Gatekeeper destroy his realm but the entity had other ideas and laid out the problem with the conflict between both races. The Angels wanted all souls to live in peace in the Light Realm, whilst the Demons wanted to use souls as power in the Dark Realm. The Gatekeeper concluded that the war would never end if neither side would compromise.

The Gatekeeper suggested that he became that compromise. Since he was both Angel and Demon and allied to none of them then only he could make the right decisions without being tainted by opinion.  He proposed that if a Demon had a valid claim on a Mortal Soul or a Soul he considered stained with darkness he would open a portal and send it to the Dark Realm,  and conversely if a soul was full of light he would open a portal to the realm of light.

Ending the War

Though unhappy, Demons and Angels accepted the compromise as it would end the war not stop the conflicts altogether because their were other issues between them. Seizing the opportunity the Gatekeeper got both sides to air their grievances.

The Demons complained that Angels in the natural form made mortals act favourably to them, thus denying a source of followers. Angels though claimed that Demons forced mortal into following them so they had redressed the balance.The Gatekeeper suggested the solution to that lay in the fact that neither side were allowing mortals to have free will so the only fair thing to do was allow mortals to decide their own fate.

With the decision of the where the souls went reached and the agreement of giving mortals free will, both sides finally made a truce and the war was over.

Role as Arbitrator

Naturally there would be those that would break the rules so the Gatekeeper agreed to act as an arbitrator for both races.  Since he was  recognised as neutral, then either side had a grievance over an individual then he could study the evidence and make a ruling.

During such acts a Tribunal is called and the “Rite of Blood” is invoked. Once the process is started a high ranking Demon and Angel present their evidence for and against a particular individual. The Gatekeeper then acts as a Judge and if the individual is found guilty as charged then they are given the “Mark of Blood” which allows them to be hunted in the mortal realm without fear of starting a war.

Whilst the Tribunal is seen as the best way to maintain the peace between the Demons and Angels,  in truth both sides have the view that they would rather deal with their own trouble causers rather than giving the opposite side the chance to deal with the problem for them by starting the Rite of Blood.

In rare circumstances either side can invoke the Rite of Blood against a mortal. For this to happen at the Tribunal the accuser has to prove that a mortal is deliberately interfering in the natural order of a realm. Demons for an example might invoke the Rite of Blood against a witch deliberately summoning a Demon from the Dark realm with the sole purpose of vanquishing them, resulting in the creation of instability which could create problems for Demons, Angels and mortals alike.

If the defence can prove a mortal was merely protecting themselves then the Gatekeeper would reject the Rite of Blood.

Role as Fate Decider

Though the Gatekeeper acts as an arbitrator for the Angels and Demons, most of his existence is spent deciding the fate of Souls. In most instances the decision is very straightforward. If the soul is Dark or has been signed over in a contract then the Gatekeeper  sends it through a portal to the Dark Realm. Likewise if the soul is considered Light then they are sent through the portal to the Realm of Light.

Except for souls tagged with a demonic contract,  souls can normally only pass through a portal if they have have “accepted” their fate. In some cases an individual might be so focussed on performing a task they inadvertently channel light or dark magic at the time of death, which means the Gatekeeper cannot cannot send them on and so they become tethered in his domain. The passage of time or the intervention of Priests can free the souls, force the individual to let go of their hold and once free the Gatekeeper can carry out his duty.

Once sent through a portal the process cannot be reversed. It can however be stopped and the Gatekeeper even has the power to send a soul sent back the the mortal realm via the Balance of Fate.

Balance of Fate

The Balance of Fate is very similar to the Rite of Blood Tribunal in that its purpose is to maintain the peace between Angels and Demons. This Tribunal is usually formed in the rare instances when an event occurs in which the death of a mortal has the potential to incite a conflict between their races.

For instance if a follower of a Light based religion is killed by the followers of a Demon, in the name of a Demon then it has the potential generate reprisals from Angels. Such actions could lead to war so to avert that, a Demon can instead meet with the Gatekeeper and invoke the Balance of Fate.

Invoking the Balance of Fate is unusual for it involves one of the Realms admitting that its own followers are at fault. By approaching the Gatekeeper and requesting the Balance of Fate, it is seen as an attempt to appease the other side before they take direct action. Unlike punishing their own kind, a representative of one Realm cannot punish its own Followers without escalating the problem for it would be seen as directly interfering in the lives of mortals.

The only recourse is therefore to meet with the Gatekeeper and ask for the Balance of Fate. If the Gatekeeper is in agreement that there is a high probability of conflict between Demons and Angels, he can then undo the key event before it spirals out of control. In simple terms this means the soul is sent back to the mortal realm and returned to life. Since the mortal is no longer dead then there is no need for the other side to take reprisals.

Such power over life or death though is rarely used and not taken lightly for it has the potential to break natural order and create a cascading event with far more serious consequences for all sides.