Steve Coops


webberWebber is one of the more unusual Bacteria Z hybrids since it is believed that Chimera has experimented on the creature and in doing so given it human intelligence. Its sole purpose seems to be to survive and produce the next generation and it requires human blood to accomplish that.



  • Webber (not believed to be human in origin)

CLEA Classification:

  • Species Beta Hybrid

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Many attributes similar to a spider. He can climb vertical surfaces, has superior strength compared to his body size and needs body fluids to survive. Consumption of such fluids also heals him quickly.
  • Able to reproduce when close to death.
  • Retains genetic memory


  • Has to create a nest to reproduce.
  • Vulnerable to projectile weapons.
  • Short life span
  • Will not attack unless provoked.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A.


The entity known as “Webber” was thought to be an arachnid/human creation of Chimera.  Considered to be a half human/half spider hybrid, Webber was first seen in Russia. Though Professor Buchanan had never experimented with combining invertebrates and humans when Russian Special Forces raided the Chimera lab and rescued the two marine hybrids that would later serve on CLEA’s Hammerhead team they discovered an empty lab.

On further investigation it looked like whatever had been “created” in the lab had escaped. The general assumption was that Buchanan had created a hybrid he could not control. However later it was learned that Buchanan had been “given” a special assignment which involved a Bacteria Z creature smuggled off the Terror Islands, formerly Japan that were hosts to all sorts of unusual creatures, many of them human like but equally many that are the stuff of nightmares. All these creatures have been “created” or mutated due to exposure to alien bacteria. Though no hard evidence has been found it is believed that he had tried to infuse it with human DNA, almost a reverse of his usual work. Webber is thus a unique.

When Webber was first sighted the hybrid had created a nest and was gathering victims and storing them in cocoons. The creature showed some grasp of human understanding and was able to communicate quite well with its victims. Seemingly Webber’s intentions were not to kill its victims but it needed a constant supply of blood to survive, hence it captured people to act as its food source, with every intention of keeping them alive as long as possible so that it had a fresh supply of blood.

Eventually the nest was discovered but Webber escaped. The hybrid then appeared next over a year later and built another nest in a disused subway line under Pacifica. How the creature had travelled an extraordinary distance without being seen is just another mystery.

On this occasion the witnesses/victims who encountered Webber again confirmed that it had expressed its intention to not kill its victims unless it had no choice in order to survive. Webber though also seemed to have gained some “friends” in the form of spider like creatures that were of an unknown genus which were guessed to be Species Beta (name given to “natural” Bacteria Z hybrid creatures on Terror Island)  probably the type of creature Webber was before he had been altered by Buchanan.

The spider entities are very much under his control although how the control works is unknown but is believed might be a form of telepathy. Having created a new nest in Pacifica, Webber began collecting his victims like the last time. Some witnesses mentioned that a couple of victims managed to escape but the spiderlike creatures hunted them down and disabled them with such aggression that nobody else ever attempted to try and escape.

The police would eventually get a lead and discover Webber’s nest. Armed forces then had to run the gauntlet dealing with the spider like creatures. Upon reaching the central nest area Webber also joined in the battle and proved to be more than a match against humans in unarmed combat. If injured he would feed on a victim and this would heal his wounds. Hitting him with projectile weapons was extremely hazardous due to the high risk of ricochets and Webber also had great speed meaning he avoided most incoming fire.

After two hours though, with the spider like creatures killed, the armed forces managed to corner Webber. Since it was apparent he would not be taken alive they had no choice but to kill him. Scientists who performed an autopsy discovered that the cell degradation on Webber’s body was so severe then he did not have long to live and may have been aware of the fact. Since there had to be a reason why the hybrid fought for so long, a more thorough examination of the nest areas was performed and it was discovered that there was cocoon that was larger than those used to incapacitate his victims which had burst open.

DNA traces on the organic material indicated that whatever had been on the insider was virtually identical to Webber. The only conclusion that could be drawn was that Webber has a relatively short life span and when close to death he makes a nest in which to create a new offspring. It is guessed that such an offspring, being directly created from the parent had some sort of genetic memory. It is also assumed that only one offspring is produced.
This would explain why on each encounter with Webber he seems to gain intelligence as well as a greater understanding of humans. After the incident in Pacifica several more nests have been found and in each case whenever the victims have been rescued they have also found a dead “Webber”. As his intelligence had grown over subsequent generations, Webber has now taken to wearing a body suit which hinders people tracking his infrared signature. How he acquired such technology is unknown.

Despite the fact that Webber has expressed intentions not to kill his victims, the fact he drains their blood means he is considered extremely dangerous. Several of his victims have in fact died due to complications afterwards and when he is attacked directly he seems not afraid to use deadly force to subdue his attacker, either directly or by the creatures he controls.

CLEA advises all agents that if Webber activity is suspected then call in back up and notify all local authorities. Going in solo will almost certainly result in a lone agent becoming one of his victims.