Steve Coops

Alpha Strike

Left to right: Willpower, Overload, Thief, Animorph, Ghost, Bulldozer, Meltdown, Nuke

Left to right: Willpower, Overload, Thief, Animorph, Ghost, Bulldozer, Meltdown, Nuke

Alpha strike is a team of Alpha villains who were assembled by the original Black Shadow crime syndicate. Coerced into doing the syndicate’s dirty work they proved formidable in eliminating Alpha heroes. After Black Shadow collapsed they were “free” and decided to perform mercenary work until some teams of Alphas began deliberately targeting them, causing a return to the newly created Black Shadow syndicate where they had chosen to remain. Of the teams of Alpha villains, CLEA regards Alpha Strike as the “most” successful and therefore highly dangerous.



Group Identities:

  • Keiko Miyake – Ghost (team leader)
  • Deon Valentine – Animorph
  • Zack Donovan – Bulldozer
  • Candice Thompson  Meltdown
  • Romain Cameron – Nuke
  • Shen Lei – Overload
  • Sharon Bowyer – Willpower
  • Lucy Tremaine – Thief

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superiors (Entire Group)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability – Miyake (Ghost), can produce an astral form of herself and use that to fight whilst keeping her physical body safe.
  • Alpha ability – Valentine (Animorph) has the ability to transform his body into numerous humanoid animal forms (similar to human/animal hybrids in other groups only his transformation is Alpha based as opposed to genetic tampering.)
  • Alpha ability – Donovan (Bulldozer) can grow in physical size and at the same time gain proportional strength. Tallest known height is 30ft.
  • Alpha ability – Thompson (Meltdown) can produce an extremely strong acid which she can discharge from her mouth and hands or excrete from her skin. Her suit is permeable to allow the acid to escape.
  • Alpha ability – Cameron (Nuke) Is able to generate a controlled nuclear fission reaction inside his body and discharge it as a focused blast from his hands. Note all harmful radiation is confined to his body. He is less powerful than Phoenix Alliances Miss Fusion but has far greater control and none of her disadvantages.
  • Alpha ability – Lei (Overload) can control electric devices with his mind.
  • Alpha ability – Bowyer (Willpower) is able to manipulate peoples feelings and emotions (i.e. empath).
  • Alpha ability – Tremaine (Thief) Can temporarily steal and then use the Alpha abilities of another Alpha Superior.


  • Miyake’s projection cannot be harmed and can fight like her. However is her “real” body is found she and he ghost are easily neutralised.
  • The taller Donovan “grows” the less able he is to maintain his Alpha abilities.
  • Boywer’s weakness is she cannot read minds and strong will individuals can resist her attacks.
  • Tackling the team head on is suicide so tactically the best way to defeat Alpha Strike is to split them up and take them on as individuals.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Aggravated Assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Homicide
  • Attempted homicide
  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment
  • Robbery
  • Extortion.


Alpha Strike was created by the leaders of the original Black Shadow crime syndicate who realised when Alpha humans started to appear their global operations could be put in jeopardy. Alpha villains were considered unwanted competition whilst Alpha heroes were a direct threat. To counter the formed the syndicate attempted to starve many of the Alpha Villains out of work by putting pressure on their individual “employers”.
The ploy proved only partially successful but it had never been a serious attempt to eradicate the completion, merely a means to manipulate Alpha villains which came with phase two of the plan when Black Shadow made it known that they were looking for Alpha Villains to use as hired help. With no other work around they came to the crime syndicate in droves, unaware that their potential new employers had been directly responsible for their current change in fortune.

Having assembled a group over thirty Alpha Criminals, Black Shadow created the first incarnation of Alpha Strike. Instead of one team the name referred to a whole group of people and their combined mission was to take down the Alpha Heroes one by one, and that is precisely what they did. By forming into strike forces of eight to ten the teams of Alpha criminals made easy work of any resistance. Relying on the fact that most alpha Heroes operated alone there was little the heroes could do to protect themselves from multiple super powered enemies.
One on one and the odds could have been very different but the heroes stood no chance against an organised and superior numbered force. Starting with Steve Jones otherwise known as “Dasher” Alpha Strike teams eliminated many Alpha Heroes and neutralised the others by sending them into hiding. However after removing all of Black Shadow’s enemies many of the more power crazed members of Alpha Strike realised that there was nothing to stop them from seizing power from their employers and plotted to overthrow the syndicate’s leaders and take oven running the operation.

With many strike teams in agreement Alpha Strike planned to perform a co-ordinated attack all around the world and eradicate the syndicate’s hierarchy in one go. However the plan failed as an insider had informed Black Shadow leaders of the coup, so when Shadow Force struck they walked straight into an ambush. Even though they had super powers, they were not prepared for the arsenal of weapons that greeted them and the almost every single Alpha Strike team was eliminated in the resulting massacre.

When Black Shadow cleared up the mess they were surprised to find that one team was unaccounted for. Having believed all of Alpha Strike was involved in the takeover it became apparent to Black Shadow leaders that one team had at least stayed loyal. Consequently they had distanced themselves from the other teams and wanted nothing to do with the coup. Having proved their loyalty to Black Shadow, the team eight put the syndicate’s leaders in something of a predicament.

Knowing they could not reward their loyalty by executing them as they had done to the rest of Alpha Strike, they were equally keen not to have them in close company in case they chose at a later date to turn against them.
In the end the senior members of Black Shadow decided that the remaining Shadow Force team could still be useful to their cause but only if they were “controlled”. After consulting with various specialists in the arms suppliers they syndicate owned they leaders decided on the implantation of explosive devises into the brains of the eight surviving members of Alpha Strike. Obliviously Black Shadow knew the eight were unlikely to consent to such an undertaking so they tricked them into attending a meeting where the senior Black Shadow members said they would discuss their new role in the syndicate’s future. Thinking they were getting rewarded for their loyalty the eight did not suspect anything until the room they were waiting in started filling with knockout gas. When they next awoke the procedure was over and the eight were informed what had been done to them. Naturally they all felt insulted and extremely angry that they had been treated in this manner but knew they could not take their rightful retribution on their employers as they knew it would end in their deaths.

Kept in line by the continual threat of the devices been triggered the eight had no option but to perform every task that was asked of them. Instead of performing such duties out of loyalty as they had done in the past they merely followed orders to stay alive. Like super powered slaves they served the senior Black Shadow members as assassins and body guards.
A complete change in their expect

d duties though came about when Black Shadow leaders realised that almost all heroes had either been killed or done into hiding and they really did not need to have Alpha Strike around. Around this time plans were made to eliminate any Alphas before they became a threat. Rather than losing a valuable asset, Black Shadow took the unusual step of cryogenically freezing the team until such time they might be required once more.

Two decades past before that threat arose via Team Zodiac, and so Alpha Strike was revived to deal with the troublesome Alpha Heroes. Aware information about the organisation was being leaked, Black Shadows North American leaders decided to hold a crisis meeting since the source of the information was coming from their region. Having considered that the meeting could very well be compromised they took the precaution of having Alpha Strike on hand in case CLEA, the police or Zodiac showed up.

As was feared all three showed up and whilst CLEA agents assisted the police in making arrests Team Zodiac and Alpha Strike clashed for the first time. The fighting was brutal and violent. Unlike in the past Alpha Strike was facing a team for the first time so their usual numbers advantage was nullified and as the battle reached its climax it finally came to a show down between Leo and Ghost.

Though she had no inhibitions about killing her opponent, Leo, a hero was more restricted but after a close fought battle managed to subdue her. Along with Ghost four other members of Alpha Strike were captured and incarcerated in a maximum security prison belonging to the American justice system. The remaining three remained at large and after a period of laying low they eventually managed to free their comrades since the prison facility was wholly inadequate for dealing with Alphas. This state of affairs with prison facilities would later be repeated around the world with other law enforcement agencies until CLEA built its first Fortress, a facility designed to house Alpha criminals.

With Black Shadow collapsed and the team back together, Alpha Strike no longer feared having their implants activated and so began hiring themselves out as freelance mercenaries for the criminal underworld. With their varied ranged of Alpha abilities, no criminal activity was considered too dangerous or too risky. However as other Alphas began appearing, Alpha Strike became targets for certain groups who bore personal grudges against Black Shadow as well as themselves. For this reason when they learned Black Shadow was being reformed, Alpha Strike offered their services to the new syndicate hoping to use its resources as a means to better defend themselves from new threats. The new Black Shadow accepted their offer but before they finalised the deal Alpha Strike had one clause and that was the implants be removed.

From that moment on Alpha Strike became the syndicate’s primary “weapon” only this time they were not being coerced into working for the organisation but were doing it willingly.