Steve Coops


The Antares is the space ship used by the “Star Patrol” group. Though it is of Earth design outfitted with alien technology it is not from our reality but believed to have fell through a portal during the “Breach Day” event. Her crew had abandoned her and she appeared in orbit in out reality.

The ship was visited by a civilian space agency after satellites and ground arrays detect a large unknown object in orbit. Once the crew were on board they discovered the ship was dead and in restoring power they restarted an experimental jump drive which transported the ship and crew to a position outside of out galaxy. Using the “standard” FTL drive engines the crew were able to return home but the journey took three years. During that time they were able to learn a good deal about the ship.

The Antares was intended to be the first in its class. At the time of its commissioning the Earth was imminent threat from the Myzx. Other races who had been attacked by them rallied to support humans and together they constructed the ship. The FTL drive, advanced jump drive, pulse cannons and energy shields were of alien design which is why we do not have comparable tech in our reality.

Eight bays are located midships, four either side. Records left on board it appeared the ship was supposed to be fitted with a compliment of four space interceptors, albeit they never arrived before the ship was abandoned. Two shuttles were found on board in similar sized bays although this d