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The Phoenix Alliance “Perseus” Jet

Having seen Team Zodiac’s Pegasus in action, Gary Wynter (G-Wiz) of the Phoenix Alliance saw the benefits of such a machine for his own group. A brilliant and technical innovator in his own right, Wynter could have created a new design for the Alliance but there seemed little point if a good design already existed. …

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Team Zodiac’s “Pegasus” jet

The “Pegasus” was originally started off as VTOL business jet known as “Ascent” designed by Walker Aviation. The company thought that such an aircraft could make use of existing helipads in city environments with the added bonus of carrying more passengers and a faster cruising speed than helicopters. However the prototype design suffered from technical …

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Booker VGB-16C “Eir”

The Booker VGB-16C tanker conversion is the latest development of the successful VGB-16A series bomber design. Though a tanker option was never originally considered from the outset,  when it became apparent that there was a gaps in the market for carrier based tanker aircraft, Booker Aircraft Industries announced its intentions to develop such a machine …

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Booker VGB-16B “Heimdall”

The VGB-16B is the Airborne Early Warning and Control  (AEW) version of the  successful VGB-16A  Naval bomber design. Early in development of the 16A, Booker Aircraft Industries realised that without a large central vertical stabiliser their design could comfortably carry a radome on top in the large open area between the twin wing mounted fins. …

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Booker VGB-16A “Tyr”

The Booker VGB-16A is an all weather twin seat naval bomber aircraft. As well as being bought by several countries around the world the type is in use with the UN as part of its  Peace Keeping forces. CLEA purchased three of the aircraft for use by the  Arrowhead team when more firepower was needed …

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Gaiman VGF-14D “Valkyrie”

The VGF-14 was originally developed as a single seat multirole fighter specifically for UN peacekeeping forces. Having variable geometry wings, vectored makes it an extremely agile aircraft for its size and its ability to operate from a carrier greatly expands its operational abilities. When CLEA formed the Arrowhead team the Valkyrie was chosen over various …

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