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  • Bullet – August Olsen


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CLEA Classification:

  • Totem Bearer (Talisman of Mercury)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Olsen’s Totem gifts his entire body with the means to operate at far accelerate levels. This means he can run fast but as well as this he can heal far quicker than a “normal” person.
  • As well as amplifying speed it has the potential to amplify magic of any kind.
  • Cannot be shut down by magic spells


  • The magic amplification can only be used by a skilled magic wielder. This means the Totem is very much a target for those that use magic in the service of evil.
  • Though the Totem is protected from magic, the user is not actually protected. August’s enemies learnt that early on and do not concentrate on stealing the Talisman but instead try to target him personally. If he is hurt and cannot run he is vulnerable until healed.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

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August was a archaeology undergraduate when he came in possession of the totem that would see him transform into the hero we know as Bullet.

He was working on a did uncovering Roman remain and found an gem that looked out of place. Unable to identify it, he brought it to Professor George Inglis his lecturer who was supervising the excavations. Inglis, suggested he research the artefact but in all the books he could not find any reference to the item, apart from a single illustration of “Mercury” the messenger of the Gods. This seemed very odd and August presumed that some ancient craftsman had created the item as a tribute to the God. Certainly honouring Gods was not unusual in both Greek and Roman customs. Many rich families often equipped their houses with alters for that specific purpose.

Since it was late at night and he needed to get back to his room, he was about to place the gem back into storage when a stranger (later discovered to be Bifrons of the of the Warlock Council) appeared, literally. The stranger  said he had  detected a magic totem had been uncovered and had come to claim it now it was back in the world. Despite what he had just seen August put the sight down to him being tired and “seeing” things. He did not believe in magic. The stranger continued and demanded the gem stone but August refused to hand it over. A second later the stranger hurled a bolt of energy at him and August dived for cover but as he did so he gripped the gem and in doing so claimed the totem.

An instant later he felt a strange feeling inside him. Once more the stranger hurled another energy bolt at him and August tried to run for the door only he became aware that the energy bolt was moving really slowly. Then it dawned on him, it was not the bolt that was moving slowly but he was moving fast. Using his new found speed, August easily escaped and headed to the rooms of his professor.

Once there he told the professor of what had just happened and expected to be met with scorn. However the professor admitted that in secret he was a practitioner of the mystic arts. The dig had in fact been an excuse to look for the “Lost Talisman of Mercury”. About the only mistake Professor Inglis admitted he had made was the fact he was hoping the students would dig up some form of mystical footwear, that were more noted in legends as being associated with power.

August questioned the whole idea of existence of Gods, and Inglis explained that though magic was real the stories of “Gods” probably originated from ordinary people using powerful artefacts, and reminding his student that all legends usually had an element of truth at the source.  Now aware that August had the Talisman, Inglis implored the student, explaining that a magic totem in the hands of an evil mystic had the potential to make them unstoppable. The Professor guessed that an agent of Dark Magic had “detected” int presence and had tried to take it for that very reason.  All this was a little much for the student who suggested that Inglis looked after it. The Professor though argued that Totems sometimes “chose” who their owner was and had he been selected then he would not have sent it away with August to research it.

Despite being told to keep the Totem, August was about to argue when the stranger appeared again. Professor Inglis shouted at August to “Go!” and then to buy him time, he engaged the agent of darkness. Inglis’s efforts were futile for he was not the most skilled magic user and the stranger despatched him fairly quickly.

August though escaped. For a long time afterwards the stranger kept tracking him, but with the means to travel at speed, even the most powerful dark magic was not able to capture August. In time August learned that it was Bifrons that had come after him and had killed the Professor. Since he had been asked to keep the Totem, he decided to stop running away from the trouble and use it to fight in instead. This was when he adopted the identity of the Blue Bullet, a speedster hero.

As well as fighting evil magical entities, August has also used it to fight more normal foes. In time he dropped the “Blue” part of his name and simply became “Bullet”.

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