Steve Coops

Category: Drug Enhanced Vigilantes


CLEA DATA FILE Asset of: Citadel Identity: Supersonic – Scarlett Thistleton CLEA Classification: Tech Augmented/Drug Enhanced Special Skills and/or Abilities: Suit gives her superspeed Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Scarlett needs a ready supply of drugs to accelerate her body so that it can keep up with the suit. If she can’t match it the suit would rapidly burn …

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Hypergirl and Rush

With access to enhanced reflexes, speed and adrenalin this unlikely crime fighting duo can take the fight to the enemy and keep on going. CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Jordi Alvarez – Rush Emma Delgado – Hypergirl CLEA Classification: Alpha Superior (Alvarez) Drug Enhance Human (Delgado) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Alpha Ability – Alvarez experiences …

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