Steve Coops

Category: Human/Animal Criminals


  CLEA DATA FILE Group Identities: Dragon Girl – Violet Ramsey Termagant – Brooke Cavanagh Harridan – Linda Klein Leech – Glen Howarth Bogey Man – Tobin Cosnett Tall Boy – Harley McIntyre CLEA Classification: Hybrid Special Skills and/or Abilities: Acid Spit – Bogey Man Super strength – Tall Boy, Dragon Girl Fast healing – …

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Chimera is the creation of Professor Thomas Buchanan. His work involved transforming humans into animal hybrids, for a price. Some are willing clients but others have the transformation performed against their will. So warped is his morals that he no longer cares, so long as he gets his payment. The group attracted CLEA’s interest in …

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CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Neil Boardman CLEA Classification: Human/Animal Hybrid Special Skills and/or Abilities: He has the means to transform between a human and a humanoid cat form (although he currently only wears the latter form) In his animal form he is extremely strong has heightened senses of smell, sight and hearing. Animal instincts give …

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