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Harmony Island Beach Resort

The Harmony Island Beach Resort an exclusive holiday destination designed to cater for heroes from around the world. The concept is based on an idea of Nina Dupont after a chance encounter with rich recluse Lance Mickelson whilst she was on holiday. She like many other heroes in the public eye had a hard time …

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Europa was the last of the original Megacities to be established on the destruction of an earlier city. In this case it was Paris. Whilst historians would later comment that the replacement for the fine architecture of the city that once stood there had been lost to faceless monoliths of glass and style,  modernists would …

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Pacifica was the second Megacity to be built and out of all four is the smallest in terms of land area. The city itself was established on the remnants of San Francisco making America the only continent to have two Megacities. Whereas Atlantica has quite tight and imposing towers framing its streets, Pacifica is slightly …

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New Tokyo

New Tokyo is the newest of the Megacities. Unlike the other three is was not built on the destroyed remains of a previous city. Instead it was established on reclaimed land on the east coast of Australia. Before the comet impact destroyed their homeland, many Japanese fled to Australia and concentrated themselves in the same …

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Terror Island

Terror Island is the unofficial name given to the land mass that was once known as Japan. When comet Lee-Kosolov broke up and struck the Earth on the 17th April 1972 the largest piece struck the Japanese mainland which was believed to have been obliterated in the process. Only during the period of rebuilding did …

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Atlantica was one of the first megacities to be built. Like Europa and Pacifica (but not New Tokyo) the city was built on the remains of a previous city that had been destroyed in the comet impact of 1972. In Atlantica’s case it was built over the remains of New York and the surrounding area. …

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