Steve Coops

Dana Knowles


Asset Of:


  • Dana Knowles

Special Skills/Abilities:

  • Cyber implants give her enhanced senses, greater strength and resilience as well as faster problem solving capabilities
  • Highly skilled starship engineer

Known Weaknesses:

  • Fear of darkness/isolation
  • Uncomfortable around large groups of people.


Dana Knowles was the last human to actually join the crew of the Antares and became the ship’s engineer.

She was actually “found” when the Antares happened upon a debris field which indicated that a battle had taken place. Unsure whether it was Myzx activity the crew decided to investigate. Dana was in the rear section of a ship that had been totally severed from the rest of the vessel. Sealed in by bulkheads she was barely alive when an investigation team found her.

After taking her unconscious form back to the Antares, Dr Flervil confirmed that the patient was  indeed human but had been “altered” with the use of cybernetic implants. He presumed that was the only reason she had stayed  alive in a wreck where the only heat was that from the chemical fires that were still burning on the outside of the hull.

It took several days before she awoke. She was fearful around the alien member of the crew but once she saw humans she opened up. She then revealed that she was Dana Knowles and had been part of a crew sent into Earth orbit sent to repair a satellite. The Hawking crew knew of the mission which had some infamy for ground stations lost contact with Dana’s team not longer after it reached stable orbit. They believed their ship had malfunctioned and the crew had tragically been lost.

However Dana stated that once they reached orbit they encountered an  alien craft that kidnapped the entire crew. She described the aliens as looking like the archetypical “greys” albeit blue in colour which the others guessed as being Quarrud-Xiqrons. Though there was no evidence who had taken Dana and the others in her team the modus operandi fitted since she told them that they were fitted with some sort of device that  enabled them to understand alien language.

She could not remember how long she stayed on the ship with the blue aliens but eventually ended up separated from the rest of the humans. Eventually the ship arrived at an orbiting facility whereupon she was “sold” to group of large humanoid lizard like beings. Calachen thought the description matched the Brolevar who were known to have resorted to buying slaves in order to replace crew on their ships which had been killed in an ongoing war with their neighbours the Trajaarn.

Once assigned to a Brolevar ship she was then fitted with cybernetic implants and made to work in the engineering section along with other slaves. As well as a means to “teach”, the implants also made her a more efficient worker. The implants also served a secondary purpose for they could be used to punish either remotely or by proximity. She said when the ship she was on came under attack, she could not leave her post since her “master” had not disabled the proximity sensor. This was why she was still in the rear of the derelict and had not abandoned ship in escape pods along with everyone else. If she had tried to leave the area, the pain would have incapacitated her.

Dr Flervil suggested that when they found her, as the ship was completely dead, that could have been why they were able to remove her without triggering a punishment protocol. Knowing that he was looking at Brolevar tech he reckoned he could permanently disable the pain generator commands but he could not restore her to a normal human since the implants were too deeply integrated in her biology.

Since the Antares was months away from Earth the crew decided to let Dana spend that time recovering. However she soon realised that they ship did not have anyone that had in depth knowledge of FTL drives and offered to act as the ships engineer, figuring that though the Brolevar had changed her and she had been through an ordeal, the best way forwards for her was to remain on the Antares and hopefully ensure that the ships presence would deter other alien races from making victims out of humans.