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Category: Cyborg Vigilantes

Dana Knowles

CLEA DATA FILE Asset Of: Star Patrol Identity Dana Knowles Special Skills/Abilities: Cyber implants give her enhanced senses, greater strength and resilience as well as faster problem solving capabilities Highly skilled starship engineer Known Weaknesses: Fear of darkness/isolation Uncomfortable around large groups of people. Notes/History Dana Knowles was the last human to actually join the …

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  CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Omega – Lizette Bergmann CLEA Classification: Cyborg Special Skills and/or Abilities: Rapid healing Enhanced speed, strength and stamina Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): EM pulses can greatly affect her. Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits: N/A Notes/History Lizette Bergmann aka Omega is a Raider but not of our world. Here the Raiders were a creation of Janice …

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  CLEA DATA FILE Agent’s Job Speciality: Strike/Assault Identity: Linebacker – real name unknown CLEA Classification: White Guardian/Raider Special Skills and/or Abilities: Armoured exterior. Superior strength Able to repair damage Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Susceptible to EM based attacks Notes/History Linebacker was discovered when CLEA raided a facility that had been used by Langham as a base of …

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The Menagerie is secret CLEA team under the exclusive control of Chief Mia Rojas. Unlike other CLEA teams knowledge of it existence has been withheld from the UN. CLEA DATA FILE Primary Role: Apprehend and neutralise alien and hybrid threats Mission Types: Intelligence gathering. Extracting  CLEA operatives under attack from alien/hybrid forces. Capturing alien/hybrid threats …

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Ring of Steel

The Ring of Steel is a group of heroes that are all classed as Cyborgs. Assembled by Agent Alpha the group chase down “machine” based threats and other cyborgs, believing are uniquely qualified to deal with. Despite the fact the team operate from the Knight’s Forge base they do not consider themselves to be a …

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