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Fraal and Seveline



Asset Of:


  • Fraal (Male)
  • Seveline (Female)

CLEA Designation:

  • Alien

Special Skills/Abilities:

  • Very agile and extremely quick
  • Have an adaptation that allows them to “stick” to vertical surfaces and ceilings
  • Able to make themselves invisible in normal light
  • Have some psychic abilities. This allows them to quickly adapt and understand unfamiliar languages. It also allows them to communicate with each other but there has been no records that they can “mentally” talk to other races/species.

Known Weaknesses:

  • Nervous around aggressive races


Seveline and Fraal are the only recorded Jamicst that are known to be living freely away from the Luzerran homeworld. The pair were encountered when the Vanguard ship was damaged and they chose to set it down on what the crew thought to be an isolated uninhabited forest moon.

The team were unaware they had in fact landed on one of the places that Luzerran engaged in illegal hunting of Jamicst and at the time a hunt was in progress. Being chased by a hunting party Seveline and Fraal happened across the Vanguard ship. Since the loading ramp was down they were able to cloak themselves and sneak on board undetected. Their intention was to stowaway on the alien ship and escape. Though they had no idea if the crew of the ship were hostile they feared the Luzerran more than the unknown.

Despite being able to move unseen the pair were soon picked up on internal sensors. Not knowing what had got onboard and more importantly if it was dangerous, the crew raised the ramp and then began a room by room search for the intruders. Eventually despite the fact that the pair were invisible, the crew were able to corner them. After stunning the pair the Jamicst lost their means to remain cloaked and that allow the Vanguard crew to take them to a holding cell until they worked out what to do wit the intruders.

Having a good deal of knowledge, Stellar reckoned she knew what species the pair were and told the others that Jamicst were only known to be found on the Luzerran homeworld, except in cases where they were being used for sport. Since she had worked at a bar in a space station where the clientele were dubious at best, she had often heard rumours of Luzerran groups trying to find “venues” for their illegal hunting. The fact that they each had a tracking/slaving collar had made her consider the pair had arrived on the moon by accident.

Before she could explain any more her hypothesis was proved by the arrival of the Luzerran hunting party. Titan chose to go out and meet them. Unlike the only other Luzerran they knew, namely Calachen and Alvana, the quartet before them seemed more “hostile” and the one he took to be the leader demanded they hand over their “hunt” which he took to mean the intruders.

Not wanting to engage in battle with the Luzerran group, Titan returned inside and found Stellar conversing with the captives. Though they were alien, he could tell they were frightened. He asked what the Luzerran would do to them if he handed them over and was told. Titan got an answer he did not want to hear for Stellar explained that they would be chased down and killed.

Returning to the waiting party, Titan explained he could not simply hand the captives over to be killed. The Hunt Leader though warned him that if he did not then they would destroy the ship. Since the Vanguard was in no condition to fight, Titan talked with the others and tried to find a way around the problem. Together they came up with a plan but it all hinged on handing the Jamicst over to the Luzerran.

Having done as asked the Luzerran took their prey and immediately let them go in order to resume the hunt. The team now mobilised. Mercury used his superspeed to try and find the Luzerran ship. They presumed it was on the ground since they had not discovered anything in orbit on their approach to the moon. Corona then used her ability to generate a thick smog to get Stellar over to the “enemy” ship. In the mean time Mercury, Titan and Protostar created false trails to distract the Luzerran.

After two hours Stella and Corona were back on board. Mercury then raced off to bring back the two Jamicst who had managed to keep their distance from the Luzerran due to the unwanted distractions created by Protostar, Titan and herself. With everyone on board, the Vanguard lifted off.

By the time the Hunting party were aware of what had happened, the Vanguard was already heading out of the atmosphere. Furious at what being duped the Hunt Leader rounded up his crew and went back to their ship with the intention of giving chase, only to find that the weapons, FTL drive and take off thrusters had been sabotaged. This took some time to repair, by which time the Vanguard and their prey was long gone.

Though Fraal and Seveline were now safe and free to move about the Vanguard, the were still suspicious and frightened of the crew. Having never seen an “alien” before they did not know if they had swapped one group of dangerous individuals for another.

The Vanguard crew also had issues of their own, namely what to do with their guests. Stellar reckoned that any attempt to simply drop them off would result in illegal hunters picking them up again. Returning them to the Luzerran homeworld was not an option either since the crew had now learned that Jamicst lived on reserves which effectively meant their freedom was still restricted. In the end the decision was made to set a course for Earth.

Once there the Jamicst were deposited in the only place the Vanguard crew considered might be safe for them, the Harmony Island Beach Resort. Though free to do as they pleased there and adapting quickly to their surroundings the pair were still suspicious of humans and it took a long time for them to learn to trust an alien species they had only just encountered.

When Seveline and Fraal finally learned that they had nothing to fear, they wanted to return the kindness of others and found a way to do that by volunteering their unique skills in helping some hero groups they had met when they had stayed on the island. In time they were offered replacement clothing but both of them refused. Though the suits were a reminder that they were once “prey” it was also a reminder of how far they had moved away from the past.

Whilst the pair “live” at the resort they are not considered member of staff and hence did not appear on any personnel lists. However being surrounded by humans and not their own kind made them feel “different”. For this reason when they learned that CLEA was setting up the combined human/alien Star Patrol they chose to join.

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