Steve Coops

House of Myers


Organisation Classification:

  • Vampire Coven

Organisation Leader(s):

Organisation Activities:

  • Medical Research
  • Blood banks
  • Illegal Cloning
  • Kidnapping
  • Legitimate trading and business to finance its members

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Investments in many fields of medicine creates paper trails.

Known Assets:

  • All vampires under the protection of the Myers Covern are considered assets


The Myers Coven controls the entire North American Continent. Whereas most of the other Covens obey traditional principles when it comes to harvesting blood for their members,  and are only now looking at newer alternatives this Coven is different. Under the control of its two Elders, Kent and Cassandra, the Coven has implemented perhaps the most most modern streamlining. Partly this is down to the medical developments in North America and partly it is down to channelling almost every asset and resource into ensure they have a complete continuous supply of blood.

Like a lot of the other Houses they Myers Coven does still “collect” wild prey and keep it captive to feed on, especially in the sanctuary. The rest of the blood supply given to its members though come from warehouse farms. Here human victims are caught and keep in a state of suspended animation where their blood is drained whilst their bodies are kept fed. The only time a “unit” such as that fails is when it simply gets to old. Other than that the victim can be kept alive but asleep for decades.

Using their medical investments, Cassandra and Kent were the first Elders to clone themselves. When they feel they are losing their youth they simply activate a younger clone and have that clone bite them to receive the blood memories, at which point their older selves are killed.