Steve Coops

Mothman and Swarm



Team Identities:

  • Mothman – Rainer Wessely
  • Swarm – Leah Stocker

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Augmented

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Mothman – skintight armoured suit with cape that allows gliding. Mask is equipped with visual enhancements enabling him to see in the dark, or IR signatures. Handguns can fire darts of Electric Shocks
  • Swarm – has light armoured suit with 4 wings capable of enabling flight. Blasters can be worn over the hands and wrists. Helmet has the means to “talk” to wasps and bees enabling her to bring in “allies” to battles.


  • Neither suit can provide protection above small calibre.
  • If cape or wings are “holed” they lose their flying/gliding capability

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


Rainer and Leah are a good example of two people converging on the same goal from different directions, the one thing that links them being their hatred of Citadel.

Rainer originally worked for Citadel. He believed that their goals to learn about aliens an their tech in order to protect the planet was a noble cause. However when Citadel started to sell reverse engineered technology to outsiders the doubts started to creep in. The last straw for him came when he discovered that teenagers were being used as guinea pigs in experiments with alien biology and tech enhancements.

Knowing that if the higher ups in Citadel were prepared to treat human life as a commodity, he doubted that they would simply let a valuable scientist like him simply walk out of the door. He therefore knew that he needed to make his escape rather less conventionally. He did this by taking various bits of alien tech he could get his hands on. When asked by his superiors what he was doing he merely claimed he was doing his job, which was to get the tech working. Though it took him a long time he was able to build himself the Mothman suit .

For several weeks he tried the suit out and attacked various Citadel operatives until finally he faked some security footage to make it look like the Mothman had kidnapped him. That now left him free to escape and work as the Mothman in order to hurt Citadel and get them to stop their experiments on people. It was during his vigilante work that he met Leah.

Leah  was the sister of a Pacifica Police Department officer, Alice Stocker. After Leah had got her job at a journalist, Alice always used to joke that they could do with someone at the PPD because Leah could track a story back to its source. This skill would prove to be the key to solving the mystery of her sisters murder.

Whilst on a case Alice was killed in a seemingly random attack. The gunman was known to the police and it appeared to simply be a hate crime since when Alice and her partner tried to arrest him he just pulled out a gun and shot Alice. The other detective shot and killed him in return. With no other witnesses and Alice’s partner being the one to supply the evidence, after the investigation into the shootings the case was closed.

Leah though felt there was more to it than a gunman being shot in self defence. The shooting incident for instance conveniently happened in an area where there were no surveillance cameras. One thing  Leah did know was that Alice had a habit of keeping  copies of her case notes away from the police department so she took a trip to her sister’s lockup . Here Leah found masses of information, that pointed to the fact that Alice was doing a little side investigation of her own and that it looked like there was a case of corruption in the PPD.

Whilst sifting through the information Leah could almost hear her sister telling her to do what she did best and track the evidence back to its source. Wanting to get justice for Alice, meant Leah started to do just that despite the fact that the risks were high. Eventually she learned that certain high tech evidence that was being sent from, Alice’s police station had been going missing while en route to the secure lock up facility. These were the types of weapons and tech used in illegal arms deals. Alice had managed to find two sets of paperwork, one given to the van driver on leaving with the consignment and another identical set to be signed upon arrival, albeit the second set had items removed meaning they would never be logged in. From what Leah managed to work out was that Alice was trying to learn where the missing items had instead ended up, only before finding out she had been killed.

Leah continued her private investigation and located a secure warehouse. She broke in an found an entire arsenal of weapons that should have been in secure police storage. As she wandered round the lethal Aladdin’s cave she heard voices. Then a familiar one called out. It was her sister’s partner. He thanked her for exposing the fact Alice had kept evidence as that meant he could close out the loose ends.

Around this time the bullets started flying. Leah knew she was in trouble. She also knew that even if she surrendered she would not be let out alive. Then as bullet struck a strange sort of outfit and bounced off. It seemed like the high tech gear that a “superhero” might wear. With nothing to lose she started to put it on. The thing had wings on the back which she was not sure of the purpose but as soon as she put the helmet on the entire thing came alive. Though she had no skills the outfit served its purpose for it allowed her to escape.

She now knew that Alice’s partner was corrupt but not who he was working for. She was also aware was that he would not stop until she was dead. That meant nowhere was safe. Even worse was when she went to Alice’s lockup she found out that it had been torched. There was only one solution and that was to master the suit she had stolen and use it to fight back.

Using the suit she now turned vigilante to try and expose the corruption. Certainly, after she mastered the outfit, criminal low lifes would talk to her as they seemed quite scared of her. Eventually she learned that the suit she was wearing was a creation from Citadel. PPD got hold of it when a weapons sale was interrupted by undercover officers and the whole consignment was taken into evidence. This was when Citadel had corrupted key police personnel and paid them to get all their items back. Had Leah arrived a week later when the final “delivery” had been smuggled out of the police lockup then the warehouse would have been empty and Citadel would have collected the lot. Alice though had caused them to pause the operation.

Knowing what was going on and proving it though were two different things. Citadel having discovered their prized “suit” was on the lose decided to also try to eradicate the loose ends. This was when Leah crossed paths with Rainer.

Working together they exposed the corruption in the PPD and effectively neutralised Citadel’s means to retrieve their equipment. Leah of course knew she should return the suit but chose to keep it. After all nobody was likely to come forwards and say they wanted their illegal tech back.

Having worked with Rainer the pair decided to operate as a lose vigilante team. Rainer, with his experience of Citadel tech modified her suit and created the blasters. He reckoned that Citadel would know how to disable its own creations and so he felt it wise to alter it so they could not do that.

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