Steve Coops

Warlock Council


Group Identities:

  • The Tormentor – Desmond Copeland
  • Soul Bishop – Miguel Rubio
  • Blight Wizard – Clement Beauvais
  • High Warlock – Fabian Vogt
  • Bifrons

CLEA Classification:

  • Magic Wielders

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Dark Magic Specialists (All)
  • Demonic – Bifrons is able to use the Demon ability to teleport


  • Light Magic can limit their power

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:
Due to the use of magic it is hard to prove any crime

  • Kidnapping?
  • Assault?
  • Murder?


The Warlock Council first formed in the early eighteenth century when magic users started to become persecuted. The purpose of the Council was to build some sort of organised resistance to those that hunted them. Since Warlocks considered themselves to superior to witches the Warlock Council presided over all.

Unlike “white” witches and others like them that tried to help people, the Warlock Council acted against those principles as their aggressive ways meant they resorted to the use of Dark Magic. This meant since it formed its members have hunted users of Light Magic. They consider them sympathisers with the mortals that would try to kill them and therefore such magic users are a threat that needs to be eradicated.

Eventually the female follower of Dark Magic would grow tired of been governed by the Council which seemed to ignore their views. Consequently they broke away to form the all female Witches Coalition. Ironically they Witches Coalition kept the same structure as the Warlock Council and would act alongside their counterpart organisation. To avoid conflict both agreed that whilst they would work together they would not interfere in the governing of each other’s members.

From the inception of the Warlock Council they had been led by the five most powerful male “mortal” Dark Magic users. They acted as rulers for all under them. Since Warlock society own sees the strongest, lead then staying on the Council often entails keeping any challengers in check. This has led them to try and collect the most powerful Magic Artefacts and Totems. The ultimate prize for a member of the Council would be to get their hands on an Avatar Totem. Though Avatar Totems tend to have a distinct will of their own, such is the arrogance of the Warlock Council that they believe they can bend that will to their own ends.

Currently the five members of the latest Warlock Council are The Tormentor, Soul Bishop, Blight Wizard, High Warlock and Bifrons. All are powerful masters of Dark Magic but each has a particular skill set and the the combination of which makes them all the more powerful as a group.

The Tormentor, Desmond Copeland gained his name due his means to increase his power through inducing pain and suffering in others. This ability allows him to also cause pain and suffering in users of magic. Often able to break through and protection spells, he uses this to extract information from enemies of himself and the Council.

The Soul Bishop, Miguel Rubio was once destined to become a true priest until a personal tragedy allowed him to become seduced by Dark Magic. In wanting to become reunited with his brother, he turned to magic when his faith failed him. After mastering its usage, his mind was so obsessed with power that he forgot the reason he had started on he path. Able to actually pull souls from the spirit realm and even the Dark Realm he can insert them into the body of a living person and get them to do his bidding. He can also extract the soul of a living person and gain magical power and longevity out of it.

The Blight Wizard, Clement Beauvais is a sorcerer who specialises in extracting energy from the environment. Normally living things are his favourite choice but he can use his power on most objects. When pulling such energy his dark magic power increases whilst at the same time whatever he is using a source starts to decay and fall apart.

Fabian Vogt has earned himself the title of High Warlock. He is the most powerful of all Warlocks who have magical abilities across a wide variety of disciplines. Though the others on the Council could defeat him with their specialist skills, his overall mastery of all Dark Magic will often allow him to find a weakness and exploit it. He is thus an all rounder and very useful since he can protect the “blind spots” of the other Council Members.

Unlike the others who are “mortals”, Bifrons is the child of a Demon father and mortal mother. Though considered a mortal he has certain demonic abilities, the most useful of these his ability to teleport to different locations. As well as this he can recover from wounds at an accelerated rate by stealing soul energy from another mortal and also has high command of fire based magic.

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