Steve Coops

Enigma Solutions


Organisation Classification:

  • Weapons/Tech supplier

Organisation Leader(s):

Organisation Activities:

  • Black market dealing
  • Supplying/repairing advanced illegal arms and technology to criminal groups and rogue nations
  • Technology and weapons theft
  • Reverse engineering/modifying/upgrading stolen tech

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • They have to operate under the radar. This means that supply lines can be disrupted easily

Known Assets:


Melissa Henshall was a brilliant engineer and inventor, so much so that at the age of twenty two her talent was spotted by the Knight’s Forge. She joined the group and worked on several key projects. Whilst others working for the Forge, viewed their work as honourable and were satisfied with their wage, Melissa simply could not see why she had to limit her income just because she was serving the law enforcement and hero communities.

She therefore left the Knight’s Forge and set up “Enigma Solutions”. As soon as tech appeared on the market that had obvious links to her previous employer the Forge had her shut down. Her actions were a security risk. The company moved underground and instead of supplying the general public, she started selling tech and weapons to the criminal community who knew not to ask questions.

Following an attack by CLEA’s Arrowhead team, she was scarred for life and forced to wear a special helmet. She now adopted the name of Dr Blackmith. Enigma Solutions was by now hidden behind several layers of shell companies which provided her with a front to her criminal exploits. With production in countries that covered by CLEA, her workers were either grateful to be paid or forced labour.

Whilst they continued their work she concentrated on revenge. In retaliation for Arrowhead she helped finance a rogue air strike unit, which could be hired to protect criminal operations. They were self governed and free to choose their own clients, which ensured they were kept very busy, thus becoming a hindrance to  Arrowhead.

Her next target for revenge was the Knight’s Forge. They had tried to shut her down so she was going to return the favour by mimicking them. To do this she created the Tech Collectors a group of people whose purpose was to steal weapons and tech from those that upheld the law. By having their tech in her hands, any new ideas she learned through reverse engineering cut down on development time. When it came to sell the items she also  had the advantage that the buyers were not all that bothered how the original product had been sourced.

Currently Enigma Solutions is the primary source for advanced weapons and tech in criminal hands.