Steve Coops

Star Patrol



Key Assets:


Star Patrol is the collective name of the crew who operate the spaceship “Antares”, a warship originally designed for the planetary defence of Earth, albeit not our Earth but one from another reality, the ship itself having “appeared” following the Breach Day event.

Following its appearance ESA mounted a mission to investigate the mysterious object and the crew of the Hawking, found the ship in a decaying orbit. The crew of the expedition were under orders to either destroy the ship or try and boost it to a stable orbit.

Once on board the team found its systems had been disabled and upon restoring them, the ship reactivated its advanced jump drive and transported them and the ship outside of our galaxy. Unable to reactivate the same drive the crew were able to return to Earth using another FTL drive, but the journey took them three years.

Upon arrival various governments argued between themselves who would take control of such a powerful weapon. The crew of the Hawking though believed that after the things they had witnessed on their journey, the ship should not fall under the control of any one government.

In they end CLEA broke the deadlock. They had experience with galactic matters thanks to the likes of Galaxy Force and Vanguard. Though not wanting to get involved with world politics since the agency was neutral they presented a compromise that suited both the Hawking crew and the world governments.

Since the ship was heavily under staffed, CLEA decided to send up a team of specialist to assist the existing crew.As an agency CLEA employed many people other than ones that were seen in the public eye. These included data and tech analysts, researchers and the agency even had a science wing. All these were needed to deal with an ever expanding variety of threats.

Sufficed to say, when it came to asking for volunteers, the chance to work in space was over subscribed and it took some time to whittle down the numbers. Thinking that that cool heads might be needed those people that had joined the agency from military backgrounds were discarded first. CLEA chiefs feared that such people might feel less inclined to work under the existing civilian crew.

As part of the “package” proposed the lucky applicants fell under the leadership of agents Mishra and Dadachanji, who were all but promoted to field commanders, albeit the Agency did not use such titles. The agency also supplied four new interceptor type craft to replace the one that were missing or had never been supplied to the Antares before it fell into the breach between universes.

The Agents helped co-ordinate defences with other space faring allies they knew of and organise the other CLEA personnel, but there was not very much for the crew to do since the Eopua were protecting the planet from most threats. Though the Eopua had never actually opened any form of dialogue with the people of Earth, CLEA knew about their presence as did most intergalactic visitors that risked travelling to Earth.

Since some races often got past the Eopua defences, CLEA wondered if it might be better to learn more about those threats more proactively as well as learning about other races. The agency figured that if in the grand design of things the Eopua wanted humans to replace them, then it was time for people to learn more especially if there was a threat such as the Myzx out there.

Though there was a human in Galaxy Force and a group of humans belong to Vanguard they had their own agenda and nothing specifically linked to Earth so having a ship working from Earth and exploring on behalf of CLEA seemed a good way of gaining valuable data. CLEA, though had to seek the permission of its main backers the UN. Up until then they had accepted CLEA controlling a ship to defend Earth, but CLEA now wanted to send that “defence” on an exploration mission. This proved to be a sticking point for months but eventually permission was given to create “Star Patrol”, Earth’s first “official” space exploration team.

As the crew of the Hawking had spent three years exploring the galaxy on their return journey, they naturally chose to remain, along with the CLEA personnel. Beverly Mendoza, the original mission commander on the ill fated Hawking mission was officially given the position as ship’s Captain a job she had already been doing albeit it was not recognised. The other Hawking team  members were then given the roles as command staff, due to their experience with the ship and its systems. Though not a military unit, CLEA was aware of the need to a distinct chain of command and was prepared to compromise so whilst the bridge officers were not CLEA everyone else was and fell under the leadership of the two agents.

However whilst the Hawking crew had experience of interacting with aliens and the ships systems, they had generally tried to avoid contact with extra terrestrials and had been rather lucky not to find trouble in their return journey.Though some suggested rethinking the usage of CLEA personnel from military backgrounds, it was deemed too risky. CLEA top brass feared that a misunderstanding with a trigger happy soldier and an alien could result in a threat of galactic proportions. Instead CLEA tackled the problem with a novel approach and chose to “employ” alien specialists, and the best people for that job were actual aliens. The agency therefore sent out requests to its various contacts in the vigilante community for alien allies to join the mission.

They were surprised at the response.

Elijah Fitton contacted his Zellarian friends. Though they had chosen to explore the galaxy in a bid to put a stop to the threat of slavers, they saw a greater potential of working with others and so they signed on despite the fact that humans would be in charge of missions.

The pair of Jamiscst refugees also chose to join the mission. Though they were “free” they always felt “alien” whilst being surrounded by humans. With the possibility of being with other races that were not human they felt they would be less alone.

Tigron and Oceline, the pair of Felanek that had visited Earth and were known to CLEA, Vanguard and Galaxy Force, also signed up. Having been removed from their closed society they could not go back home. They have a deep hatred for Quarrud Xiqrons, one of the races that the Star Patrol mission was going to look into which is what attracted them to joining.

The Luzerran hunters encountered by Vanguard also joined the group after learning that Star Patrol was investigating the Myzx. Still thinking they owe the humans of Vanguard a life debt the pair felt this was the best way to repay it, albeit they act more like loose cannons. Their initial presence with the Jamiscst also caused a lot of friction in the beginning since the former had suffered at the hands of the Luzerran people and they could not trust the later arrivals thinking they would be no different

Pulsar and Quasar were the last “humans” to join the mission before it left Earth. “Modified” and raised by rogue Eopua, after being returned to Earth they had tried their hand at being vigilante heroes but felt they were surplus to requirements and lacked purpose and hopes they could find meaning elsewhere.

During their ongoing mission they would later gain an extra terrestrial doctor in the form of Flervil and rescue a human slave, Dana Knowles who choose to become the Antares Engineer.