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Category: The Zeus Protectorate


CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Catherine Wilde CLEA Classification: Alpha Superior Special Skills and/or Abilities: She is able to shut of her emotion responses and so can fight without distraction. Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Without emotion she can make tactical errors especially if she should use caution or alternately if cornered when a “normal” person might break free by …

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Neutraliser and Trailblazer

Providing the money is good this pair will seek out and capture anyone, even Alphas with the advantage of not wanting to know why the target is wanted. Their “no questions asked” policy has seen them find lots of work in criminal circles. CLEA DATA FILE Partnership Identities: Trailblazer – Jacqueline Moreau Neutraliser – Edward …

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Orion is a code name given to the primary strike and recovery team of hunters who work for the Protectorate. Their targets victims are incarcerated at a private prison at the Protectorate’s Prime Site. Many captives here are guilty of no crimes but the “Protectorate” has decided they are to risky to live with “normal” …

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The Protectorate

The Protectorate is a secret organisation established by wealthy business men. They believe innocent or otherwise, Alpha Superiors are inherently dangerous and for the sake of society, the most powerful need removing. To do this they capture and incarcerate such threats by way of a special extraction team or outsource specific jobs to mercenaries. CLEA …

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