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Category: Cyborgs

Beetle Drive and Danger Girl

One good deed changed her life. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Chloe Loring Aliyah Tucker Darnell Tucker CLEA Classification: Advanced Raider (Chloe) Mecha Pilot (Aliyah and Darnell) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Nanobots give her greatly increased human attributes, including speed, strength, endurance and an exceptionally fast healing ability. The Mecha are extremely powerful enabling then to …

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The Raiders – Cyborg Mercenaries

The Raiders are a team group of cybernetic/augmented human mercenaries under the control of Janice Langham aka Lozen.  They represent one of the largest threats to CLEA, at one time directly and now indirectly by working for the enemies of CLEA. CLEA DATA FILE Group Identities: Janice Langham – Lozen – (Leader of the group) …

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Ring of Steel – Cyborg Crime Fighters

The Ring of Steel is a group of heroes that are all classed as Cyborgs. Assembled by Agent Alpha the group chase down “machine” based threats and cyborgs they believe are uniquely qualified to deal with. Despite the fact the team operate from the Knight’s Forge base they do not consider themselves to be a …

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