Steve Coops

Category: Mecha


  CLEA DATA FILE Partnership Identities: Oizys – Female pilot (real name unknown) Phobos – Male pilot (real name unknown) CLEA Classification: Mecha Special Skills and/or Abilities: Large mecha units provide the team with massive strength and firepower that is capable of containing almost any Alpha Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Large size of the mecha mean they have …

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Beetle Drive and Danger Girl

One good deed changed her life. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Chloe Loring Aliyah Tucker Darnell Tucker CLEA Classification: Advanced Raider (Chloe) Mecha Pilot (Aliyah and Darnell) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Nanobots give her greatly increased human attributes, including speed, strength, endurance and an exceptionally fast healing ability. The Mecha are extremely powerful enabling then to …

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Big Sister and Little Sister

Occasionally crime fighting calls for some really big toys and there is perhaps none bigger than Big Sister! CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Isabella Young – Little Sister Big Sister (Massive robot/automaton) CLEA Classification: Tech Augmented Human (Young) Robot (Big Sister) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Isabella generally serves as Big Sisters pilot, operating the giant …

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The Mechaniac

Though the Mechaniac is typically a one man operation, the fact he has an army of robots and the Drone Lords to protect him has seen CLEA classify him in in the organised crime groups. An international arms dealer he has no trouble putting on public displays of his weapons using innocent bystanders as his …

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