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Category: Mecha Vigilantes

Beetle Drive and Danger Girl

One good deed changed her life. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Chloe Loring Aliyah Tucker Darnell Tucker CLEA Classification: Advanced Raider (Chloe) Mecha Pilot (Aliyah and Darnell) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Nanobots give her greatly increased human attributes, including speed, strength, endurance and an exceptionally fast healing ability. The Mecha are extremely powerful enabling then to …

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Big Sister and Little Sister – Double trouble for criminals

Occasionally crime fighting calls for some really big toys and there is perhaps none bigger than Big Sister! CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Isabella Young – Little Sister Big Sister (Massive robot/automaton) CLEA Classification: Tech Augmented Human (Young) Robot (Big Sister) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Isabella generally serves as Big Sisters pilot, operating the giant …

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