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Category: Magic Totem Bearer Criminals

Dark Matter

  CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Dark Matter – Mathias Grabner/Bradford (spirit of 17th century warlock) CLEA Classification: Totem Bearer Special Skills and/or Abilities: Mathias/Bradford owns the Capture Stone, which is capable of removing a soul from a human. It can also transfer such a soul to a larger crystal, the Soul Cage for “storage”. The …

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CLEA DATA FILE Race Identity: Icen Known Individuals Boreas (male Icen) Skadi (female Icen) Khione (female human overseer) Appearance: Icen – Taller than humans, blue skin coloration, pointed ears, twin horns, bald. They also appear to wear armour. (Overseer) same as human female approx 30 years of age, blue hair Attributes: Physically stronger than humans …

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Soul Hunters

CLEA DATA FILE Asset of: Church of Tazael Group Identities: Various CLEA Classification: Totem Bearers Special Skills and/or Abilities: Highly skilled warriors Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Light based magic can defeat a soul hunter Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits: Assault Murder Attempted Murder Notes/History Soul Hunters are the creation of the Church of Tazael. Each one of them is originally …

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  CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Slicer (CLEA code name) – Sergio Matos CLEA Classification: Magic Totem Bearer Special Skills and/or Abilities: Sword protects it user and restores health Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): If Sergio tries to resist the will of the sword there is a break in the violence which can be used to a tactical advantage. Light …

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Reader and Stilts

  CLEA DATA FILE Partnership Identities: Reader – Martha Saville Stilts – Jeremy Blackford CLEA Classification: Magic Totem Bearer Special Skills and/or Abilities: Magic Totem – Saville has the Morganite (Mind) Gem allowing her to read the minds of others. Magic Totem – Blackford has the Garnet (Elongation) Gen and can stretch his arms and …

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Gods of Avarice

  CLEA DATA FILE Group Identities: Capital –  Daan Bakker Rave  – Fitzroy MacFarlane Ordain   – Agustin Ramos Stardom – Nahla Alami Enthral – Valeria Lozano Discord – Ruolan Zhou CLEA Classification: Magic Totem Bearers Special Skills and/or Abilities: Capital – Can get anyone to do as he wants by giving them luxury items …

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