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CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Protostar – Protasanular Parabola – Perambaala Corona – Asahi Daguchi Eclipse – Keisha Yow Mercury – Malikah Gayle Titan – Jacek Bartol Stellar – Steylarkvynto Uvranor CLEA Classification: Alpha Superior – Corona, Eclipse, Mercury and Titan Alien – Protostar, Parabola and Stellar Special Skills and/or Abilities: Alpha Superior – Jacek …

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Big Sister and Little Sister – Double trouble for criminals

Occasionally crime fighting calls for some really big toys and there is perhaps none bigger than Big Sister! CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Isabella Young – Little Sister Big Sister (Massive robot/automaton) CLEA Classification: Tech Augmented Human (Young) Robot (Big Sister) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Isabella generally serves as Big Sisters pilot, operating the giant …

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Centurion and Tech Knight – Robot Crime Fighters

This team of robotic crime fighters use their incredible technology to defeat their enemies. Unlike other robots which are programmed they are in fact self aware and exhibit free will. Technically a trio, but since Hermes has limited intelligence and acts mainly in a support role they are usually regarded as a partnership. CLEA DATA …

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The Night Rangers

The Night Rangers are team of Alpha Heroes that originally formed to deal with threats specifically against Alphas as a minority race of people. Whilst they were born out of hatred and classed very much as “anti heroes”, over time with the addition of new members and new ideas they have progressed and now fight …

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Red Ronin – Remote Control Hero

Red Ronin is a highly complex crime fighting robot. It is used by its pilot Conor Brennan to fight a variety of criminals but specifically Conor had dedicated his life to hunting down one particular target, the Mechaniac who killed Red Ronin’s original creator, Conor’s friend Kyo Nomura. CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Conor Brennan (current …

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