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Alpha Superiors

The Alpha Superior designation is given to  people who   were once Alpha Inferiors  and transition to the other state and in doing so gain super human abilities. Though typically people often to refer to Alpha Superiors as simply “Alphas” this is really an over simplification since Alpha Inferiors are also “Alphas” but have no special …

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Terror Island

Terror Island is the unofficial name given to the land mass that was once known as Japan. When comet Lee-Kosolov broke up and struck the Earth on the 17th April 1972 the largest piece struck the Japanese mainland which was believed to have been obliterated in the process. Only during the period of rebuilding did …

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Atlantica was one of the first megacities to be built. Like Europa and Pacifica (but not New Tokyo) the city was built on the remains of a previous city that had been destroyed in the comet impact of 1972. In Atlantica’s case it was built over the remains of New York and the surrounding area. …

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The Combined Law Enforcement Agency or CLEA is an international agency tasked with investigating and apprehending the worlds most notorious criminals and global threats. Unlike agencies that are linked to specific countries which cannot operate outside their borders CLEA operates in over 85% of countries world wide thus they can track down and apprehend suspects …

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