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Category: Land Vehicles

Eagle Armaments Kodiak MBT “Thor”

The Kodiak is the name given to the newest generation of main battle tank produced by Eagle Armaments. Sold around the world the Kodiak has been battle proven and, ironically, had successes against UN Peace Keeping forces who opted not to purchase the model, instead going for the Lancer II MBT. When CLEA chose to …

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Eagle Armaments Grizzly II IFV “Sif”

Eagle Armaments Grizzly II is a second generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle design based on the company’s successful Grizzly I. Unlike their Kodiak MBT that is generally regarded as the best of its generation, the Grizzly II is only considered equal to other IFV models available. When CLEA came to purchase a pair of IFV’s for …

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Knight’s Forge Courser

The Knight’s Forge Courser is a specially built “combat attack” bike normally ridden by Sonja Lebedeva. Designed to operate alongside the larger Destrier, unlike the latter that can “hide” its weapons, the smaller bike platform does not allow that. It therefore has a lower chance of getting close to the enemy before being noticed that …

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Knight’s Forge Destrier

The Destrier is the name given to the vehicle normally driven by Steve Griffin of the Knight’s Forge “retrieval team.”  The original concept was for a weapons platform that resembled a car and  would appear generic in appearance,  and thus blending in. However early on it was realised that this would not be possible. Though …

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