Steve Coops


Left- Right: Satyr, Fauna, Aava,Reuvant,Lir,Trix,Rho and Optic

The Menagerie is secret CLEA team under the exclusive control of Chief Mia Rojas. Unlike other CLEA teams knowledge of it existence has been withheld from the UN.


Primary Role:

  • Apprehend and neutralise alien and hybrid threats

Mission Types:

  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Extracting  CLEA operatives under attack from alien/hybrid forces.
  • Capturing alien/hybrid threats
  • Any combination of the above

Team Identities:

  • Reuvant – Reuvant Delcor Grezeil
  • Aava – Aava Raanis
  • Satyr – Cevlus Elanphus
  • Fauna – Deolan Elanphus
  • Rho – Hazel Egerton
  • Trix – Miyuu Namioka
  • Lir – Uleerbanx Rhitorus
  • Optic – Sterling Pearson

CLEA Classification:

  • Alien – Reuvant (Peoflo) and Aava (Kyth)
  • Rho – Cyborg (Advanced Raider)
  • Optic – Alpha
  • Trix – Human Alien Hybrid
  • Satyr, Fauna and Lir -Species Beta Hybrid

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Peoflo Alien – Reuvant was an experienced bounty hunter.  His people have iedetic memory skills and he can remember vast amounts of data.  This is how he can remember  the many alien races he had encountered. He’s also a skilled bounty hunter and has vast experience in tracking alien species
  • Kyth Alien – Aava and her species has an enlarged rear extension to the skull.  This acts as a sounding chamber and allows her to  send sound waves over vast distances. Can be used to “stun” any approaching danger or act as a form of echo location
  • Alpha abiltiy – Optic can move himself by turning into a beam of light
  • Species Beta Hybrid – Though Satyr and Fauna can “wear” a human form their natural guise is part human/part deer. Biologically they are closer to deer than humans. In their natural forms they have keen senses of smell, hearing and   eyesight and are quick on foot.
  • Species Beta Hybrid – Lir is an underwater Species Beta. He cannot change form but he can survive on land or on water. Body better suited for the latter.
  • Cyborg – Rho, is beleived to have been amongst a group of people that came from a parallel Earth. There she was a Raider that worked for the US government as a weapon. On this Earth her cyborg systems are far in advanced of our own Raiders. Has healing ability, increased speed and strength.
  • Alien/human hybrid – Trix is beleived to have been subjected to a Citadel experiment involving a “machine” alien race, possible Myzx. Her cybernetic systems allows her to act as a mobile comms relay station and hack into computer systems

Tactical Weakness(s):

  • Have to try and keep their activities covert to avoid the general public learning about them. This prevents them deploying to every situation they might be needed.
  • Satyr and Fauna, have an instinctive fight or flight response that can lead to them panicking if suddenly frightened.
  • Lir cannot remain out of water for too long.


The Menagerie had its origin with the arrival of Reuvant, an alien from the Peoflo race. Until his arrival, though extra terrestrials life on Earth had been suspected it had never been proven. Reuvant worked for his people as a bounty hunter and had come to Earth, tracking Aava a member of the Kyth race. His people had enslaved the Kyth and any that rebelled were hunted down and returned to be made an example of.
On his home planet there was a growing movement against using slave and Reuvant, despite his job, had been swayed by the cause.

When dispatched to hunt down Aava, a wanted “terrorist” he had volunteered for the job. His actual intentions were to ensure she remained free. At first she did not trust him but over time the pair developed feelings for each other. He would send fake status reports of his “pursuit” of the criminal and at first it appeared to work.

However his lies were eventually exposed and other bounty hunters were sent to capture both him an Aava. Rather than risk being an easy target and staying together, the pair split and headed in different directions to the one area of space they knew the Peoflo government would not dare to enter, the region controlled by the mysterious Eopua.

Aava eventually crash landed on Earth and was captured by September (now Citadel) and Reuvant arrived several months later. From high orbit he was able to find the facility where Aava was being held but soon realised, that tactically, if he went in alone, even with advanced tech his chances of extraction were slim.
Being able to read minds at long range and discovering he was compatible with humans, he was able to learn the language in a relatively short space of time. He wondered if he could get some help from the local inhabitants of the planet. Though technologically inferior he had little other choices.

Reuvant began looking into this possibility by monitoring Earth’s communication channels. He learned the social hierarchy and quickly concluded that the leaders of individual countries often seemed to have the own self interests when making decisions. Those in charge of doing right for the people, the law enforcers also had inconsistencies which ruled them out. He also figured that military types might act with hostile intent to him.

One agency that did pique his interest was CLEA. They seemed to stand alone in protecting the people by operating outside of politics. This was why he chose CLEA as the ones to ask for help. Seeing as Aava was being held in the territory “controlled” by Chief Mia Rojas he used her for making first contact.

Not wanting to risk getting injured he project a mental image of him into her mind, whilst he remained in his ship. Despite the fact she had never met an alien she remained surprisingly calm. From the outset it was clear she would not trust him on face value alone, so Reuvant decided to reveal a number of facts surrounding September, as well as how the people of Earth had been manipulated by the Eopua and also the existence of other aliens he knew were on or visited Earth. To further try and engage her trust he decided to meet her at a remote location.

Following on from that she reached a compromise with Reuvant. Aware that people might react badly to the existence of an alien on the planet and her own command could be in jeopardy if she was discovered colluding with one,s he decided he could not be witnessed working with her. Instead she decided to have a CLEA team raid the complex belonging to September and not reveal the source of the information.

Mia Jojas did not like the idea of a criminal organisation on her patch but did not want to reveal the existence of extra terrestrials unless she had to. If the raid revealed nothing then she had lost nothing. The CLEA raid though resulted in the capture of several “specimens”. As well as Aava they also picked up Satyr, Trix and Rho.  Others escaped in the chaos. The species beta could be explained but not some of the others.

This left Rojas taking the unusual step of swearing her team to secrecy. Not wishing to reveal evidence of alien life on Earth she was forced to let the September personnel go rather than risk a trial. Rojas used some of the data obtained from the raid to expose September at a private UN hearing but left out the alien references.

With a small group hiding in secret under her control, she brought in Reuvant. She was actually hoping he and Aava would simply leave. Keeping the existence of aliens  was a secret she believed would be too difficult long term so she hoped that the pair would return to their homeworlds. Reuvant though could not do that since his own people were hunting him and Aava, making them refugees. Instead he proposed that in return for asylum he could help expose harmful alien threats to Earth.

The others that were rescued wanted to be involved mainly because it was better than sitting around doing nothing. Only one objected to joining, Satyr, had a provision. His mate was still being held by a group that had sold him to September.

Rojas was hesitant at looking at the proposal at first as she did not enjoy keeping things from the other chiefs. In the end she decided to accept Reuvant’s offer but make the team’s mission of dealing with alien threats and also dealing with threats to Species Beta since nobody had ever looked into crimes against Species Beta “citizens” directly.

The Gaia team fulfilled the latter but merely helped CLEA and were not part of it. Having a team as part of the agency gave Rojas more control over mission profiles. The first assignment she gave them saw the capture of Satyr’s mate, Fauna who joined them making the group six in number.

After other evidence of extra terrestrial’s surface, Rojas informed the other CLEA chiefs of her secret strike team. Though they considered removing her from her job as punishment for running a technically illegal outfit they accepted her reasoning about keeping the existence of aliens out of the public domain.

To this end, though the other chiefs will use Menagerie as an asset the team is still kept off the official books.In time they were joined by another Species Beta, “Lir” whilst investigating an incursion of aquatic aliens known as the Glissen. Lir wanted to join the group as the problem was far bigger than they had imagined and his people had been fighting an invasive alien species for decades. Since both groups rarely strayed far from the ocean floor, surface dwellers and CLEA had been ignorant of what was going on. The problem had also gone unnoticed since the aquatic races did not trust humans so would never have sought help.

When Menagerie met the Hammerhead team for the first time Lir recognised Tara and Shanice as members of the Meramin race. By now thanks to the work of Ocean Deep CLEA was aware of the Meramin and many other races. Lir’s revelation though shattered the whole theory the pair were victims of a Chimera experiment something that had never been reinvestigated even after learning about the Meramin. Lir offered to take them back to their people but with no memory and new lives they chose to remain with their team.

When not performing duties with the Menageries Reuvant performs other duties as the “go to” source whenever a suspected alien shows up on Earth.

In recent times an eight member has been added to the group in the form of the White Guardian “Optic”.

With the formation of CLEA’s Biological Threat Branch the unit now falls under the control of Chief Rohan Scully.