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Category: Human/Alien Hybrid Vigilantes

Red Shift

  CLEA DATA FILE Team Identities: Red Shift 1 – Erin Wardle Red Shift 2 – Miles Wardle Hellfire – Sylvester Norris Sirocco – Elaine Bassett CLEA Classification: Tech Augmented (Erin and Miles) Human/Alien hybrid (Norris and Bassett) Special Skills and/or Abilities: Alien Hybrid – Norris and Bassett had alien DNA grafted to their bodies. …

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Jupiter and Venus

CLEA DATA FILE Agent’s Job Speciality: Infiltration/Intelligence Gathering Identity: Jupiter – Fraser McMillan Venus – Nancy Ludlow CLEA Classification: Alien Hybrid Special Skills and/or Abilities: Can interface with computers and take control Rapid healing Increased Strength Create own forcefield Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Their human bodies are not designed to copy with the increased energy levels – they …

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  CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Cosmic – Carla Mendez Associations: N/A CLEA Classification: Alien Hybrid/Tech Augmented Special Skills and/or Abilities: Psychic abilities (the only means to control the bracelets) Ability to control cosmic energy, allowing her to create energy blasts and form temporary constructs. Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Does not possess defensive capabilities so is vulnerable to standard …

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  CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Barbarian – Odell Sharpe Associations: N/A CLEA Classification: Alien Hybrid Special Skills and/or Abilities: Increased strength Ability to alter body density Rapid healing Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Cannot breathe ordinary air for more than a few minutes at a time Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits: N/A Notes/History Odell is another of Citadel’s victims. Whilst they …

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The Menagerie is secret CLEA team under the exclusive control of Chief Mia Rojas. Unlike other CLEA teams knowledge of it existence has been withheld from the UN. CLEA DATA FILE Primary Role: Apprehend and neutralise alien and hybrid threats Mission Types: Intelligence gathering. Extracting  CLEA operatives under attack from alien/hybrid forces. Capturing alien/hybrid threats …

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CLEA DATA FILE Identity: Blazer – Mae Burke CLEA Classification: Human/Alien hybrid Special Skills and/or Abilities: Heat Vision Rapid healing Increased strength and stamina Super heating skin Limitation(s)/Weakness(s): Her powers deplete her human energy reserves at fast rates, making them useless if she gets too fatigued. Her skin and heat vision can become a danger …

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