Steve Coops

The Blood Clan


Organisation Classification:

  • Cult

Organisation (Leaders) Elite Members:

Organisation Activities:

  • Assault
  • Attempted Murder
  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Each member of the Clan needs Blood to survive

Known Assets:

  • Various petty criminals and homeless individuals, exploited to serve the cult leaders


The Blood Clan was originally a Street Gang known as the Westsiders, until Warren Hayes took control of it. An Alpha who could gain power by absorbing human blood, made him invincible as a leader. However as time passed by he started to grow addicted to the “rush” the consumption of Blood gave him.

No longer bothering in his duties as a leader the gang started fracturing and splitting into smaller factions. Even those loyal to him deserted Warren and the gang ceased to exist. Then Warren met some individuals who like him needed blood to survive.

Rather than competing with each other they agreed to form an alliance and work together. Being powerful individuals they eventually attracted people who were desperate and wanted to ally themselves with powerful “beings”. In return for protection these people would do anything for their “gods”.

When CLEA first learned of the re-emergence of the Blood Clan it quickly discovered that it was no longer a street gang but now a cult. Like most cults it has a simple structure whereby its members serve the “Elite” by supplying them sources of blood. Some even choose to willingly give their own blood whilst other will kidnap victims and/or supplies for their masters. In return for these services they are assured protection.

Obviously the cult Elite are exploiting their followers but as with most cults their members are so enthralled they fail to see that they are being used. This is despite the fact that most of the Elite are actually the offspring of humans and demons.