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CLEA DATA FILE Race Identity: Myzx Appearance: Humanoid. The race has many different “appearances” depending on whether they are Android, Synthetic or worker. Early android Myxz are very machine like in appearance. Though they are not as dextrous as later models they are extremely tough. Later generations took on a more organic appearance until the …

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CLEA DATA FILE Race Identity: Synthraz Appearance: Varies – they are a higher functioning parasitic race who take over host bodies. Thus they keep the appearance of the host. Attributes: Same physical attributes as the host. Reproduce by growing spores inside its host and ejecting them when mature. Mature parasites can communicate with others of …

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CLEA DATA FILE Race Identity: Eopua Appearance: Humanoid, large eyes and grey skin – typically how a lot of humans might describe an alien Slightly shorter than human males Only ever seen in form fitting suits Attributes: Life span is 10-15 times human average Logical and extremely well organised – Protecting the galaxy means they …

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Quarrud-Xaiqrons “Blue Aliens”

CLEA DATA FILE Race Identity: Quarrud-Xaiqrons Appearance: Slightly smaller than average human height Large eyes, greatly enlarge craniums, long thin limbs and fingers Blue skin colouration. Normally wear form fitting space suit/armour Attributes: Highly advanced – but will salvage technology from other races to “disguise” themselves when collecting slaves. Estimated life span – 170-220 years …

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Species Beta

CLEA’s Species Beta designation refers to any animal or plant that has been mutated by Bacteria Z. The difference between a Species Beta and Species Beta hybrid is the latter has some human DNA infused in the genetic make up. Also though some Species Beta may walk upright and be biped if they lack human …

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Genetically Enhanced

CLEA’s Genetically Enhanced designation refers to any person whose DNA has been altered to make them “better” in some regards or to add specific traits. This is all without adding foreign DNA from other sources such as animal, plant or even alien. Further Reading For information regarding Genetically Enhanced individuals or groups click here

Human/Alien Hybrids

CLEA’s classification for Human/Alien hybrids covers many different variations which all relate to humans being combined with alien biology in one form or another. This can be at the genetic level or simply through a symbiotic type relationship where one organism inhabits another. Such hybrids can occur by accident or a deliberate act created through …

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Magic Channellers

Magic Channellers are a relatively minor CLEA designation on account that not many have been recorded due to the fact that most are unaware they have the ability. Unlike other Magic users, Magic Channellers have no offensive capabilities. What these people do is channel dark or light magic (but never both). The magic merely acts …

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Magic Hybrids

Magic Hybrids are the result of a liaison between either a Human and Demon or Human and Angel resulting in a child that is part human and part Demon/Angel. Such a person will be inherently¬† powerful in either Dark Magic or Light Magic (Depending on the immortal parent) but never both. More often the child …

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Magic Wielders

CLEA’s Magic Wielder designation covers individuals who through skills and study have become masters of the occult.¬† Very often such individuals specialise in specific types of magic or fields so whilst some might be experts in Dark Magic others might be skilled in Light Magic. Very few are powerful in all forms of magic. Though …

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