Steve Coops

The Olympians


Team Identities:

  • Zeus – Viggo Nordstrum
  • Hera – Kiara Douglas
  • Hades – Alan Corbett
  • Poseidon – Gael Santana
  • Aphrodite – Gianna Tydings
  • Ares – Oscar Tod Smyth
  • Athena – Siu Mei Xing
  • Apollo – Benicio Vasquez
  • Artemis – Jade Bekker
  • Demeter – Willow Pierce
  • Hephaestus – Marquis – Jackson
  • Hermes – August Olsen

CLEA Classification:

  • Totem Bearers
  • Alphas (Demeter and Poseidon)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • (All) Enhanced Strength
  • (All) Mass shift, have the means to sacrifice magical power to become physically larger
  • (Zeus and Hera) Teleportation to anywhere on Earth
  • (All) Communal telepathy
  • (All but Aphrodite, Hera, Demeter and Artemis) Mystical Armour that forms from the mystical totem when activated. Such armour is impenetrable to most weapons
  • Zeus (Mystical Totem – Thunderbolt) – Thunderbolt can cause massive destruction, cutting like a laser through many types of material.
  • Hades (Mystical Totem Bident) – has the means to turn invisible. He can also shadow merge, using shadows and darkness like portals as an alternative to the others teleportation abilities. He can also revive those recently killed by evil, by pulling their souls from the spirit realm and healing their bodies.
  • Hera (Mystical Totem – Scepter) – Her Scepter can absorb magic like a battery which can then be used to against her enemies. The Scepter has the means to convert magic from one type to another. It also allows her to control some types of animal.
  • Ares (Mystical Totem – Spear) – Has the means to “see” any weakness both physical and tactical. It also grants him almost perfect fighting skills.
  • Athena (Mystical Totem – Shield)- her shield can deflect projectiles of any kind. It is also capable of blocking magic and energy based attacks. Her sences are enhanced so she can predict attacks making her better able to protect those around her. She is the defence to Area offence.
  • Hephaestus (Mystical Totem – Hammer) has a mystical hammer which can generate fire. Like Demons he is immune to fire and the hammer can be used as a weapon. He is capable of repairing and forging mystical armour and weapons and can even shift their magical properties. However he cannot make them more powerful nor can he “create” a mystical object.
  • Apollo – (Mystical Totem Golden Bow). He can generate intense light that blinds opponents. The sunbeam arrows shot from his golden bow can act as flare and the light from them will expose any truth. People therefore cannot lie if shot from one of his arrows.
  • Artemis (Mystical Totem – Hunter’s Bow) – has the ability to track anyone or anything she chooses. No enchantment or shielding can hide what she chooses to target.
  • Aphrodite (Mystical Totem – Belt) has no weapons but instead has the most powerful mind bending abilities, that are keyed to positive emotions. Evil thoughts and intentions are harder to perform in her presence and if she chooses she can temporarily enthrall the mind of others and get them to do her bidding.
  • Hermes (Mystical Totem – Caduceus). He can “hear” the other Gods when they call his name. He can move at incredible speed to the point he can walk on air. His Caduceus can both hypnotise and send people to sleep. It acts as a “tracker” so he can find the other “Gods”. It can also be used as a pole arm when extended.
  • Poseidon (Mystical Totem – Trident) Allow him generate springs when stabbed into the ground. It can also be used as a weapon
    Poseidon (Alpha Ability) Hydrokinesis. He can control and “shape” water with his mind. His Alpha ability also allows him to swim at great speed and breathe underwater.
  • Demeter (Mystical Totem – Golden Sword) – Her Sword can be used to generate new plant life from nothing. Since it gives life it can “kill” something that technically is not alive.
    Demeter (Alpha Ability) – she has the means to control the weather with her thoughts.


  • Unlike other magic Totems, the ones belonging to the Olympians cannot contain the magical energies they can emit. This results in them “bleeding” energy which needs “recharging” at the nexus point in the pocket realm.
  • Hades can only restore life by taking “life force” from a living host.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The “Gods” that were once worshipped by the Greeks and Romans were not actually “Gods” but mortals. The same is true of the New Olympians.

They first appeared eons ago when the Demon Kruniss and eleven of his kind visited the mortal realm. The mortal realm is home to “natural magic”, the magic that is created from the environment. In certain locations ley lines of this natural magic occur and where they meet produces a terrific amount of magical energy which in the wrong hands is disastrous. Finding such locations though is nigh on impossible since they cannot be found by scrying but have to be physically found. Kruniss had learned that one such source was in (at the time) Ancient Greece. Evidence pointed it to being there but no man or beast had ever found it.

Tired of collecting souls and fighting for power Kruniss had decided that the mortal realm could be his for the taking if he could find the source of natural magic at the nexus point. Of course alone, even he a powerful Demon would be vulnerable and so he made an alliance with eleven others. Finding the well of natural magic though was one problem, interference from Angels was another since his actions would be deemed as interference in the lives of mortals. Kruniss’s solution was quite radical, he and the other would make themselves mortal because under the agreement made by Demons and Angels nobody could interfere in the lives of mortals.

Powerful as they were as the only way a Demons could be made mortal was to be banished from the Dark Realm by a more powerful Demon. Banishment meant the loss of many attributes and weakened their ability to use magic. This was not the outcome Kruniss wanted, for he and his ilk wanted to be made mortal but retain as many of their demonic properties as possible. They therefore decided to find another way and so whilst in the relative safety of the Dark Realm they had reached out to the Mortal Realm and made allies with dark witches and warlocks. In return for making them mortal, their followers would be granted powerful positions once the human realm had been taken.

Upon their arrival the Kruniss and the others were granted their wish and turned mortal, albeit they not only kept their demonic magic but also would age extremely slowly. They were also impervious to most physical forms of attack, certainly anything mankind could throw at them. However they still retained their demonic weaknesses such as aversion to bright light, burned by water and drawn to heat. Though there was a chance they could be “killed” which instead of sending them back to the Dark Realm would remove them from existence altogether it was a risk worth taking to secure their prize.

Now mortal, the Demons next plan was to conquer vast areas and once the populace were subdued they would not be a threat and could be used as slave labour to help locate the magic nexus. However ruling over humans was not going to be easy without the use of dark magic and sealed away from the Dark Realm meant they lacked a connection to their most powerful “traditional” source – human souls.

This meant the only way of obtaining the energy needed to create dark magic was by other Demonic means such as absorbing negative human emotions, or feeding on the energy freely given by worshippers. This was more like scraps compared to the energy a human soul could provide, but it was enough power to make them fear. Mortal bodies though meant there was a need for sustenance so Kruniss and the others decided to make themselves even more feared by behaving akin to predatory creatures, eating the flesh of human victims.

Like a plague of locusts they spread a wave of darkness across the lands of Italy and Greece. Unchecked there was nothing to stop them and they would not be stopped until they found the magical nexus. Anyone that did not follow them would either be killed for food or tortured to create dark magic. To protect themselves from light, the skies were turned black through use of fire which resulted in the land dying and creating more victims. Out of desperation people started to believe the lies the dark priests were telling them and choosing blindly to follow Kruniss and the others thinking they would be saved by them, ignoring the fact that the “living gods” often required sacrifices.

Because they had not broken the edict by making themselves mortal there was very little the Angels could do about the situation. The Demons were also infuriated since they were being denied souls. In the end an Angel called Joshua decided to make a stand but playing by the rules meant taking the fight to them was problematic as there could be no direct intervention.

He felt something needed to be done since he was aware of the prize Kruniss was after. Joshua though had the advantage for he knew its location. He had found it centuries earlier, its location being “protected” by a Legendary beast. The beast had long since gone and Joshua had never mentioned the location for the knowledge could be very dangerous and it was not unheard of for Angels to fall and join the Dark Realm.

Magically protecting the nexus was not an option. For a start it would bring unwanted attention to the area and know magical protection would last against the might of twelve mortal Demons. The other issue was protecting the area would do nothing to save the people that were being subjugated. Joshua therefore decided that perhaps the best course of action was to “assist” humans and to prevent being seen a breaking the edict, it had to be done by a less direct means.

His solution was to create magic totems which could be used by humans to fight the mortal demons without the Angels taking up arms themselves. Since Kruniss and the others were invulnerable to human weapons and most human magic, there was a problem with creating magic totems for he simply did not possess the power to forge object strong enough to fight demon magic.

Joshua therefore sought council with a group of ancient warrior Angels in order to solve the problem. The group came up with a radical answer. Having understood the plight of innocents in the mortal realm they, like Joshua had agreed that Kruniss had to be stopped before his actions had repercussions across the Mortal, Light and Dark Realms combined. To create the powerful Totems Joshua needed they chose to sacrifice their own existence.  Doing so would allow the entirety of their magic to flow into the totems, thus creating a power, that when wielded by a human would level the playing field.

Travelling to the mortal realm Joshua was accompanied by twelve volunteers. Once there, the twelve performed mystical rituals and infused twelve objects whilst at the same time ending their existence. To give mortals the best chance of defeating the Mortal Demons each Totem had unique “specialist” properties based on the powers of the original Angel.

Collectively these magical abilities of the Totems were designed to match every conceivable means of attack the Mortal Demons could make and give their human wielders the best chance of victory.

Once “made” each of the objects retained the “will” and personality of the Angel that had “created” it, thus making them “active totems”. This meant that the user of such Totems would have their human “thoughts” guided by those contained with the Totem. The Angel souls would also provide added security since if the “wrong” human tried to take charge of the Totem then they could deny access to the magic. As Kruniss was far bigger than humans, the Totems also gave their wielders an ability to mass shift making then physically bigger than normal humans but at the expense of using magical energy.

With his brethren now gone, all Joshua had to do was then distribute the objects to suitable candidates. Normally Active Totems found their own hosts but with Kruniss and the others were growing stronger by the day, Joshua started to grow impatient when the Totems kept rejecting candidates he found to become bearers. Frustration eventually got to him and so he used magic of his own to override the will of the Angel Souls contained within the totems. This enabled him to give the Totems to the people he felt were suitable to the cause. Taking a short cut in this manner would be a mistake he would live to regret later.

With twelve humans now with the capabilities to deal with Mortal Demons, Joshua felt safe to leave the mortal realm. After a strong start the battles between the empowered humans and Demons started to go in favour of the latter. From the safety of the Light Realm Joshua observed and could not understand why with all the tools the humans were failing. Only after paying attention during one of the battles did he realise that the magical Totems were actually “too powerful” to be contained in singular items. When being used offensively they “bled” magical energy at a vast rate until they were little more than ordinary items. Though in time the objects would recover, that rate was far slower than their decay rate.

Joshua hypothesised that the Totems needed a means to “recharge” quickly and he had an idea about that but it meant sneaking down into the mortal realm and making use of the magical nexus he had been trying to keep secret. It was located on Mount Olympus. Even visiting its location carried the risk of attracting the Demons and giving Kruniss what he had been looking for. Joshua decided to try and do something he had never done before and that was to create a pocket dimension around the nexus

Pocket dimensions could hide magical sources except Demons and Angels. They could still be “felt” in the mortal realm even in a shifted reality. Often magical items were hidden after a pocket dimension was created but Joshua wondered if a dimension could hide the nexus. It had never been done but these were desperate measures and if Joshua succeeded he knew that not only would he permanently cloak the nexus but at the same time he would provide a source in which the Totems could “recharge” their magical energies.

The gamble paid off. In the mortal realm the nexus vanished but in the pocket dimension it manifested itself as a flame.  Placing magical enchantments on the totems allowed the humans to enter and leave the pocket dimension from almost anywhere. Once inside the humans had a place to regroup and the flame could be used to empower the Totems.

However though the Totem bearers could enter and leave from anywhere they chose there was one weak point connected to the dimension and that was it also had a “fixed” entrance, located in a cave on Mount Olympus. Joshua knew if the Demons guessed how he had hidden the nexus and discovered the fixed entry point to the pocket dimension they would be able to smash through any safeguards he could build to protect it being breached. He therefore opted for a more natural approach and had Poseidon use his trident to bring forth a spring to produce a waterfall that no Demon would risk trying to pass through.

Using the pocket dimension the Olympians could hide themselves from the Demons in between battles and recover far quickly. Joshua though could never visit them during those periods for his presence would be detected from the mortal realm and the Demons alerted to the existence of a pocket dimension and consequently the nexus.  Without him shining a light the only chance the Demons could stop the Olympians would be by taking one of the Totems and using it to gain entry to the pocket reality. That was unlikely since Light Magic would have burnt them far worse than water.

Winning battles, the Olympians became noticed by ordinary people. Displaying magical abilities that most of them could not comprehend led to them being worshipped as Gods. They would become the Olympian Gods of legend and the Mortal Demons they defeated would become known as the Titans.

Working together the Olympians dispatched all of the Titans except Kruniss. He was too strong to defeat outright but realising that he would be wiped from existence the Demon bound itself to a human and killed that human, allowing him to be pulled into the Spirit Realm.

The Gatekeeper was not happy at the presence of a mortal Demon but could not eradicate Kruniss from the spirit realm. The Demon’s form had become something akin to a tethered soul. This proved to be Kruniss’s undoing for in escaping defeat he had in fact trapped himself. Both the Demons and Angels were happy at the outcome since Kruniss had been an annoyance for them both and risked them going to war, even if the Demon was now the Gatekeeper’s problem.

The work now finally done Joshua decided to let the Olympians keep their totems and perhaps use them to the betterment of mankind. Since the creation of the Totems had not been incurred the wrath of either the Light or the Dark Realms, Joshua felt that it was useful to have the “gods” around in case Kruniss (now known by mortals as Cronos) found a way to escape the spirit realm.

Though his intentions were good it did not take long for the Olympians to start abusing their gifts and turn on each other. Drunk on their own power they truly believed themselves to be Gods. They would regularly bring people to the pocket reality to serve them or for entertainment purposes. Those visits would lead to the myth of there being a home to the Gods in the clouds above Mount Olympus although in truth the view from “Mount Olympus” was merely part of the illusion of the pocket dimension.

With the Angel spirit contained within the Totem silenced by Joshua, there were no safeguards and that meant there was no form of control. Eventually ordinary people ended up paying the price for the power crazed “gods”.  This was recorded in stories such as Hera’s vindictive nature towards Zeus’s lovers (which he brought to the pocket reality) and Ares starting wars, Aphrodite enthralling men etc. Finding this intolerable Joshua returned to confiscate the Totems. By this time Demeter and Poseidon had removed themselves from the game and gone into exile well away from the others.

This left Joshua with the task of stripping ten “Gods” of their power, a job made easier as he removed his own mystical enchantments on the Totems that blocked their free will. The Totems thus rejected their owners. As Joshua could not destroy the Totems he decided to send them into the pocket realm where he knew they would remain for all time since, without the Totems the pocket dimension was effectively sealed as no mortal could gain entry. Even though they knew that a physical entrance existed on Mount Olympus no mortal had the magic power to breach the magical barrier that had been put in place.

As the Olympian Gods moved into legend the actual Totems became forgotten about by most people. Over the centuries Poseidon and Demeter’s Totems were found and then had changed into Avatar Totems, both of which were destined to be split, creating the “Seasons” avatars and more recently the Taniwha.

Old Threat, New Olympians

The ten which Joshua had hidden we regarded as lost and would have stayed that way if it was not for the breach day event which weakened barriers between realities and Kruniss was able to get partially free from the Spirit Realm. Though each time he would be pulled back to the Spirit Realm, with every visit Kruniss tried to find the means to remain in the mortal realm for longer with the eventual goal of escaping permanently.

Joshua, by now was “secretly” working with the Pentacle group realised they would not be a match for the Mortal Demon should it break free from its confinement. There was only one option he had available and that was to release a weapon into the world that could put a stop to Kruniss’s attempts. That weapon was the magic totems used by the “Olympians”. Long forgotten about and aware that he could be making a situation worse, Joshua decided he would avoid the mistake of his past impatience by allowing the Totems to find a “true” host rather than forcing them to be compliant with a host of his choosing.

He unsealed the pocket realm and released the Thunderbolt of Zeus first. Using some magic he had learned from his Pentacle allies, Joshua gave the totem and means of transporting itself to where it needed to go. Had he known how to do that originally there would never have been a need to override the will of the Olympian Totems and the right people would perhaps had become the right hosts. He though was older and a lot more wiser now as well as being less arrogant and able to accept help from human magic wielders which he would not have done eons earlier.

Flying into the air at an impossible speed the Totem sought out a host that was worthy of its potential. It “desired” somebody that could lead, protect those under its leadership, protect those that were helpless and had the will to fight against evil. It found those qualities in Viggo Nordstrum.

Nordstrum was a volunteer in a refugee camp trying make a difference in a civil war where the outside world and politicians refused to get involved and ignored the plight of the innocent victims. A leader of a security team it was his job to protect the camp from aggressors from both sides who frequently raided the camp to steal food and supplies that were meant from the refugees. During the two years he had been there though things had gone from bad to worse. As the situation around the camp had worsened charities supplying personnel had pulled out as the risks increased. Incursions now happened on an almost daily basis resulting in his own men leaving. To try and deal with the aggressors Viggo had tried to form a militia but they were no match to armed troops with tanks.

As he was the only one able to muster some resistance Viggo was looked upon by all the other worked in the camp as their protector which meant he was left with a never ending cycle of negotiating “peace” with military despots from both sides. To protect as many people under his reponsibility Viggo was often left with bartering supplies for protection. Though agreements were often made they were not always adhered to for armed men would frequently sneak into the camp at night and kidnap women for entertainment.

Though he could have left any time Viggo could not abandon the refugees to their fate, even if he knew there was a a chance it could one day get him killed. That day seemed to have dawned when a warlord demanded supplies he could not afford to give. Viggo was issued an ultimatum, hand over any and all supplies or the entire camp would be destroyed along with its inhabitants. This was when the Thunderbolt found him.

A natural leader wanting to protect people from evil was the qualities it sought. It fell out of the heavens and into the centre of the camp causing people to flee in all directions, thinking they were under attack. Viggo approached the object cautiously checking to see what it was and identify if it was a threat or if it was debris that had fallen of an aircraft. The camp was over flown by military aircraft from both sides invovled in the civil war so there was a high possibility of one of those taking damage and dropping parts.

As soon as he touched the piece of metal embedded in the ground, Viggo’s mind was merged with that of the Totem’s spirit which appeared to him as an elderly bearded man in shining angelic armour. Having accessed Viggo’s soul the spirit offered him the the chance of unimaginable power to fight against sources of evil, (the power which often led to the creation of dark souls which Demons thrived upon) and to lead a new group of Olympians. It also warned him of Kruniss. Thinking he was imagining or dreaming what he was seeing Viggo accepted and was returned to his own body.

Having bonded with the Totem all doubts as to what he had just “seen” were removed.  Viggo was now aware of what he had become, what he had to do and of his potential. He was now Zeus the leader of the a new generation of Olympians. However he chose not to activate the Totem’s powers just yet. Instead he merely pulled the metal out of the ground and took it back to his quarters. Though he had “power” he had no idea how to use it, so that night he tried to find some way of activating the object and make it “do something”. The spirit inside sensed what he was trying to do and so transported him to the pocket universe, where he saw “Mount Olympus” for the first time. When he first “arrived” he exited a swirling mist and found himself at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a pair of gates in front of him.

Passing through the gates and ascending the stairs, once at the top Viggo found himself staring at an area that resembled a Greek temple except it was floating above the clouds. Looking around he noticed various artefacts surrounding a central “pool” and a throne beyond.  The spirit now appeared again and explained how Viggo could access the power contained in the Totem, informing him that whilst within the realm he could not harm anything in the “real” world.

For hours he trained and then once he had learned enough the spirit led him around the back of the throne to a flame which was where he was told to place the Thunderbolt to replace magical “energy”. The last thing he was shown was how to transition between the pocket dimension and the real world by passing into the swirling mist at the bottom of the stairs. Despite having trained for many hours hardly any time had passed since he had left, and only upon return did he actually feel tired.

Early the next day he snuck out of the camp and headed in the direction he reckoned the detatchement of troops would be coming from and once sighted, he activated the totem. In that instant the piece of metal became a living source of energy and his clothing was replaced with angelic armour.

Viggo shouted out a warning to the approaching troops which was ignored. They merely though him to be some sort of “head case”. For daring to threaten them they decided to open fire anyway as a bit of fun. The bullets merely bounced off the armour and now Viggo, as Zeus responded in kind with a blinding flash of light that tore through the armoured column, leaving nothing standing. Those that survived the onslaught would retreat and report back what they had seen. Sufficed to say nobody believed the stories but each time someone threatened the camp they would be met with the same devastating outcome.

Eventually word got around that the camp was protected by “Zeus” but the people within the camp had no idea that Viggo and Zeus were one and the same.  In time the civil war would come to an end and Viggo was free to go home. He knew now though his life had a bigger calling.

Joshua, watching from afar was pleased at the outcome and set about releasing the rest of the Totems. They scattered around the world looking for hosts. About the only concern he had was that Kruniss might became too strong and breakthrough to the mortal dimension before the Olympians were ready.

The Other Olympians are Found

The Scepter of Hera ended up in Atlantica, finding Kiara Douglas who had been trying to save a women’s refuge that was both under attack from closure and violent partners. As she could not afford security she was often helpless to stop violent people entering the premises when they worked out where their victims had gone into hiding. The Sceptor saw her as a protector of mothers and families and desired to help her in her selfless cause. Once she gained that power Kiara had nothing to fear and it was time for her enemies to discover fear.

The Caduceus of Hermes ended up in the possession of a young thief, August Olsen. He was only stealing to support those that had fell through the cracks in society and been neglected rather than personal gain. Mischievous in nature the Caduceus felt a kindrid spirit with August and decided to bond with him.

The Hunter’s Bow of Artemis ended up in the hands of a volunteer wild life ranger, Jade Bekker. In trying to protect wildlife from poachers, her life was in constant danger. When she found the weapon Jade discovered she had the means to not only make the hunters, the hunted but there was no place they could ever hide from her.

Ares Spear found its way into the hands of Oscar Tod Smyth, the leader of a peacekeeping force. It chose him after enemy forces had wiped out his entire team and yet he still continued with the mission against a hopeless chance of survival knowing if he failed, then the area would be lost to a military dictator. Once he bonded with the spear he became a one man weapon of war, an unstoppable warrior that even a dictator and army could not stop.

The Shield of Athena ended up in New Tokyo with Siu Mei Xing, a police officer in a run down district whose only reason for becoming an officer was to protect people from the criminals that were turning the area into a no go zone. The shield was the embodiment of “protection” and saw Siu as a worthy host and decided to give her the tools to do her work of protecting the innocent.

Hade’s Bident found Alan Corbett. Compared to the original Olympians, Alan’s magical power would be radically different since Joshua had forced the Bident on its previous owner. Therefore the only magical feats it could do was to take a soul and send it to the spirit realm or to revive the life of a nearly dead person.

Alan had a fairly normal life until terrible circumstances overtook him. His girlfriend was diagnosed with a terminal disease, and because both families had a long history of feuding with each other neither were interested in helping since they did not approve of the relationship so the pair were on their own. Despite the strain he managed both to keep working and to take care of her, until her condition deteriorated.

For weeks as her body was racked with pain she begged him to “finish her off” but he refused, living in the hope a cure might be found. Eventually though her please got to him and he helped administer an overdose. Luckily nobody looked too hard into her death but Alan became racked with guilt. He tried to get his life back to normal but was haunted every minute of every day by the thoughts of what he had done. In the end he decided to end his life so he “could be with her”.

After jumping off a bridge the moment his body hit the water he started to die and his soul entered the spirit realm. The process took less than a few seconds to complete but in those few seconds, the Bident found him. The spirit within having once been that of a Death Angel which often took people before their time or ended their suffering knew that Alan was one of the few people that had learned the true value of life by having to take one. Though there was nothing that could have been done for his girlfriend the Totem offered him the chance to restore life to people that had their lives cut short through evil and return their souls from the spirit realm. The only way a mortal could do this was if their own soul had been to the spirit realm which it was not in the process of doing. Seeing the Totem as a means of atonement he accepted the offer and Corbett’s body was revived snapping his soul back.

Corbett would later learn that he was part of a larger prophecy that meant he was the true “Hades”. Souls in the spirit realm were under the control of the Gatekeeper and those that could not be sent to the light or dark realms were tethered since such souls could not accept their death. Tethered souls could be moved on with assistance from a priest or mystic but though powerful the Gatekeeper could not do anything with them. However at the time of the spirit realm’s creation the Gatekeeper had become aware that one day a mortal would come that could free tethered souls and for this reason Corbett was permitted to take souls back with him.

Marquis Jackson gained the possession of Hephasteus’s hammer. After his son had died in an accident resulting in his marriage falling apart he chose to focus his skills on others. A skilled engineer, he spent his spare time going round his local community repairing things often at his own expence and certainly his own time. He became something of a local celebrity but the one thing he could not fix was the machinations of an unscrupulous developer who want the land which was occupied by his community. Using local hoodlums to terrorise the residents succeeded in driving up the crime rate and crashing the property prices. Those that refused to move to early would find their apartments heading towards being worthless. Marquis was neither strong enough or rich enough to protect those around him, and then the hammer appeared.

One of the most unusual Totems, the “Girdle” or rather the “Belt” of Aphrodite ended up in the hands of Gianna Tydings. She had qualified as a fire fighter but in the first month had got injured during a shout. Two children were trapped in a burning building. Frightened she was trying to coax them out from he cupboard they were hiding in. Unexpectedly the floor above collapsed dropping several beams, on of which smashed the mask off her face. She did not remember anything after that, but awoke in hospital to find her colleagues had got her out but she had been burned on her face and shoulders before they got to her. The children, had actually survived with only minor burns since the cupboard had protected them from raining debris.

Though the physical scars were bad enough, the mental ones were worse. Gianna became deeply depressed and was haunted by memories of that terrible night. As her negative thoughts took hold she became conflicted. Deep down part of her was angry at the fact the children had never moved, despite the fact she knew they had been scared. The facial burn did not help matters and she even considered ending her life at one point.

She then went to see a therapist who turned her life around by helping her release her negative emotions and helping her to embrace some of the positive aspects of her life that remained. Having attained a new level of understanding Gianna decided she wanted to do the same sort of work as her therapist. Believing that her unique insight from her recovery and lessons learned through positive thoughts would be of benefit to others led to her starting courses to get official qualifications. She also volunteered on the motivational speech circuits. This is what attracted the Totem to her, since its magic was focussed in positive emotions and motivations.

The last of the Totems found its way to high powered lawyer Benicio Vasquez. Having inherited a vast family fortune whilst already running a successful law practice he arrived at a cross roads in his life started to reflect on his family’s past. The family fortune had been made by his mother and father establishing a popular fashion line but their job had been made all the more difficult by rivals in the industry that had used every dirty legal trick to try and ruin them. This was one of the reasons he had studied corporate law in the first place. The days of struggle had ended by now and the family business sold years early for a vast amount of money, allowing his parents to retire early only for that to be cut short by tragedy when the aircraft they were on went down.

Alone now and with too much time and money to spare Benicio decided to take his law firm down a different path and take on cases which were effectively lost causes. He figured out that his family’s trouble with the legal system might have been easier if there was someone to fight for them but people in that sort of situation rarely had the finances to avoid being trampled on which was why the bigger fish always won. This was to be a new challenge and meant he had to return to law school to gain the qualifications of a defence attorney. Trying to fight against the rich and powerful was certainly not easy and his first cases did not go his way. However he did expose those that opposed his clients to media attention which often was not wanted. In doing that he brought their dirty tricks out of the shadows and into the light. It still sickened him though the amount of times powerful people used to lie their way out of situations or get a stooge to take the fall for them but there was only so much the law could do without an actual confession. That changed when the Totem found him.

The New Gods

With the Totems all with the new owners the new Olympian Gods were now born. Unlike a lot of other “teams” they rarely work altogether. Viggo as Zeus tends to steer the group to common goals but apart from that they operate very loosely unless a situation calls for it. Then when they are together, Viggo as the leader takes charge. Typical of the legends is the fact that when the Olympians team up together, Hermes (August) as the “messenger” is the one that is left to do all the metaphorical and literal leg work.

One of the few times they did come together as a group of ten was when they were trying to fulfil their purpose, fighting Kruniss. In Demon society he was unusual in that he was an outcast but had managed to keep “allies” and they often tried to help him escape from the spirit realm. Sometimes they really were a true ally but often the alliance was a ruse to try and distract Angels or mystical enemies with a threat they would not ignore.

The first time the group were aware of the a breakthrough attempt, the ten Olympians united and attempted to force the Demon back into the Spirit Realm. Kruniss then spotted there was no Demeter or Poseidon. Both had been able to bring the element of water into play and like most other Demons that would had hurt him. Without that element the group, as powerful as they were had great difficulty in forcing Kruniss back into his prison.

Aware that the Demon had not even been at full strength, Viggo was concerned of what had happened and called upon Council from the Angel Joshua. Viggo felt they needed the full strength of twelve Olympians to keep Kruniss secure, but Joshua explained that the Totems belonging to Poseidon and Demeter had been split and there power in with others. Those Totems could never be reformed and taking it off their current owners would be seen as interfering in the lives of mortals, something Joshua knew he could not do. Marquis, as Vulcan, had the ability to reshape mystical objects and turn them into armour or weapons but he could not “build” them from scratch.

The only suggestion Joshua could suggest was to find a solution in the mortal realm and work with resources that were “naturally” available such as from sources that were not mystical in source but had the means to replicate the mystical powers of Demeter and Poseidon and by that he meant Alphas.

The New Demeter and Poseidon

Working with what he had been told Viggo had the other Olympians scoured through the media and records looking for Alphas that matched the criteria. The search seemed fruitless until Hermes stumbled upon the Harmony Island Beach Resort. Though not normally tolerant of uninvited guests, even less so when Zeus teleported to location, after the leader of the Olympians explained the need to find specific types of Alphas to deal with a potential global threat, they offered to help.

Whether it was fate or pure luck, one of the islands long term residents was Gael Santana. An Alpha with Hydrokinesis abilities he had been “hiding” out on the island after a run in with the Broker who had been sent by Zorn in order to obtain his DNA samples. Gael had the feeling that the Broker was not going to take no for an answer.

In Gael, Viggo or rather the the spirit of Zeus in the totem recognised potential when compared to the previous totem bearer that had used the name Poseidon. However after being scared by the Broker Gael was not interested in becoming involved in something potentially dangerous. Things looked set to start turning “problematic” so TTR teleported both Olympians off the island, only for Hermes to bring them back. The process was repeated until TTR sent them to Network‘s satellite and Hermes returned them at which point Zeus’s patience was wearing thin and he threatened to unleash his lightning bolt. That threat was made even more real when Hermes gathered the other eight Olympians.

Before the situation spiralled out of control, Aphrodite tried a second time to get Gael to join them. Though she had the means to enchant him and bend his will, she chose instead to show him the scarred form of Gianna Tydings that was her real self. Though still unsure about becoming involved in danger, he believed her words when they said that as a group they had each other’s backs. The decision felt right since TTR and the islands staff were prepared to put themselves in harms way to protect him when all he wanted to do was hide instead and let them take the risks. 

Having recruited Gael the Olympians asked for help with finding a new replacement for Demeter. Having finally ended their initial conflict the those at the resort, Network decided to assist, in only to get rid off them. Numerous searches later she came across a name, Willow Pierce. The woman had the potential to control the weather and had been one of the Protectorate‘s guests before being involved in the Night Ranger’s jail break at their facility. Though she had gone into hiding her digital traces could not be hidden from Network.

When the Olympians finally tracked Willow down it was Gael’s time to shine. As the previous newcomer he could most understand Willow’s fears after being in hiding for so long and the shock of somebody finding her. This time Aphrodite did not have to involve herself since, Willow had spent that long hiding and being scared to use her abilities in case it attracted the attention of the Protectorate that she admitted she had not “lived” in a very long time and her life had become pointless. Though she knew the group were not actual “gods” she saw their power and believed they could protect her. The idea of fighting Demons was not really a good selling point for her, but Willow considered she had more to offer the world with her Alpha abilities if she did not have to remain hidden. She had once dreamed of going to places where there was famine and making it rain and bringing life to starving people and she believed now she would get that chance.

With the full twelve now made up, without mystical abilities, Hermes could not track them like the actual Olympian Totems. They needed some sort of Totem of their own. Zeus/Viggo also did not like the fact idea of two “normal” people coming into conflict with no mystical protection. Vulcan had the means to resolve that problem but he could only reshape a mystical artefact and not give an object magic.

They therefore employed the services of The Stranger. He was able to douse the location of two magic totems that had yet to be found. The magic within was far from the strength of the original totems belonging to Poseidon and Demeter but Gael and Willow had their own Alpha abilities they could use.

Once in the possession of Marquis/Vulcan, he created the pair suitable attire. He then reshaped the two totems that were collected and turned them into a Trident and a Golden sword. Using his mystical hammer to perform the final forgings he altered the totems original magical abilities and at the same time encased the outfits within the mystical bindings. This meant that like the other Olympians, Gael and Willow’s “outfits” would mystically appear  when they activated their Totems. He also added the means for the object to access the pocket dimension and give thier owners the means to mass shift like the other Olympians.

As well as similar “general” magical attributes added to both object Marquis added some unique properties to each of them. This means that once Vulcan had finished the new Poseidon’s Trident it had the means to bring forth water on land when it was struck in the ground. The new Sword of Demeter had a secondary ability to create life from death, specifically plant life from barren land. Conversely the sword could kill an entity that was already dead by giving it life. Willow therefore had the full potential to feed starving people. She suspected that Marquis had actually listened when she mentioned her dream as an Alpha was to help starving people and deliberately given the sword life giving power. Just like the other Olympian Totems their final forms would appear as everyday mundane objects when not active.

Once Willow and Gael took charge of their Totems, the new Olympians were finally complete but they were not ready for Kruniss just yet. First of all the newcomers had to learn how to use their weapons in an offensive capability. That took quite some time since the original ten Olympian Totems had contained eons of experience via the Angels that had created them, whereas the new Totems had no such properties. The pocket universe therefore served as an invaluable training ground with tuition provided by the two best “warrior gods”, Ares and Athena.  Only once the pair had proved themselves capable of handling their weapons like a natural extension of their bodies were the Olympians finally ready for anything Kruniss could try and in the mean time, there was an entire world that had problems they could deal with.


Think Tank

The Think Tank is a small splinter branch of the Knight’s Forge whose primary goal is advanced research and design. The trio are also known to assist other “hero” groups on occasion when their expertise is needed.



  • Brainbox – Wyatt Gauthier (centre)
  • Chromium – Yuriko Hayashi (left)
  • Codex – Selena Palmer (Right)

CLEA Classification:

  • Tech Enhance Humans

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Tech Enhancement – Brainbox’s “helmet” allows him to interface with multiple data feeds. It also increases his IQ to 500+. His mind coupled with a CPU allows him to not only understand complex data but rearrange it and extrapolate possible outcomes that a super computer would take months to accomplish.
  • Tech Enhancement – Brainbox can also link his “artificial” mind to another human brain and read it via him touching another person and transferring electrical impulses along the human nervous system.
  • Tech Enhancement – Chromium’s armour skin can not only protect her from small arms fire but increase her strength as well as boosting her sensory range. She can also emit electrical energy from its surface as defence measure.
  • Tech Enhancement – Codex’s interface allows her to process data faster (albeit far below that of Brainbox). She can also hack into computer systems and translate any language, spoken or written down simply by studying patterns. Codex can also channel electrical energy and emit an EM blast from her hands.
  • Tech Enhancement – Both Brainbox and Codex can more information between their interfaces either directly or remotely via uplinking to satellite feeds and piggybacking data.


  • The entire team is vulnerable to attack via EM based weapons and sources

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


At one time Wyatt Gauthier was one of the world’s most promising scientists. In the field of engineering there were few people that could beat him. His particular speciality was his ability to reverse engineer technology and for that his services were in big demand, usually by various military establishments.

Gary Wynter as one of the partners who set up the Knight’s Forge figured such expertise would be valuable for the group. Gauthier though was not interested but Wynter had already figured a direct approach would not work. As an inventor and engineer himself Wynter had come face to face with Gauthier at an expo and knew the man was not only arrogant but had a huge ego. If fact at that same expo, Gauthier had called Wynter an “amateur” in regards to engineering expertise.

Using a bit of reverse psychology, Wynter accepted Gauthier turning down a position at the Forge and the slipped in a line suggesting that the work at the Forge was probably too advanced anyway. The attack on Gauthier’s ego was enough to make him reconsider and within a month the Canadian scientist was heading up one of the Forge’s satellite secret facilities in his native country. Though he was the head of the facility few of the other engineers would work with him since they could not cope with his arrogance so much of the time Wyatt worked alone which suited him.

Two years later tragedy stuck. Unlike the main Knight’s Forge facility which was extremely secure and its location classified to all but a few people, the secondary facilities such as that run by Gauthier were hidden in plain sight. From the outside they appeared to be small business enterprises and money and accounts was run through shell companies. This allowed them to be located close to or even in towns and cities. Wynter and McCabe had thought the smaller facilities were hidden enough from the enemies of the Forge, namely the criminals that they stole the tech from, but they were wrong. Black Shadow had lost a number of valuable tech items in raids conducted by the Forge and in retaliation they managed to uncover the location of Gauthier’s facility. Using one of their operatives they smuggled a bomb into the facility which totally obliterated the research unit.

Many people died in the attack and to avoid a police investigation revealing what had been taking place at the “Heater Fabrication Plant” the Knight’s Forge used its links to CLEA to cover up the true cause of the explosion. Using the unoriginal ruse of a gas leak however meant that nobody could ever be charged with the attack since it was now an accident.

Though the press reported everyone had died two people though did survive, Gauthier and security guard Yuriko Hayashi. Gauthier had been in a shielded part of the building which was better protected but his head received massive trauma resulting in brain damage meaning he lost much of his motor control and had problems with short term memory. Yuriko received massive burns which seared off much of her skin but somehow she managed to hand on to life.

Determined to help the pair, Wynter had the pair taken to the Forge’s primary sight where the top science team tried to help them as much as possible to lead a normal life.

In Yuriko’s case the team proposed building her a suit that would replace her skin and thus prevent her body getting an infection. Unlike the armour the Forge normally created for heroes this was not clothing but had to be bonded to her body. Though she would never be “normal” and what the team were doing was both ground breaking and experimental, she consented.

The end result of their work was an armoured skin suit which provided sensory input by feedback devices on the outer layer of the “outfit”. She would thus be able to “feel” like an ordinary person albeit by artificial means. An added bonus of the armour was that her apparent strength increased. The team had proposed she return to work as a security agent, escort people to and from the primary Forge site where her new “body” would be a great asset. She accepted the offer but her “career” would ultimately take a different path.

Whilst working on “fixing” Yuriko other member of the team were busy trying to find a solution to Gauthier’s brain damage. Some pioneers in the field has used electronic implants but everything had been very experimental and with limited success. However it being the Forge the scientists had access to tech from criminal sources and that included Raiders and other Cyborgs.

Pooling resources and calling in favours the team came up with a design that would bypass the damage and restore motor functions to Gauthier and at the same time fix his short term memory. The actual process involved attaching implants into his brain which would act as an interface which would then connect to a cap like device with a built in CPU.

Though not relishing the idea of being turned into a science experiment himself, Gauthier was frustrated that he knew he had been a genius but with the damage to his brain that person was gone. He therefore allowed the team to try their potentially dangerous plan, figuring he had nothing to lose.

The experiment was a resounding success. In fact it worked a little better than intended. Not only did Gauthier get his mobility and memories back but the cap and CPU improved his brain functions even more boosting his IQ massively. Within days he’d already redesigned his helmet unit to be more efficient and increase his intelligence further. This allowed him to expand beyond his expertise in engineering and into other fields. The addition of a memory slot and networking socket allowed him to “download” information into his artificial mind.

Though many were fascinated by Gauthier’s ability to correlate and extrapolate masses of date and create new theories and advances, the increase in his intelligence also made him even more arrogant that before. In three weeks he managed to insult everyone at the primary facility more than once and he started to become something of a distraction.

Since he also became irritated whenever anyone interrupted his work it was decided for everyone’s sanity that he should perhaps leave. However since the attack on the Canadian facility, as a security measure the Forge’s secondary facilities had been closed down. That meant Gauthier had nowhere to go. Though he was intelligent and thought he would be okay he would not entertain the idea that he could be vulnerable. He figured that as long as he kept moving and sent in his latest theories no harm would come to him.

Wynter however was not convinced, since Gauthier did stand out in the crowd due to his mannerisms that resulted in an ability to cause a public spectacle due to his inflammatory remarks. He suggested that Gauthier have at least some security back up because sooner or later the enemies of the Knight’s Forge would find him. However the problem for Wynter was that nobody wanted to be near the annoying scientist.

Upon hearing about the predicament Yuriko offered her services and offered to serve as his body guard. Since she had worked with him before she was already aware of his annoying habits and put downs so said that she knew how to handle him. Begrudgingly Gauthier accepted her assistance and with that in place the pair left the primary facility.

Keeping ahead of the Forge’s enemies meant Gauthier, now codenamed “Brainbox” and Yuriko (codenamed Chromium) had to rent space for short periods of time before moving on. Sometimes they used a mobile lab supplied by the Forge but Gauthier found it limiting for his work.

During the course of their travels the pair came across Selena Palmer, who had been regarded highly as a research scientist but had been injured in an automobile accident. Though Gauthier rarely had time for other people when he learned that Palmer had received similar injuries to his own, namely a loss of motor function but retaining her memory he felt obliged to help. He figured that a simpler variant of the implant in his brain would restore her ability to walk again.

Coming out of hiding though was not without risk for it would expose him to his enemies. Yuriko warned him about this but his mind was made up. The Forge’s resources provided him with false credentials that got past medical security at the hospital she was staying. Meeting with her, he pretended to be a scientist from a medical firm interested in her case. He wore a hat to hide his cap and for one of the rare moments in his life managed to avoid upsetting Palmer and the hospital staff. Gauthier explained he was performing pioneering research into repairing nerve systems in paraplegics and that she would be an ideal candidate for a trial.

After several meeting Palmer’s gave her consent and she was transported to another medical facility which was in fact a fake set up, created by the Forge to fool both doctors, surgeons and everyone else associated with Palmer and her operation. The amount of resources needed meant Gauthier could not have done it without Wynter’s backing and the reminder of this fact would constantly serve as an irritation for Gauthier.

Within days Palmer was on her feet and though the operation went smoothly there was one unseen side effect of her implants and that was whenever Gauthier came close they interfered with his implants and spurious data would jump between them because the electronics operated on the same frequency. At first she wondered where the “odd” thoughts were coming from and like every good research scientist she soon pieced together the evidence and linked it to Gauthier. At first she said nothing, but once she had learned enough she challenged Gauthier and revealed she knew he was working for the Knight’s Forge although she did not know what that was.

Gauthier felt he had no choice but to inform her about the secret organisation that stole tech of criminals and rebuilt it for the “good guys”. Now she was a security risk though that meant she could not return to her life. Surprisingly this did not really bother her for having heard about the work the Forge undertook, she felt that she might be able to use her skills to contribute. In her mind it was her way of paying back the organisation that had restored her mobility.

Since Selena and Gauthier had accidentally established an electronic link, Gauthier suggested that they could adapt both their interfaces to make them deliberately linked. She cold then serve as his research assistant in the field whilst he remained wherever they had set up a base of operations. This she agreed to do, since Gauthier had an aversion to field work and she liked it.

Having chosen their roles, as time passed Gauthier further improved his cap and Selena’s interfaces. Eventually they allowed her the means to hack into computer systems remotely, understand any language simply by hearing it and “seeing” patterns. He also added an extra feature that allowed her to send out an EM blast from her hands in case she needed to defend herself.

No longer needing to go out in the field Gauthier added to his cap to allow himself to process even more data. Eventually it became the size of a small football atop his head and had a built in set of goggles to feed even more data into his mind. Advances to it also allowed him to directly link into the minds of others via direct connection through touch, using the human bodies nervous system to transmit data.

He also improved Yuriko’s armour so she was able to increase her “sensor” range and its ability to survive physical damage in “battle” as well as bosting her strength even more. Gauthier also built in an additional electrical discharge that worked similar to Selena (now known as Codex) but instead of a focused beam it could be used as an area attack using her entire body.

Though the trio still work for the Knights Forge they are autonomous and have chosen to use their services to other hero groups as and when the need arises, hence they acquired their own code name of Think Tank.

The Beast Warriors – Gorgon



  • Gabby Moore


CLEA Classification:

  • Human/Animal Hybrid

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Gabby has the ability to transform into a half-woman/half snake creature


  • Her original transformation was unstable, having been the result of Beastial’s manipulation of her body. She can now only take on a human form with the help of a magical artefact

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Assault


See Main Group

The Leviathans


Team Identities:

  • Krate – Female – Tentacled beast thought to have inspired the legend of the Kraken. Longest and oldest of the Leviathans.
  • Melador – Male, resembles Giant Great White/Megalodon.Strongest of the Leviathans.
  • Ivoria – Female , resembles a giant Orca but with a grey as opposed to black colouration. Youngest and heaviest Leviathan.
  • Crellus – Female, Resembles a massive crocodile
  • Tregon – Male – Resembles a giant catfish. Smallest member of the group.

CLEA Classification:

  • Great Beast (Legendary Beasts)

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • (All) Extremely strong
  • (All) Able to sense magic
  • (All) Can project their thoughts into others to communicate
  • (All) Immune to magic mind control
  • Tregon – has the means to generate a massive electrical shock. Fastest Leviathan
  • Crellus – has an impenetrable hide. Only Leviathan that can take to dry land. Tail strike can generate seismic waves. Also capable of camouflaging itself when immobile.
  • Melador – Dorsal fin is so tough it can smash through steel. Strongest of the Leviathans.
  • Ivoria – Despite having a whale form can survive for centuries without surfacing. Capable of emitting a massive sonic pulse.
  • Krate – can generate underwater vortices. Can accelerate at incredible speed but cannot maintain the speed, hence Tregon has the fastest average speed. She also has the ability to “fold” underwater space enabling her to teleport vast distances.


  • Unprotected against both dark and light magic
  • Easily provoked
  • Being “wild” creatures they do not “follow” orders.
  • Krat’es teleportation ability greatly weakens her and takes time to recover. This time is extended if she jumps with other mass(es).

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


The Leviathans are the only known aquatic Great Beasts. Despite the fact they evidence suggests in the past they might have been responsible to several disasters at sea including sinking of ships they are regarded as Legendary Beasts since in most stories they were attacked first. Unlike many other Great Beasts the Leviathans resemble “normal” ocean creatures but what sets them apart is their giant size, age, power and awareness of magic. Some of them also have unusual colouration. This has perhaps allowed them to have gone unnoticed for at a distance they are not easily separated from their regular counterparts.

Like all Great Beasts, the Leviathans went into hiding after the conflicts between the Darklings resulted in mankind starting to hunt them down. Despite their size and power even the greatest of them could be overwhelmed by humans and their technology. Going to war with mankind was not seen as a solution so the Great Beast chose to “sleep” until humans no longer were a direct threat to them.

Over the centuries, Great Beasts that lacked the means to shift form and hide in plain sight, were often “disturbed” in their hiding places and awakened temporarily in order to feed and find new sanctuary, but it was not humans which awakened the Leviathans but the alien Merlateenan race.

When the aliens arrived on the ocean floor and set about trying to build a base to serve as a stepping stone to conquer other worlds their technology inadvertently disturbed the Leviathans the nearest of which was over five hundred miles from the location of the alien force. Once awakened the Leviathans, individually decided to seek out what had roused them, to discover if it was a threat or not. However instead of looking for aliens the first thing they noticed in the waters was the presence of magic. This they thought might be the source of their disturbance. As each of the Leviathans were aware of their own magic which had a unique energy they knew the magical presence was not one of their own.

The magic belonged to the marine vigilante group the Taniwha who all shared a piece of the “ocean” avatar, which gave them the means to control the seas. Like a signal the Leviathans homed in on the Taniwha. Had the Leviathans acted as a group rather than individuals then the team could have been in great danger. As it happened though the Leviathans arrived in the area separately.

As five of the Taniwha team had the means to “command” different forms of sea life, when the first  Leviathan, Melador, arrived, Chelsea Lim aka “White Tip” decided to go an meet the creature. Since she could control sharks and rays she figured she was confident that she could deal with the Leviathan. Confusing him with an ordinary shark despite his huge size was a mistake for he was immune to her ability to control. Melador was angry at what she attempted and could have killed her, but as he wanted answers he spared her life. The strong magical link she had with him also made him curious.

After conversing with Chelsea, Melador was satisfied that Chelsea and her friends were not responsible for disturbing him and was prepared to retreat back to the depths to return to sleep. Chelsea though suggested that if there was a threat in the ocean then perhaps they could deal with it together. Melador distrusted humans and ignored her suggestion. Heading out he intercepted the other approaching Leviathans.

With no help the Taniwha decided to investigate the potential threat on their own and located a Merlateenan scouting party. All the while Melador, still curious, shadowed the team from long range to see what would happen. He confused the alien invaders with humans despite the fact they smelled differently.

As soon as the Merlateenan saw the Taniwha divers they attacked. Outmatched and outgunned, the Taniwha were in trouble. Trying to call in support by controlling sea creatures did not help as the Merlateenan weapons took care of their allies as well. The result was carnage and rather than endanger any more creatures the Taniwha “ordered” them out of danger and then tried retreating themselves but the Merlateenan wanted no witnesses.

Melador had not been impressed at the Taniwha’s idea of using innocent creatures as cannon fodder. It had fitted in with his beleif that humans were agressive violent selfish creatures. However when he observed the Taniwha sending the other creatures away to prevent needless waste of life and the team being prepared to sacrifice themselves his opionion.

It was now that Melador realised that the threat in the seas not human but aggressive interlopers that did not belong. Though he had a choice of letting the Taniwha perish at the hands of the aliens he figured that ignorance would make him no better than the humans he had learned to distrust. He therefore headed towards the trouble but not before reaching out to the other Leviathans. Together with the Taniwha they repelled the Merlateenan.

After the skirmish was over, the other Leviathans could now “examine” the humans that Melador had been curious about. Since each of the women could control a different form of aquatic life their magic aligned themselves with different Leviathans albeit like Chelsea had discovered they could not control them.

The Taniwha therefore provided a direct bridge between humans and Great Beasts. Rather than returning to sleep they chose to observe the humans for a while longer. At first both groups found it difficult to trust each other but in time they developed a strange kinship. The avatar magic of the women of the Taniwha actually formed a strong bond between them and individual Leviathans and once established, even if they did not possess their Avatar Totems, the Leviathans could still feel their presence.

Both groups eventually formed a pact and decided to work together to deal with threats that affected both Great Beasts and humans alike. For the first time in their history this would be a true alliance between the two “races”.

Over time the Leviathans have “assisted” the Taniwha on numerous occasions and in return the Taniwha have repaid the favour. Though other people have asked the Taniwha to give them direct “access” to the Leviathans, the hero team have refused  as they are aware that the Legendary Beasts will only trust them and bringing in third parties without consultation first would break that trust.

Though utlimately both groups have benefitted from the pact, the Leviathans going active had one down side, it inadevertantly started a chain reaction, their magical “presence” triggering other awakenings on land of both Legendary Beasts and Darklings.

Great Beasts

The Great Beasts are powerful creatures that are the result of natural magic as opposed to mutation through Bacteria Z.

At one time the entities which CLEA now refers to as the Great Beasts were largely through to be creatures of fiction  and myth. The initial dismissal  of the existence of these powerful animals came from a time before the agency had become aware that magic was real. Even now many in the agency do not believe in magic.

When the Great Beasts were first sighted in “modern” times the agency concluded that these unusually powerful creatures where simply the emergence of new Species Beta hybrids. As the last reported “story” of any large creature that could be considered a Great Beast had been in the early nineteenth century, confusing them with Species beta was an easy assumption to make since their reappearance started with marine creatures which coincided with the appearance of animals such as Deep Blue.

Only in recent times after gaining magical allies such as the MI5 team and other sources has the agency found that there is a difference between large Species Beta hybrids and the Great Beasts, the one thing that separates both groups being that the latter are infused with magic. Much of the data though is open to speculation and none of it can be proved or even disproved.

The Great Beasts are divided into two subgroups

  • Legendary Beasts – are the types of creature that have chosen to either ignore or work alongside humans. Despite the fact that most are predators they do not consider “intelligent life” such as humans prey.
  • Darklings – are a type of Great Beast that are highly aggressive in nature. The sole drive is for power over their brethren and will eliminate their own kind to attain that power.


There are many possible hypothesis from where the Great Beasts originated. One theory is that they came from a parallel universe whilst the most popular one is that they evolved on our Earth. Whatever the source of their creation they have never appeared at any one time in great number and have been around for thousands of years.

Since Demon’s control dark magic and come from the Dark Realm, and Angels control light magic and come from the Light realm and together they create balance, it is believed that the Great Beasts were “born” in the mortal realm as a natural form of balance. Since most Great Beasts are Apex predators this would fit the theory.


Whatever their origin, it is believed that throughout history the Great Beasts like most predators in the animal kingdom regularly competed with each other. If they entered each other’s territory then conflict would often ensure. When they first encountered humans the Great Beasts generally ignored them, considering mankind insignificant but as centuries past and man evolved they were forced to see that whilst humans were small they had great potential and could be both an ally and a threat.

Where the Great Beasts lived in harmony with each other, in places such as Asia they formed a positive association with humans. Here people actually revered and respected the Great Beasts. Though they had no interest in being worshipped it allowed both of their races to live peacefully. For descriptive purposes they are known as the Legendary Beasts.

The same though could not be said in the west where the Great Beasts had the same history as their Eastern counterparts until mankind grew stronger. Instead of being respected as had happened in the East, they were feared and fear led to them being hunted or captured to be used as weapons of war. Humans taught them how to hate and desire power which led to aggresive behaviour and a need to become superior to each other. These creatures would eventually evolve into Darklings, rivals to the Legendary Beasts.

With humans hunting Darklings that succeeded in culling the weaker members of the kind leaving the stronger ones to fight with each other. Not all humans in the western world were threats but that did not prevent them from becoming collateral damage with their territorial clashes. Sometimes the more intelligent Darklings would use humans as pawns against enemies that showed no desire to harm mankind. In their minds as humans had once used them as weapons turnabout was fair play.

The only balance to the Darklings using humans came in the form of powerful mages who found they could control Darklings and Legendary Beasts alike through use of magic. Inevitably humans did not learn their past lessons and some Mages would enslave such creatures.

In the west the Darklings fell into legend via stories of Knights killing dragons as they eliminated unwanted menaces. Though most of the Darklings in the passage of a few centuries had either killed each other or been killed by humans, the damage caused by them had led humans to fear the entire race regardless of whether they were altruistic or not. That fear spread to the the East and in time even the most hardened of the Great Beasts realised that as technology improved they were all becoming endangered.

In bid to save their race from being destroyed by mankind the Legendary Beast and Darklings decided on establishing a truce with each other. Since humans were the great threat the only option they had was to go into hiding, sleeping, until such time that the threat had passed. However for the truce to work it meant all of their kind, needed to act as one. Apart from a few the rest of their race had to hibernate. This was the stipulation of the few remaining Darklings who still had a penchant for violence and conquest and feared a rival might take advantage of a situation and kill them in their sleep.

The ones that remained awake became the Observers and their task was to watch over the human “situations” and decided when it was safe to emerge. Using magic they transformed their physical forms into humans and became near immortal.

Occassionally cataclysmic events and natural disasters had the potential to awaken any Great Beast from its slumber an so they were still periodically seen at random but on each occasion had chosen to return to their slumber, hence no sightings of unexplained creatures after the early 20th century.

Whilst many who study magic and ancient history had worked out that the Great Beasts had decided to sleep until humans had wiped themselves out and at that point they would awaken and reclaim the Earth, recent data concerning the Taniwha suggests an alternative theory, and that is the Great Beasts chose to slumber but only until humans became enlightened at which point they would no longer be a threat to their kind. Once that time arrived then they would be prepared to work with humans to deal with threats common to both races, the situation that presented itself with the emergence of the Leviathans.

Though there is no first hand account, it is presumed that the role of the Observers was merely to act as messengers to account to the other Great Beasts when it was safe to awaken, modern technology and data recovery suggests that some Darkling Observers have elected to try and weaken humanity’s strength by sowing chaos and discontent. At the same time Observers for the Legendary Beasts have taken to putting a stop to this and thus create a secret war between both groups, reigniting ancient rivalries and hostilities but on a much smaller scale.


Since the Great Beasts all possess magic to a greater or lesser extent each of them seems to have special abilities that makes them more formidable than just their size and strength alone. Though each creature is unique they all have similar abilities in common brought about through their alignment with natural magic and these include:

  • Longevity – if it were not for mankind killing them they would be near immortal
  • Stealth/Camouflage – depending on the Great Beast each of them has a means to remain hidden. For some this is invisibility whilst for others they can blend into the natural environment.
  • Magical Detection – they have the means to “sense” the presence of other Great Beasts by their ability to detect the “special” magic they all share. This ability seems to be passive in operation.
  • Magical transformation. A few Great Beasts are now known to be able to shift form to resemble humans. In such a disguise they lose many of their “unique” attributes but would appear stronger and more resiliant to damage than ordinary humans. The amount of effort it takes to shift form would seem to use great amounts of energy so unlike animal hybrids than can quickly change between forms and back again, Great Beasts able to shape shift lack that rapid transformation and remain stuck in a changed form for some time. This might explain why they would often “wear” their human guise until a threat becomes life threatening and they need to adopt a more powerful form.


The first of the large creatures that CLEA has identified as not being species beta and as being Great Beasts are a group known as the Leviathans. It is believed that during the first Merlateenan incursion their presence was detected by the Leviathans. Despite being thousands of miles from where the Merlateenan had chosen to establish their foot hold, natural instincts of the giant underwater creatures kicked in.

Unlike other Great Beasts on land, the Leviathans were far less easily disturbed than their land counterparts due to the limitations of the environment. Having less encounters with mankind meant that they were not used to “detecting” a possible threat which was why they were awakened despite being nowhere near the alien invaders.

Upon being awakened the Leviathans all detected the presence of magic in the water, the Taniwha. Since each member of the Taniwha was an Avatar, being creatures who possessed magic, the Leviathans were drawn to them. After the Taniwha were able to prove that they were not responsible for disturbing them the Leviathans were happy to find a new place to return to sleep. The vigilante team though persuaded them to help against the alien threat.

Unfortunately the activity of the Leviathans triggered an awakening of other Great Beasts. Since they had agreed to awaken together it would seem that the Darklings were not happy with the actions of the Leviathans. Since few of the Legendary Beasts had been roused from their sleep , rather than demand that the Leviathans return to their places of hiding, the Darklings have tried to take advantage of the lack of competition and return to their goals of claiming power. In the modern world rather than fear mankind’s technology they have chosen to obtain technology of their own by allying themselves with “evil” human factions.




Race Identity:

  • Merlateenan


  • Humanoid
  • Pointed ears
  • Finger nails can morph into elongated points
  • Pointed teeth
  • Blue Skin


  • Aquatic
  • Great Strength – can survive at depth without special equipment
  • Use highly advanced technology
  • Skilled warrior
  • Breathe underwater unaided.
  • The can breathe on land but choose not to inhabit the land
  • They use highly mechanised drone forces. Several individuals can control entire divisions.

Interaction with Humans and Other Races:

  • The Merlateenan are known to conquer other aquatic worlds. Considering most races the Eopua have dealt with are not aquatic they are not considered a galaxy wide threat since the majority of “intelligent” races live on land.
  • As a race they did not set out to directly threaten humans but after clashes would see humans as a problem. Their interest in Earth was merely desired for its strategic position which would enable them to launch attacks of on other races.
  • The Merlateenan established an outpost in the middle of the Pacific. To turn it into a fully established base they need resources which could only be found in the shallows. As on other worlds when they came across other aquatic lifeforms they tried to subjugate them. From the outset they were therefore hostile to our known races of aquatic species beta.
  • After initial parties looking for resources were force away by humans they became aggressive to humans as well and starting deploying their drone forces while attempting to harvest minerals. Since this occurs in the shallow regions, usually less than 200 metres depth, the “zone” classed as shoreline and coastal shelves any conflict with the Merlanteen does not occur in the ocean depths but often within a hundred miles of a coastline. The Merlateenan are not above taking resources from land albeit they avoid using the surface as they are at a disadvantage.


  • From intelligence, CLEA has learned that the Merlateenan have a strict hierarchy which seems to be based on specific roles, such as soldiers, workers etc. As the only visitors to Earth have been from Merlateenan trying to establish a beach head only their military has been encountered.
    It is believed that their forces obey standardised military ideas with different levels of command. The highest ranking individuals controlling an incursion seems to be “royals” and they can be identified as they have hair and wear black/silver armour. Lower ranks appear to shave their heads.


CLEA has not had much large scale encounters with the Merlateenan unlike other aquatic groups of heroes. Whereas the only other aquatic alien raiders, the Glissen are simply aggressive the Merlateenan have a purpose in what they are doing and could be considered even more dangerous but unlike the Glissen they will not go looking for trouble. However they will attack if challenged and possess technology that makes them unstoppable underwater.

As far CLEA is aware the Merlateenan are conquerors of aquatic planets that they add to their empire. In general they have no interest in “land people”. This means that they would normally have no interest in humans or the Earth. However the location of our planet is strategically important to them for use as staging grounds for attacks on other races, a means to limit stretching out supply lines. Since our world has two thirds of the surface covered in water they have taken the unusual step of trying to establish an undersea base. Since they require water to survive the space ships they travel in are built for speed and defence. They are more vulnerable in space than most other races and so they avoid encounters with other races until planet side.

Since the Merlateenan subjugate intelligent underwater life forms this has made them a threat to the known races of human species beta that live underwater. Unlike on land and even in space where there are many costumed adventurers and CLEA has its own assets, currently there is very little the agency can do to deal with the Merlateenan directly unless they chose to come to the surface

At depth the Merlateenan cannot be fought since only a few military submarines can reach them. However they need to obtain raw materials in shallower regions where they can be engaged . It it was not for the dedicated work of groups such as the Taniwha and the “unofficial” Ocean Deep group who put a stop to the Merlateenan resource gathering, in effect waging a conflict of “attrition” then then the Merlateenan would have managed to gain the foot hold on our world that they so desperately desire.

The Taniwha were the first humans to come across the Merlateenan. They repelled the aliens and thought they had stopped an invasion. Only later did they discover that they had merely dealt with a resource hunting party. Having proven that “land beings” could be a threat the Merlateenan sent future expeditions with more armed support in the form of various drone craft.

It took quite some time for CLEA to realise that after every clash, the Merlateenan did not leave the planet but merely retreated to a base deep in the Pacific. Unlike other alien races which would send in additional forces from outside to deal with problems, the Merlateenan seem to several limit this and instead rely on equipment they brought with them. This could indicate that whenever the steal resources they can actually build replacement weapons. The use of mechanised/automated forces also means that only a small occupying force is needed to control a very much larger “army”.

Unconfirmed reports suggest the Merlateenan force is under the command of a royal prince and princess with perhaps only thirty of forty other individuals in charge of the automated systems. There are also rumours that they occasionally take human captives to study and interrogate. Since such prisoners would be taken to the base on the ocean floor there is no possibility of rescuing them.

“Dr Flervil”


Asset Of:


  • Flervil Haastral Zreegal Weerl II

Special Skills/Abilities:

  • Massive knowledge in xenobiology
  • Can learn almost any information via optical stimulation.
  • Skilled surgeon/medic

Known Weaknesses:

  • None combative
  • Tends to use his superior intellect to rub people up the wrong way.


Flervil Haastral Zreegal Weerl II is a member of the Meerl race, distinctive for the diminutive size. What they lack in size they make up for in intelligence. They have an extremely unusual ability to process data through optical means.This led them to create “learning” goggles which can literally download information into their brains. Since the googles only work on the unique Meerl biology the technology cannot be used by any other race. This has therefore place the Meerl in high demand as academics by other races for use on various projects.

Flervil is a xenobiolist and skilled in medicine. He made his “career” travelling from world to world curing the incurable. He like a lot of others in his race suffered from arrogance. This led him to try and heal a dying Xigol leader. Beleiving that with knowledge he could solve the problem Flervil discovered that no amount of knowledge could cure someone that had literally reached the end of their life. Having claimed that he could cure the leader, after the alien had died he was held accountable and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Flervil though escaped and whilst on the run he came across the Star Patrol team. Realising they were without a medic he offered his services but neglected to tell them that he was a fugitive.

The crew of the Antares would eventually discover his secret when they encountered a Xigol patrol and exchanged information. Some of the information the Star Patrol received related to wanted criminals and Flervil was amongst them. Though the team chose not to hand him over and hearing his side of the story, it took a lot longer to regain their trust.

Dana Knowles


Asset Of:


  • Dana Knowles

Special Skills/Abilities:

  • Cyber implants give her enhanced senses, greater strength and resilience as well as faster problem solving capabilities
  • Highly skilled starship engineer

Known Weaknesses:

  • Fear of darkness/isolation
  • Uncomfortable around large groups of people.


Dana Knowles was the last human to actually join the crew of the Antares and became the ship’s engineer.

She was actually “found” when the Antares happened upon a debris field which indicated that a battle had taken place. Unsure whether it was Myzx activity the crew decided to investigate. Dana was in the rear section of a ship that had been totally severed from the rest of the vessel. Sealed in by bulkheads she was barely alive when an investigation team found her.

After taking her unconscious form back to the Antares, Dr Flervil confirmed that the patient was  indeed human but had been “altered” with the use of cybernetic implants. He presumed that was the only reason she had stayed  alive in a wreck where the only heat was that from the chemical fires that were still burning on the outside of the hull.

It took several days before she awoke. She was fearful around the alien member of the crew but once she saw humans she opened up. She then revealed that she was Dana Knowles and had been part of a crew sent into Earth orbit sent to repair a satellite. The Hawking crew knew of the mission which had some infamy for ground stations lost contact with Dana’s team not longer after it reached stable orbit. They believed their ship had malfunctioned and the crew had tragically been lost.

However Dana stated that once they reached orbit they encountered an  alien craft that kidnapped the entire crew. She described the aliens as looking like the archetypical “greys” albeit blue in colour which the others guessed as being Quarrud-Xiqrons. Though there was no evidence who had taken Dana and the others in her team the modus operandi fitted since she told them that they were fitted with some sort of device that  enabled them to understand alien language.

She could not remember how long she stayed on the ship with the blue aliens but eventually ended up separated from the rest of the humans. Eventually the ship arrived at an orbiting facility whereupon she was “sold” to group of large humanoid lizard like beings. Calachen thought the description matched the Brolevar who were known to have resorted to buying slaves in order to replace crew on their ships which had been killed in an ongoing war with their neighbours the Trajaarn.

Once assigned to a Brolevar ship she was then fitted with cybernetic implants and made to work in the engineering section along with other slaves. As well as a means to “teach”, the implants also made her a more efficient worker. The implants also served a secondary purpose for they could be used to punish either remotely or by proximity. She said when the ship she was on came under attack, she could not leave her post since her “master” had not disabled the proximity sensor. This was why she was still in the rear of the derelict and had not abandoned ship in escape pods along with everyone else. If she had tried to leave the area, the pain would have incapacitated her.

Dr Flervil suggested that when they found her, as the ship was completely dead, that could have been why they were able to remove her without triggering a punishment protocol. Knowing that he was looking at Brolevar tech he reckoned he could permanently disable the pain generator commands but he could not restore her to a normal human since the implants were too deeply integrated in her biology.

Since the Antares was months away from Earth the crew decided to let Dana spend that time recovering. However she soon realised that they ship did not have anyone that had in depth knowledge of FTL drives and offered to act as the ships engineer, figuring that though the Brolevar had changed her and she had been through an ordeal, the best way forwards for her was to remain on the Antares and hopefully ensure that the ships presence would deter other alien races from making victims out of humans.

Calachen and Alvanu


Asset Of:

Team Identities:

  • Calachen
  • Alvanu

Special Skills/Abilities:

  • Incredibly strong
  • Agile fighters and capable of using many weapons.
  • Thick skin and adaptive biology means they rarely need the equivalent of space suits worn by other races.
  • Nitrogen breathers
  • So good are they as bounty hunters, the Eopua frequently hire them for eradicating isolated threats.

Known Weaknesses:

  • Not popular among their own race
  • Tend not to follow orders
  • Aggressive if challenged


Only two are known too have visited Earth, the male Calachen and the female Alvanu. They were the pair that Vanguard freed from the Myzx prison. As per their customs they owe a “life debt” to the team. This is despite the fact they have been told on several occasions that the debt has been paid.

Considered allies of Vanguard they have assisted the team on more that one occasion. The pair have even been hire to capture dangerous aliens on Earth. Though the Eopua has tried to prevent any outside races visiting Earth to avoid messing with the great “experiment”, as Calachen and Alvanu are known to Vanguard and in the Eopua’s opinion, humans in general, the damage has technically been done. This means that they and they alone are the only members of their race with unrestricted access to the planet, but only on assignment.

Consequently the two have also become known to CLEA. Though they are a proud people and avoid assistance, after working performing missions in which CLEA and other heroes of Earth are also engaged in, rather than trying to compete with them they have begrudge accepted help. Often though it still ends up more of a competition since the Luzerran would prefer to show off their hunting prowess.

Despite the fact that members of their race engage in the illegal game hunting of Jamicst, both Calachen and Alvanu are strictly against the blood sport and have been known to take on bounties for their own people involved in such activities. This has made them hated by some of their own people but their success rate makes them feared far more which is why they are rarely challenged by their own people.

Though the pair, like Luzerran in general do not generally work well with other races they will work together in a fashion and Alvanu and Calachen are part of community of Hunters. As a group they share information on each other’s targets but will not directly hunt another’s bounty unless a specific request has been made.

Nalon U’Sokkor and Xensi Z’Tuchan



Asset of:

Team Identities:

  • (Male) Nalon U’Sokkor
  • (Female) Xensi Z’Tuchan

CLEA Classification:

  • Alien

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Exceptionally skilled with blade weapons
  • Cyborg implants give them the means to process information quicker as well as boost healing capacity and physical attributes.


  • EM pulses can have a detrimental effect on them.
  • As they fight close quarters they are vulnerable to ranged weapons.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • N/A


So far the Earth has only been visited by two member of the race known as the Zellarians. As Reavant only knows them as belonging to a closed society, CLEA cannot determine if the entire race is friendly, or just this pair.

Most information regarding the pair came from a human, Elijah Fitton. He had been an oil worker in the far northern reaches of Canada and kidnapped by the intergalactic slavers known as the Quarrud-Xaiqrons. Having been fitted with a device that enabled communication with other races, Fitton had managed to talk to other prisoners on the ship. This is how he met the pair of Zellarians.

A proud race, the Zellarians were unusual in that they embraced advanced technology as a way of improving their bodies but preferred to revert to simpler weapons for fighting. The Quarrud-Xaiqrons had plans to either sell them as hunters or as fighters. Since the Zellarians were known for the combat prowess capturing the pair had been quite a lucrative move on the Quarrud-Xaiqrons since the race rarely left their home system. This meant they commanded a high price on the slave market.

Though prisoners were not supposed to mingle, Fitton had noticed that the guards must have underestimated human ingenuity for they tended to ignore him. Having been made aware that he was going to be sold as a slave, he thought that the best chance to escape had to occur before the ship reached its destination. Aware he could not do it alone and being the only human on board he had seen he chose to befriend the only prisoners that seemed to at least acknowledge him, namely the Zellarians.

Working as team the trio managed to break out of the prison holding area and steal a jump ship. From then on it was a case of outrunning the Quarrud-Xaiqrons who were not too keen on their prized pair escaping on them. By the time the slavers had given up, Fitton was a long way from home. The Zellarians also wanted to get home but knew that the human stood little chance of making it alive with so many dangerous aliens around so they chose to honour him helping them by going with him to Earth.

After many adventures the trio reached Earth and parted company. Though the Zellarians were now free to return to their home, they felt they had the opportunity to explore the galaxy, something that would have been denied them if they returned to their own people. Also having seen the threat from slavers and other races who preyed on other they felt that it was their duty to protect their own people from such threats which included other intergalactic criminals. Before leaving they left Fitton with a communication device.

As well as returning to Earth on the odd occasion the Zellarian pair have crossed paths with other intergalactic heroes and leant their support.